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Comic/manga-ish test page

This was like a month of on and off work in my spare time. After a decade or so of putting it off/complaining about it being hard, I finally decided to shut up and actually trying drawing a comic page myself. 

People who have been following this account for some time now should already be aware the prompt. It's somewhat based on a old fic I wrote like a decade ago. Despite the fact that I don't really hold it in high regards anymore, it still has a place in my "childhood" so to speak, so I often find myself coming back to it every now and then. Idk if I'd be up for completely remaking it in a comic format; just making this one page took me longer than I would have hoped.

Comments on the page itself, I just want to say keeping light sources consistent through panels is quite a pain. Much respect to those who can do it consistently. Despite trying valiantly, I'm pretty sure I eff'ed it up. The fact that the lightsource was behind the characters for 95% of the panels didn't help much in that regard. 

I do like the perspective of panel 4. Never really done anything like that from that angle. Panel 1 is a bit weird considering I was trying some 4 point perspective shenanigans since it felt flat otherwise but ultimately it just looks oddly squashed. 

Most of the background effects like background 5 are stock medibang resources. I deliberately didn't shade background 5 because I felt like it helped contrast with the heavy shading of the panels that came before it, which helped accent the reaction of the panel. 

I do feel like there's too many close up shots of Tails though in hindsight. Granted full body shots would have felt pointless since most of them are just him reacting to his surroundings so it's not like having it more zoomed out would have made a difference.

On a more personal note, I'm probably gonna make a journal soon explaining where I've been since my previous one and why I've seemingly disappeared. For once, it's actually positive news, so yeah.
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I hope this continues. :)

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This is pretty good! It's easy to identify the focus of each panel, even with a busy background.
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Thanks. I was worried that the backgrounds would end up being a bit too cluttered. I didn't want it to just be talking heads either though, so I may have gotten a bit to into the panels that did have backgrounds.
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This is a pretty great comic :D
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