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An Ember and a Cynder make a Smolder


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Spyro looked onward with his jaw agape. He wasn’t quite sure what had happened; all he really remembered while taking on the ‘Polycaster’ was the mage had managed to subdue him with one of his chimeras. Cynder had tried to sneak attack the him, but he managed to dodge at the last second. He went to cast a spell to bond Cynder to one of the creatures he had with him when Ember had dived in at the last second, smacking the beast away just as the spell hit.

A loud explosion had happened. When the dust had settled, nether of the dragonesses could be found… Yet, a new but somehow familiar one had taken their place. 

This dragoness was quick to make work of the Polycaster’s chimeras, dodging in and out of her shadow and wreathing the beast in flames, forcing the Polycaster to bid a hasty retreat.

Now, as he stood there, this new dragoness staring at him, only one question raged in his mind.

“So… Who are you?” Spyro asked, his brow raised. “… Cynder?”

“Hm…” The dragoness paused, putting her wing to her chin. “Close, but at the same time, not really.”

“… Ember?” Spyro asked, tilting his head.

“No… That’s not really correct either.” The dragoness said, her gaze up towards the treeline above. “In a way, it’s like I’m both of them, yet at the same time, I feel like my own dragon.”

“So… What do I call you?” Spyro asked with a hesitant tone.

The dragoness paused for a second, snout wrinkled while the gears in her head spun. With a smirk, she looked at Spyro and stuck out her tongue.

“You, cutie, can call me Smolder.” She said with a wink.

Spyro huffed. This was going to be quite an… Interesting adventure.


You ever just

Watch too many shows with fusions in them

And think to yourself

What if Spyro had fusions?

I apparently did.

Let me just say HOLY. CRAP. This is probably the most effort I've put into a single drawing. I pretty much spent the entirety of the last two days trying to get it to look right. And this was suppose to be a simple doodle when I started out, too.

Secondly, I think this is mostly due to the fact that I opted for a lined background instead of a lineless one. When I'm working with lines, it's just so much easier for me to actively visualize everything, compared to the formless blobs that are usually my attempts at lineless backgrounds. >_> After this, I think I'm going to stick to this style. Manages to look appealing without overpowering the characters.

Third: I need to get better at organizing my folders, especially if I want to stick to this style in the future. This drawing alone was over 100 goddamn layers, though most of it was just me discovering the lazy mans way of drawing a lot of grass. :icontwitchkappa:

Anyways, this was a silly idea that popped into my head that refused to leave until I did something with it. I'm probably not gonna follow up upon it in either written or comic form (If I had to do this style for a comic, I'd probably develop arthritis in my hands before I'm thirty), but I'm also really bad at sticking to my words so... Eh.

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Well, that solves the shipping war between them (joking, but seriously is that shipping war toxic).

Nice! I love the idea of fusions in general.

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Hmmm...interesting concept
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Another person who does fusions with spyro characters!?......... How the hell have I not watched you yet!? XD
TokoWH's avatar
Well, to be fair I haven't done much Spyro content with this account yet so. ^^;

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I look forward to seeing that and more :)
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I wonder if anyone ever thought of fusing the two dragoness' before this.
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Probably, though I've never seen an actual picture on it before.
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