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A dungeon encounter

So uh, yeah. Remember how I said I was likely done with dA? Guess my mind likes to contradict itself because I then proceeded to make this over the course of the week. ^^;

This was the result of me getting my hands on MediBang, an art program that seems to specifically be designed for manga. So, over the course of a week I spent studying manga and it is a tad bit weird. Like, it seems like there's a 50/50 shot on whether or not a manga is shaded, to name a major confusion point. Ultimately it seems like a style choice and too me, it looked better without the shading.

Also did this picture completely free hand, with no lineart tools what-so-ever. On one hand it allowed for a lot more creativity with the lineart itself. On the other a lot of my time was spent to restroking the same line over and over again for the desired effect. 

As for the context of this picture, it's based on my idea of a humorous deconstruction manga involving a PMD protagonist struggling to adapt to the Pokemon world after the whole world saving business is overwith. Naturally, because I have the mind of a 14 year old, I had to make the most obvious joke. :icontwitchkappa:

This probably won't happen though until I get more comfortable with paneling and the like. Will probably start on a smaller project before I attempt to tackle this.
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