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Ok by any chance can someone help me? I recently got a finished design of my Tokota from the design den- but lost my comment with it and the requirements I have to fill out, and the stash thing. Can anyone attempt to help me?
rylanbean's avatar
Here you go! Hopefully this is what you're looking for! <3
SprinklekittyMC's avatar
Thank you so very very much!
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I recently joined this group and created an account specifically for my digital paintings this week(this account) but have been on deviantart for over a year and some months now(proof can be provided). In order for me to adopt a tokota, one of the requirements is that i must have my account active for at least a month. Sense i created this account only recently, it has created an issue with me having the ability to adopt or tame a Tokota. 

I attempted taming a tokota but i was not able to tame her and someone else won her. I am not able to afford one with real money and therefore rely on adoptions. I am currently on a 2 week break from school so now would be the best time to adopt one of these animals so i could work on art while i have my time off. Sense i have been on DA for over a year and some months (and can provide proof), is there anyway i can adopt a tokota now instead of waiting a month? Thank you!
DumpsterJuice's avatar
how do i make a bank account?
Bipparts's avatar
How can I claim one as a brand new member?
TokoTime's avatar
You'll need to start by having a look at the group - Tokotas - and reading over this journal: Newbie Resources and Getting Started.
Immortal-Facade's avatar
Hi, I'm a new member. When will the adoption center be open again?
CanineStarz's avatar
What time will the adoption center open again?
nightMAREgraphics's avatar
Hello there! I have to submit a breeding correction but will it count towards our monthly breedings? I had this breeding posted because I didn't use up all my breedings last month 
IBX3's avatar
Hi! Quick question! I have two hand paint dyes in my bank account, but one is listed as "hand paints" and is counted as a separate item. Will this impact my ability to use it? Thank you!
AaydenSmith's avatar
Nope, it won't impact your ability to use the items~  I have, however, combined them for you to make things simpler. :)
IBX3's avatar
Thank you! :3 
Fruba's avatar
Where do i go to attach an item to one of my tokotas? thanks, this is my first item : ) 
TokoTime's avatar
There is a thread in the bank for applying items to tokotas.

Robin-Egg-Ranch's avatar
i have two accounts, my main is Felidare
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Please utilize the appropriate thread and form.
Robin-Egg-Ranch's avatar
sorry! i thought i was at the bank.
Wolfiish's avatar
I have two deer pelts I want to trade for  TT. How do I do that?
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     I just got permission to exchange my first geno that I just got approved for a different one I like better because I had thought someone else had a prior claim for the one I got and I had put in a request for one that was just donated before seeing the approval message for the first one. However, I have a problem.
     I am brand new both to Tokotas and to Deviant Art, and I cannot locate the adoption approval message I got; it seems to have disappeared. This means that I do not have the information I need to donate my geno back to the adoption center. It also means that if my new request is approved, unless I copy and paste the information into a word document and save it immediately, I am likely to lose the information for that one, too.
     Where does the information for a geno go once your adoption request has been approved? And where do one's messages go in one's profile and why do my messages keep disappearing? Only the ones about Takotas disappear; three sent by a friend stay there.
     And, once I succeed in adopting a geno and designing a Takota and getting the design approved and getting the Takota registered, where will it "go"? Where will it "be"? How will I find it?
     I am sure these questions are very much "duh" for most people here, but I just joined Deviant Art a couple of days ago so I could play Takotas, and I'm very much at a loss and would greatly appreciate help from any kind and knowledgeable souls who are willing to enlighten me.
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