Tribes - June 2020 - Nov 2021 [CLOSED]

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Important Tools & Links

Please note that as with every other official journal in the group, you should not be having conversations in the threads. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please note the @Tokotas group or leave a comment on the information journals.


> Tribe Registration < - CLOSED

  • You can use this thread to move already-existing tribes to the new site. Just fill out the Tribe Name and Tribe Group lines, and link us your highest confirmed TP Tier!

  • You must have a deviantart group created for your tribe.

  • You must have a petition signed by five members, not including the founder.

  • Your tribe must have a visible journal explaining your tribe's rules and how to join.

  • You may only be in one tribe at any given time.


> Redeem TP < - CLOSED

  • Tribe Founders may post previously confirmed tiers from the old system (up to 1,000 TP total). This counts as one link.

  • You may redeem no more than 5 links per comment.

  • When redeeming TP, you are redeeming all applicable TP earned from that comment or deviation. Collaborations only need to be redeemed by one user.

  • All links should directly to an admin comment, or deviation in the case of collaborations. It should not your comment, or an import.

  • TP redemptions may be posted by: Tribe Founder and Trusted Tribemates (on behalf of tribe members), and Tribe Members (may only redeem their own personally earned TP, with the exception of collaborations they are a part of).

  • If you are a Tribe Founder or Trusted Tribemate who is redeeming TP on behalf of one or more of your tribe members, link your Tribe's Tokotna Profile instead of yours.


> Achievement Confirmations < - CLOSED

  • Tribe Achievements

  • Make sure you meet all the requirements for the Achievement you want confirmed.

  • You may only unlock general achievements or those from your tribe's chosen specialty.

  • You may only submit one achievement confirmation at a time. Please wait until it has been checked before posting again.

  • Achievement Confirmations may only be submitted by the tribe's founder.

  • :new:If you are the founder of a Large or X-Large tribe, please link your chunk confirmations in place of your achievement tracker.


> Achievement Chunk Confirmations < - CLOSED

  • Tribe Achievements

  • This is for Large and X-Large tribes only.

  • You may post up to 50 total links to be pre-checked for usage towards a tribe achievement at a time.

  • These links will be marked as used towards your tribe's achievement and cannot be refunded.

  • This does not unlock achievements. This is just checking the links to make things easier for you and for tribe admins when actually unlocking.

  • You may only post achievement chunks to be confirmed for achievement you (at the time of posting your chunk) have the pre-requesites unlocked for. (ie. You cannot have a chunk approved to be used toward Showstopper II if you do not have Showstopper I unlocked.)

  • You may only submit two achievement chunk confirmations at a time. Please wait until one or both have been checked before posting again.

  • Achievement Chunk Confirmations may only be submitted by the tribe's founder.


> Tribe Companion Approval < - CLOSED

  • Tribe Companion Information

  • You must have Tribe Exploration unlocked to apply for a tribe companion.

  • All variations of your tribe companion must be uploaded into stash.

  • Tribe Companions may only be submitted for approval by the tribe's founder.


> Tribe Lore Figure Approval < - CLOSED


> Bonus Changes < - CLOSED

  • This thread is only for tribes registered BEFORE 2018.

  • Only Showstopper I / II and Tribe Companion bonuses may be changed.

  • Refer to the Tribe Achievements journal for valid Showstopper options.

  • Refer to the Tribe Information journal for valid Tribe Companion options.


Old TP Redemptions (July '18 - March '20)

Old Achievement Confirmations (June '20 - April '21)

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Achievement Confirmation

You may only unlock achievements in the General Tree or in your tribe's chosen specialty.

Tribe Tokotna Page: (Link the tribe's page on Tokotna)

Achievement Name: (List which achievement you are posting to unlock)

Achievement Tracker: