Toko Tokens Bank - August 2016 - OLD
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Published: August 5, 2016

Bank is CLOSED

Welcome to the Toko Tokens Bank, the primary hub for the exchange and application of items and TT.
Toko Tokens by TokoTime
Need help on how to get started? Check out the Toko Tokens Bank Guide


  • No more than 5 TT exchanges per comment
  • Do not try to purchase an item if you don't have enough TT, wait until your TT exchanges go through.
  • Do not comment anything other than you banking comment. (No thank yous, no conversations - this is to keep the comment numbers down.)

Create Bank Account

The first step to start utilizing the Toko Tokens bank is to make a bank account. You must create an account before exchanging TT, applying or purchasing items.

Edit Bank Account Information

Comment here to
  • change your bank username
  • declare your primary bank username
    • This will be the username that dictates which document your bank account is in
  • add a secondary username to your bank account
    • These will be added to your bank account so that you may redeem, transfer, purchase, etc. from a secondary account. You must declare your primary account when you post these transactions so that bankers can find you!

View Current Bank Balance:


To find your account, use ctrl f and type your username.

TT Exchange

To exchange items, pelts, and fish you have found via group activities for Toko Tokens or transfer TT to another user, reply to the corresponding comment below.
Here is a handy dandy TT calculator to easily add up how much TT you have earned. You can find that here.

Treasure Chest / First Aid Kit Redemption

  • Redeem treasure chests and first aid kits found through Exploration and Caving 
  • Each treasure chest / first aid kit will be opened here and the contents will be added directly to your bank account. 

Purchase an Item

To purchase an item from The Trading Post or redeem prizes from contests, reply to the corresponding comment below. Please include any discounts, with proof. If you are utilizing a tribe discount, link to your tribe's progress tracker, so we know you are eligible to use it.

Item Application

To utilize an item you have purchased, won, or found in activities, reply to the corresponding comment below.

Previous Bank Thread

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BluethealphaHobbyist General Artist
I was wondering, where do we redeem TT from Aippaq's Shrine?
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WolfXFox22Student General Artist
I plan on redeeming items for TT when the September journal comes out, however I cannot find the items in the TT calc.
Should I just save the items I cannot find in the TT calc for crafting or is there somewhere I can go to find out how much they are worth?
Koevr's avatar
KoevrHobbyist General Artist
The TT calculator is not currently up-to-date. Please refer to the
various price lists to find accurate prices in the meantime. c:
WolfXFox22's avatar
WolfXFox22Student General Artist
Thank you
WolfXFox22's avatar
WolfXFox22Student General Artist
Thank you
Dovebite's avatar
DovebiteHobbyist Writer
TokoTime, TotemSpirit, MorganLeslee etc, lol,
I noticed that several people have been skipped in the item purchase thread (least of all myself -… ) and I wondered if someone will be going back and covering all of them at some point, or if it would be better for me to go and repost the purchase?
Foxiapi's avatar
FoxiapiHobbyist General Artist
Which thread would I comment on for the faction point?
Kojika-Koi's avatar
Kojika-KoiHobbyist General Artist
TotemSpirit and TokoTime I and several other people have been skipped in bank redemption:…
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(for redeeming elemental hearts found via caving)

Bonuses apply to dominant only Tokotas, unless otherwise stated.

  1. Your tokota gains one extra trait slot. (May only do this once per tokota.)

  2. Your tokota gains one extra companion slot.  (May only do this once per tokota.)

  3. Add one physical trait of your choice to a genotype. (Curled tail, bob tail, fangs, etc. Can only be applied to a genotype.)

  4. Exchange your elemental heart for your choice of an elemental companion (earth, air, fire, or wind).

  5. Your choice of one of the following traits:

    1. Sticky Feet - Increased chance to find Tapetoe.

    2. Blessed - Your tokota can only encounter positive random events.

    3. Elemental Sight - Allows your tokota to find elemental hearts in exploration.

  6. Remove one birth defect from your tokota (blindness, deafness, spinal problems).

  7. Firefly Companion: Increased chance to find Aippaq’s Stone during caving expeditions.

  8. Stylist Token: +10% chance to inherit a chosen trait, gene or mane type from a parent when breeding. (One time use).

  9. Cosmetic traits (may be applied to non-dominant tokotas):

    1. Your tokota's eyes glow from them being blessed by the elements.

    2. You crush the heart in a mortar and mix it with handpaints to give your handpaints a glow.

    3. Apply Aippaq's Handpaint to your tokota.

  10. Add a second tier to one of the following traits (trait must be applied to your tokota):

    1. Excellent Conformation II: +15 bonus points to any group-held halter, dressage, show jumping, or free jumping competition. (Includes Rite of Merit - Honor Trait)
    2. Flexibility II: +15 bonus points to any group-held agility, liberty, or trick competition.
    3. Impeccable Stamina II: +15 bonus points to any group-held endurance competition. (Includes Rite of Fortitude, and Rite of Merit - Partnership Trait - Endurance)
    4. Swift feet II: +15 bonus points to any group-held sled racing, or flat racing competition.
    5. Passionate II: Tokota is able to be bred 2 times over the standard monthly limit.
    6. Nanook’s Shadow II: Pups have a +15% chance of inheriting the coat of the darker parent. (Eg Breedings between tundra and tawny base coats will have a higher chance of tawny, breedings between brown and black base coats will have a higher chance of black, etc.)
    7. Oddball II: Pups have a slight chance to inherit any physical trait (so long as one parent has a physical trait.)
    8. Leadership II: Reduced HP required to move up hierarchy statuses. (Submissive > Average - 30 HP / Average > Dominant - 180 HP)
    9. Waterproof II: +25 bonus points to any group-held competition involving water. (Fishing, swimming, etc)
    10. Social II: +3 HP earned per every collaborated image in which it is depicted. (Collaborated by the owner)
    11. Superstar II: +3 HP bonus points awarded to other Tokotas included in the same image. (Your tokota will give an HP bonus for being depicted in the same image, but will not receive one itself.)
    12. Mediator II: Provides a 60+ increase to taming odds when depicted in a taming entry. (Must be full body)
    13. Quick Learner II: Provides a chance to find large amounts of additional HP in activities (hunting, fishing, exploration, and caving.) The additional HP can only be applied to the Tokota itself. (In order for the bonus to count, a link to the admin-posted results comment must be linked in the Tokota's HP tracker beneath the image it was earned from.)

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Toko Tokens Bank is now Closed. Keep an eye out for the September journal!
EspressoShots's avatar
one elemental sight please in bank
quercifolium's avatar
quercifoliumHobbyist Digital Artist
1 x Fire Elemental Companion pls…
Cani-bal's avatar
Cani-balHobbyist General Artist
Adde d
Tinadactyl's avatar
Adding bob tail to geno #2…
2) Female, Barbary Mane
Average - Healthy
Marked collared tundra with accents and barring

Cani-bal's avatar
Cani-balHobbyist General Artist
Cani-bal's avatar
Cani-balHobbyist General Artist
No problem :> 
Surkrinth's avatar
SurkrinthHobbyist Digital Artist
Adding fangs to this bab;…
[#1 in the litter]

Elemental heart being added to my bank here;…
Cani-bal's avatar
Cani-balHobbyist General Artist
Surkrinth's avatar
SurkrinthHobbyist Digital Artist
looks like you applied the fangs to the wrong geno? ;u; Their meant to be on the yeti aka #1 in the litter ♥
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