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Adoption Requests are currently OPEN!

If you're new to @Tokotas and are looking to adopt one, please make sure you've read over this journal first: Newbie Resources and Getting Started

Adoption Requirements

Adoption is completely FREE, but you must meet the following requirements to be eligible to adopt:

  • Adoption requests are free and only available to members without Tokotas.

  • You must be new to the group, own no uploaded Tokotas or Tokota genotypes, have no breedings coming in, and cannot be working on any deal and/or payment to obtain a Tokota.

  • Your account must be at least one month old.

  • You must have been active for at least one month on your account.

  • Active means your account contains journals, deviations (art or literature), and/or comments of substance.


Adoption Requests

If you meet the above requirements, then you're ready to adopt a Tokota!

All Adoption Center genos are randomly rolled. You may choose the Gender and Base Coat color for your geno. Additionally, you may request for the Tokota to have "Special Needs" in the form of a randomly rolled Health Defect (Blind, Deaf, Spinal Defects, Lame, Frail). Be aware that health defects negatively affect multiple areas of the group.

You can read more about defects and how they impact your Tokota HERE.

  • You may only adopt ONE geno.

  • You may include your preferences for the Gender, Base Coat and Special Needs status of the tokota, or you may opt to have everything randomly rolled (in which case, choose the "Random" options).

  • Once you've adopted a geno, it is yours to do with as you please. However, as these are provided for free, you cannot sell your Adoption Center geno without first adding value to it. For example, a design, additional artwork, etc.

  • Make sure to save your proof of adoption comment that admins give to you. It will be required for getting your design submitted.

Reply to THIS COMMENT with the form below filled out to adopt a Tokota:

Gender: (Male/Female/Random)

Base Coat: (Tundra/Tawny/Brown/Black/Random)

Special Needs? (Yes/No)


Design Requests

Adopted a Tokota geno, and now you need a design? There are multiple options:

  • You can have a look at our Design Guide Handbook and give designing it yourself a try.

  • You can submit an advertisement to the @Tokotas group or browse the ones already posted for other members' design services.

  • If you qualify, an admin can design it for you through the Design Den thread in the monthly Design Central journal.

To qualify for designs from the Design Den, you must:

  • Be unable to design the Tokota geno yourself

  • Be unable to afford to commission a design

If you believe you qualify for a Design Den design, reply to the DESIGN DEN comment thread in the monthly Design Central journal.

Make sure to use the form provided on the thread.


Official Adoption Center Admin:


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Gender: Female

Base Coat: Tundra

Special Needs? (Yes/No) No