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Tokotna Accounts

The first step to start utilizing all of the awesome features of Tokotas is to make an account on You must create an account before exchanging TT, applying items, or purchasing items.

To start this process, please visit the link above and Register for an account using the same name as your DA account. Then proceed to the following thread to activate your account;


Tokotna Account Activation

Comment here to:

  • Activate your newly made account

  • Provide initial account set-up information including Secondary Username.

  • Please comment using your Primary Account.

  • If you did not get your Activation Code after 30 minutes and have checked your Spam Folder


Edit Tokotna Account Information

Comment here to:

  • Change your Primary Username (Do NOT make a new Tokotna account to change your Username!)

  • Add/Edit a Secondary Username to your bank account

  • Secondary Usernames are attached to your Tokotna account so that you may redeem, transfer, purchase, etc. from a secondary account.

  • Attach a Trading Post Coupon to your


Unlock Totems

Comment here to:

  • Attach any totem(s) to your account

  • Unlock Totems with their Requirements


Unlock Player Achievement

Comment here to:

  • Unlock Achievements with their Requirements


Apply Custom Companion Skin

Comment here to:

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Hello ! I tried to make myself an account but never recieved an email , even after checking in my spam mail. It's been 24 hours approximately so I think it's time I try to contact someone xd