Bankable Items

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Literature Text

Trading Post Items

Crafting Ingredients

  • Salt
  • Flour
  • Vinegar


  • Scar Pack
  • Hand Paint Dye
  • Small Item
  • Large Item


  • Basic Rod
  • Dull Flashlight
  • Basic Bow
  • Sturdy Rod
  • Bright Flashlight
  • Sturdy Bow
  • Flint Arrows
  • Headlamp
  • Carabiner
  • Rope
  • Carbon Fiber Rope
  • Diving Light
  • Snorkel
  • Flippers
  • Oxygen Tank


  • Fertility Supplement
  • Close Care
  • Coat Sheen
  • Whistle
  • Sharpened Nail Caps
  • Compass


  • Treats
  • Makeover Token
  • Do-Over Token
  • Nitrogen Tank

  • Companions (All)

Activity Items

  • Sticks
  • Fertility Roots
  • Inukshuk Talisman
  • Trait Tokens
  • Stone of Aippaq
  • First Aid Kit
  • Treasure Chest
  • Elemental Heart
  • Soul Pool Water


  • PotA Tokens
  • Stylist Token
  • Lavender
  • Traits (All)
  • Sterilized Tokota Straws
  • Special Holiday Items (Easter Eggs/Box of Chocolates/etc.)

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WolfPaw02's avatar
What is an Inukshuk Talisman and what is it used for?
LiIVampie's avatar
Do home cooked treats fall under "treats" or are they not bankable?
TokoTime's avatar
They're a crafting item, and as such they are not bankable. c:
GrimWolfie's avatar
I am so confused, on the Item Buyback Thread can I exchange ANY item for TT? Even a log or wool? Or are their only certain items you can exchange for TT? 
TokoTime's avatar
Only item(s) that you have already stored in your bank and item(s) that you have crafted (not found in an activity) may be exchanged on the buyback thread for TT. Anything found on activity rolls should be redeemed on the appropriate activity thread in bank.

ShadowStealthWolf's avatar
Quick question: I have two Elemental Hearts that were sent to me but they aren't showing up in my bank. How long does it usually take for things to be updated?
kh180's avatar
They should be in your bank as soon as the transfer is processed by a banker. If you believe there was an error with the transaction please note the group with a link to the transfer so that we may cross check the timestamps and our records. ^^
Litleocub0722's avatar
Is crafted tack bankable or would that have to go to a crafting journal?
TokoTime's avatar
Nope, it's not bankable. No crafted items go in bank.
Litleocub0722's avatar
Ah ok, thanks for clearing that up c:
AbbieKruger91's avatar
May i ask why the aknas reach item iant a bankable item? Its used for aoas and shows for excellent score.
Furreon's avatar
because its a crafted item
Chamodile's avatar
I keep trying to transfer an elemental heart to someone who I am selling to, but keep getting the admin comment back "heart not in bank" but I have the proof comment... so I guess my question is how do I "bank" my bankable items? Sorry if I missed something obvious, lol.  I wish the bankable stuff just automatically went into the bank! Lol
kh180's avatar
Hey there! If you wish to transfer bankable items from an activity roll you are allowed to link the proof of that item in your transfer comment.
In order to store any bankable items in your bank account you'll need to go through whichever redemption thread applies to the activity you have rolls from. So the TT from pelts from hunting should be handled over on the hunting thread whereas items from explorations should be redeemed on the exploration thread. Each thread in the banking journal has a featured comment containing the form and other information you might need for that particular thread. Of course please keep in mind that only the bankable items shown in the list above may be deposited in bank. A good example for what your comment should look like can be seen here or here.

Please let me know if you have any other questions ^^
strategy's avatar
Why don't you guys create a bank database on your website domain that you use for breeding roller and stuff?
Would be pretty easy. Allow login access for admins to obviously edit the banking.

Just curious as to why this hasn't been done! Plus I don't think it'd crash.
kh180's avatar
Thank you for the suggestion! We are in fact working on updating the system at the moment if you recall the 2017 Sale back in February with the exclusive bank donation companions. Stay tuned in to the news/updates journal for more information as we work on getting it up and running.
OneMinuteSketch's avatar
I think cooking pot could be allowed into bank, as it is a permanent item : p
kh180's avatar
Thanks for the suggestion! While we would love to be able to store every item found within the game in bank(permanent items especially!) I'm afraid that at this time the bank documents cannot handle too many storable items; this is one of the reasons why we cut companion colors out. The list shown above is what we have chosen to limit the docs to based on a few variables. We are looking to update the system however so please be on the lookout for that.
chvbbyboba's avatar
are we allowed to bank things that we get on hunting or exploring?
like pelts, blueberries(?) and glass?
KaraSkakalac's avatar
You must keep track of anything not listed above :)
I would suggest making a crafting journal to hold all the links.
Attemiff's avatar
I'm not an admin, but as far as I know, you can only put in sticks. You'll have to keep track of the rest.
artpidgeon's avatar
If bait can't be banked, do we just link the proof in the activity image?
kh180's avatar
Yes, there is a field in the activity form you may link your comment proof of the item you wish to apply.
artpidgeon's avatar
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