Tutorial: Designing and Approving Pups

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There are really only two steps required from you in order to bring a new tokota into the Tokotas world. If you're about to follow them, odds are, you own a genotype bought from either a member or the group.

For those who don't know, your genotype outlines the genetics of your tokota, and provides a guideline for its appearance (and the appearance of its future offspring) in a handy string of letters. If you're planning to design the genotype yourself, some knowledge of genetics may come in handy. For this, we recommend looking at horse genetics to give yourself a head start. Even though Tokota genetics are not entirely the same as horses or dogs, this will be useful for understanding the basics.

Step One: Designing

Remember, by default, any tokota genotypes from your breedings will be designed by you (or by another member if you choose to commission the design instead). You must send a request to the Design Den - if it is open - if you'd like them to be designed by admins.

So, you have your genotype, and you've taken it upon yourself to design him/her. Below are some helpful resources you will need before designing; no matter how familiar you are with Tokotas, it is always a good idea to have these on hand when designing a new pup.
Import Downloads:

Import Information TemplateThis journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!
Please check the Import Information Template on Tokotna for current information!
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Import Item References

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This journal is here to not only provide the required i
Design Guide HandbookResourcesOfficial Import Templates | Official Import Backgrounds Design Central Rules | Import Information Template Decor Items Guide | Makeovers & Do-Overs Marking Layering Guide | Marking Edges Guide Marking Color Guide = Some markings are currently locked out of Semi-Custom Rules. Unless your Semi-Custom specifically states that you can bypass the lock No Semi-Custom may use this marking., BasicsPicking a Base Coat Special Base Coats Eye and Skin Color Minimal White Miscellaneous Information Extremely Common MarkingsMarked Collar AccentsCommon MarkingsCream Grey Pangare Blanket Saddle Sable Seal Rainmarks Bearmarks Flecking Uncommon MarkingsDun Piebald Merle Points Dapple Starmarks Thylacine Quagga Rare MarkingsWolverine Vitiligo Barring Lacing Very Rare MarkingsRoan Shadowmarks Lilac Rose MossTabby Extension & Restriction MarkingsExtended Marked Extended Dun Creeping Points Extended Shadowmarks Restricted Piebald Restricted Seal Van Gogh Piebald Monet Piebald Restricted Grey Restricted Cream Restricted Lilac Restricted Rose Restricted Moss MutationsReversal Mutation Bloodmark Chimerism Melanism Albinism Cross Mutation Leucism Marbled Harlequin Obsidian Iridescence...

If you have a genotype you're still not sure how to design, it's always a good idea to look at the TotemSpirit gallery for examples of prior designs with the same or similar genotype. (Use the search function, eg 'bearmarks marked', etc.)

Use the member's template to create your design, and then upload it to your sta.sh. Do not upload these to your public gallery.

Step Two: Getting the pup approved by admins

Now that you have a design you're happy with, and have double checked the image for any obvious mistakes (pay attention to background, hierarchy status, male parts, etc,) you must add the information you'd like. Follow the instructions in Writing Information to find out how to do this.

Once everything is filled out, and you've placed the information into the description of the sta.sh file, you may begin the process of having it checked by admins. Firstly, go to Design Central, in which there are several options; you're going to go with the one that says "Design Approval." Post a reply following the instructions in the comment. Then you wait. Please keep in mind that this may take anywhere from ten minutes to several days to a week and a half. It depends on how busy we are. However, don't freak out if it's the latter; we will get to them ASAP!

Admins may ask you for changes if it doesn't meet the standards, but don't be deterred or upset if this happens. We try our best to be understanding, and if you think that one of our judgements was wrong, you're welcome to politely ask us about it, and/or provide reasoning for why you think it was wrong. Just please, don't attack us. We are human and sometimes we make mistakes, so if you see something approved that your design was rejected for, we're completely open to taking a second look.

If/when changes are asked for, keep the original stash with the comment. Upload the new design to stash, and submit it on the "Corrections" comment thread.

Step Three: Uploading

Now what? You've corrected any alterations that admins have requested, and your design has earned sweet, delicious acceptance from mods. At this point, it's out of your hands. You've done all you need to do. Your design will have been added to our upload list, and will be uploaded as soon as possible. Sometimes, birth certificates are not immediately posted, so don't worry if we don't add the default comments for a day or two. This doesn't mean you can't use/draw the design.

Tutorial not informative enough? Have questions or something you'd like added? Please feel free to comment below!

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