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This journal is for members of the Tokotas community to leave comments, questions and suggestions for the admin team!

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AREA: Tokotna Site Upgrades
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FurreonHobbyist Digital Artist

On the Trading Post when you add something to your cart, it jumps to the top of the page. If it was possible for it to just add the items in the cart and stay where you were on the page, it would make shopping a lot smoother when you don't need to keep scrolling/click back down to add more items in~

TLDR; on Trading Post make the page not jump to the top after adding items to the cart

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UkaNukaStudent General Artist

I would love to see PvP and CE forms added to Tokos forms, with maybe a little drop-down box like hunting has where you can choose the section and it'll give you the bonuses for them? Or something like that so we can have our CE forms a little easier.

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Lioness626Hobbyist Digital Artist

I would love it if the activity tracker link on the tokota's profile re-set to blank when the tokota was traded, to avoid mistakes! This way we will know that the link has been added by the current owner

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Lexii-BunniiHobbyist Traditional Artist

Forms for Breeding. Just like the ones for tivities, but it would just fill out the Sir / Dam section for easy copy paste =3

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QueenHalloweenHobbyist Digital Artist

Ability to organize our Tokotas into folders

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Update to HP Calculator

I would love to see:

Update to automatic linking of Superstar, Brother Bear etc
It only accepts deviantart links, which aren't allowed anymore, it should be able to use the tokotna ones to be of use :)

Automatic linking of the tokotas responsible for HP boni like lore, starter, affiliated ARPG species etc
Those are required and it would make my life much easier if I could rely on the tracker to do this!
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Mystic-BreakthroughHobbyist Digital Artist

Adding to this, for the tribe section have a search bar or drop down option like you have for linking tokotas in the TT calculator, as well as 1-3 slots to search up the included tribemate tokos!

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DarkHeartSeerHobbyist Digital Artist
Would love to see the import search function get some bug fixes ;u;

Here's a list of "repaired" links I found by guessing and messing around with the urls:

Van Gogh Piebald
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for "marking" instead of "extension"

Restricted Piebald
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--"Restriction" doesn't seem to exist or was scrapped; should search for vars (presumably 'variation') marking code 3 (piebald) with addition of "r" (restricted)

Restricted Seal
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for vars marking code 10 (seal) with addition of "r" (restricted)

Restricted Graying/Greying ((NOTE: Greying with "e" and Restricted Graying with "a", which should it be?))
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for vars marking code 14 (grey) with addition of "r" (restricted)

Restricted Lilac
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for vars marking code 17 (lilac) with addition of "r" (restricted)

Extended Marked
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for vars marking code 1 (marked) with addition of "m" (extended marked)

Extended Dun
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for vars marking code 16 (dun) with addition of "d" (extended dun)

Monet Piebald
Broken original "search">>>…
Fixed "search" >>>…
--Should search for marking Vg (Van Gogh) and vars marking code 3 (piebald) with addition of "r" (restricted)
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preimpressionProfessional Digital Artist
Could we please have tribe lore figures on tribe pages, like how tribe companions show there? <3
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Mad-DarknessHobbyist Digital Artist
It would be super duper nice if we could organise stuff in Story Central.

I have a very specific way of sorting tokotas from a pack, and it's really bothering to have to remove every tokos from the pack to add em again once a new tokota joined the pack.

For example (because I feel like I'm not clear at all) :
I have:
- Toko 1
- Toko 2 
- Toko 3
But. Because of reasons, Toko 4 has to be between 1 and 2. So I can't do anything but remove 2 and 3 from the pack, add 4, then add 2 and 3 again.
I have around 70 tokotas at the moment, and a lot of packs, so a sorting system would be greatly appreciated ;v;

Being able to organize relationships in each toko profile would be awesome as well. I don't know how difficult such a system would be to add to the website, though. Hopefully it could be doable c:
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preimpressionProfessional Digital Artist
Tribe Pages Need Work

I just discovered Tribe Banners and... why are they 100px tall sized as the max? Why are Emblems 100x100 when they're bigger on profile pages?
I know it's not for bandwidth because the image itself doesn't resize, it's just adjusted with css. So I have a suggestion.

I grabbed the Vandreren Tribe's page as an example because I dig their banner, even if it's sitting in sadness right now.

Right now it looks like:
Old by preimpression

With just a few tweaks to css, it could look like this:
New by preimpression

All I did was remove the banner image and add this css to the "tribe-header" class, which you could do with in-line styling I believe: 

   background: url(/tribes/manage/images/vandreren_tribe_bnr.png);
   background-size: 100%;
   height: 450px;
   padding-top: 50px;
   background-repeat: no-repeat;
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demonicroseHobbyist Writer
Let me ponder this a bit. I mean I totally see what you are doing there to make the banners better than the little strip of art I'd initially pictured. 

Per the Emblems, it was purely for spacing as it was pushing all the buttons down considerably on mobile, which is something I'll need to figure out for the banners if this change gets made. A lot of the 'sizing' of things is to make it easier to maintain between desktop and mobile.
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preimpressionProfessional Digital Artist

Ah, yeah I haven't checked the site on mobile and I have a decently sized desktop monitor so all the 100pixel sized things look tiny and out of place.
You could always have it set up with @ media statements so that when the screen size is smaller, the icon gets smaller? Media statements for responsive formats can be really helpful in making sure a website is pretty both on mobile and desktop. 

Also, I don't know much about affecting image sizes, but if the bandwidth is an issue I'm sure there are ways to program in that when someone uploads an image, you can size down the actual image itself instead of having the illusion of smaller images.
I think that (the css faking of smaller image sizes) was one of the big things that got me thinking about how to make this better.
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QueenHalloweenHobbyist Digital Artist
Back again, sorry!!!
A feature where you paste in your geno's lineage and it searches for special base coat founders for you.
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CookieCutie97Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think it would be easier to make this happen on the site vs DA so I post here, but it may be possible on DA too! :) 

I would LOVE a way to follow some Tokotas that are not mine. I favorite every baffling Toko posted by TotemSpirit, but I would love a way to be notified when, for example, they get rites done, they have a new status (average, dom, etc.), they are featured in a journal, even (if at all possible) if they are linked in some art piece. The only practical use for this would be for watching dream breeding partner evolve or go up for sale: but really it's more of a social thing, in my mind. Seeing some Tokos that are not yours growing up from pup to Alpha is kind of magic :3 

So yeah some kind of "Watch" button but for specific Tokos would be awesome! <3 
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QueenHalloweenHobbyist Digital Artist
This may be in the works already, but Member Resources, Quick Guide: Breeding would be nice, compiling all the different Factors listed in the roller and their effects. ♥
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QueenHalloweenHobbyist Digital Artist
I'd like to see a "Is this a leased tribe tokota?" -then-> "paste link to perm here" feature added to the TT Calculator (or perhaps even better, re-flavor 'transfer for lease' so it prompts for and includes the perm link even if no items are selected to be transferred to the tribe).  I recently used the calculator for my redemption forms, but got denied due to not including a lease link. Newbie mistake, but I think that would be helpful for others as well so it can be just as easy as copy/pasting -- no chance of forgetting something, thus making admin lives easier too I'm sure.
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FurreonHobbyist Digital Artist

This has been a thing for a while now, you might have noticed that there is an option to plug in a lease perm link in the calc~

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I think it would be awesome to have a quick link to the Suggestion box[This journal in general] on the Tokotna website!

So i dont post again[If preferred i will!]

Another idea is a quick link to the Deities on the sideboard or even on the main page :>
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blackmorreHobbyist Digital Artist

(though i think writing things down into the custom message field does something similar already) some folders to organize tokotas would be wonderful! some purposes i thought of is to separate what is and isn't for sale, tokos to use for breeding projects, the activities they are specifically good for etc.

it's not as important, but i'd also like to see the ability to custom sort tokos beyond selecting the 'preferred' box!

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AREA: Factions
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SaydiehHobbyist General Artist
Ok, so this idea is reeeeeallly rough. I just suddenly thought of it, so it isn't much of anything but a tiny idea. 

I think I saw a post of some sort a short time ago where the group was confused on how to even out the members in each faction. That is what inspired this.

I remember when I was choosing factions, I nearly chose to be a PB. What nearly swayed me? Breeding. Benefits. It isn't too uncommon to see people refusing to split litter breed with PL simple because of the two pup minimum, or not wanting to breed with PL because prestige breeders have a rare bonus. 
Pack leaders have some AMAZING advantages, yes, but, they are not ones activity seeked out.  An HP bonus barely compared in my head to being guaranteed two pups, Trait tokens are much more accessible and common than hearts, so an advantage for physical traits outweighed the other advantages. Finally, even the smallest rare mane advantage outweighed average pups. 

Now, after I rambled, consider this: Build advantages. 

What have people been desperate for? Dires.
What cute, tiny thing has taken over? Tokis.

PB would get an advantage for toki pups, because people who are less rugged wood have space and reason for the tiny tots.
PL would have an advantage for Dire built pups, because a larger animal could hunt, travel, carry, and just survive better in the wilderness terrain that "houses' PL.

The advantages wouldn't be large, obviously. This is just an idea, so please don't attack me. As a pack leader myself, I am grateful for the benefits I already have, but do see an obvious lean towards PB being the larger faction. 

That was long ><
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ArtemistheArtist22Hobbyist Photographer
+1! great idea!
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