The Spirits of Tokotna

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The Spirits

Tokota is a diverse land filled with many sorts of spirits and deities roaming around. Including but not limited to gods of Fear, protector deities, and common spirits of all kinds. Read below for more information about the ones we know about so far!


Aippaq by TotemSpirit

Aippaq is worshipped as the god of life and death. He (or She; Aippaq is genderless and will answer to either) is a largely benevolent spirit that doesn't often speak directly to mortals. When he does, his responses are usually calm, thoughtful, and somewhat cryptic. He usually encourages his followers to think through things on their own, rather than directing them to blindly follow his will.

Light Spirits


Sikrinerk by TotemSpirit

Sikrinerk is a light spirit that is said to nip heels of dark spirits to keep them at bay. She is also responsible for guiding the lost souls of the dead to Aippaq. She is fiercely protective of her followers and all under her care. She is also quite feisty and playful, quick to make jokes, and unafraid to give people a piece of her mind. She often appears in dreams and visions to speak to her followers.


Nagruk by TotemSpirit

The god of hunting and master of caribou, Nagruk is a light spirit of tundra and forest. He brings his followers good fortune, especially when it comes to hunting. He doesn't often appear to mortals, but when he does, he is generally agreeable and friendly, showing a deep compassion for everyone he meets. He often disguises himself as a human child to solicit stories and information from human settlements.


Aga by TotemSpirit

Aga is an enormous light spirit, who makes her appearances mostly when prey is plentiful and the forests are flourishing. She is usually benevolent, slow-moving, and she speaks cryptically, her sleepy words difficult to interpret. But don't let her gentle nature fool you - if angered, Aga will ruthlessly defend both her followers and the forests she is bound to protect.

Dark Spirits


Meelanik by TotemSpirit

Also known as 'The Devourer'. Meelanik is a dark spirit that is plagued with insatiable hunger.  According to lore, those trapped by his hideous jaws are doomed to spend the rest of eternity trying to escape from his belly, floating around in a void of space. He is selfish, demanding, and extremely powerful. However, he rewards his followers very generously as long as he finds them useful to his plans. Those who disappoint him will find themselves quickly trapped by his jaws.


Borga by TotemSpirit

The bringer of snowstorms, frost, and avalanches, Borga is not a dark spirit to be trifled with. He is proud, aggressive, and strong, and he values these same traits in his followers. If angered, the only way to drive off Borga is with fire - he is fearless of everything except that which can melt his ice formations.


Sivoganik by TotemSpirit

Sivoganik is a dark spirit, driven to sink his long fangs into one thing alone - the mind. He feeds on fear and delights in scaring anyone he comes across, including his own followers. Though his current form was created by the complete degeneration of his own sanity, he experiences moments of lucidity. He is impressed by those who can overcome their own fear, and values this kind of bravery in his followers.

Lesser Spirits

Common Dark Spirits

Common Dark Spirits by TotemSpirit

Common Dark Spirits are found all around Tokotna in many varying forms. Some are covered in scales or bark, some have many eyes or limbs, and some seem to bear no resemblance to anything on earth. However, most follow a common blend of animal, human, and foliage that make them easy to identify.  These spirits are often lonely, and will wander towards civilization to seek companionship without Sikrinerk's careful eye on them.
Though these spirits are not inherently evil, when under the influence of a greater dark spirit they can become extremely dangerous.

Common Light Spirits

CollectionQuestIcon by TokoEvents

Common Light Spirits are found all around Tokotna in many varying forms. Most will assume the form of a single animal, a shapeless mote, or rarely, a human. These spirits are benevolent and often friendly, bringing good fortune to those who encounter them. However, some common light spirits also have a streak of mischief and will 'test' those who encounter them with (mostly) harmless pranks.
When under the influence of a greater light spirit, they are often used as guides and messengers, leading those who encounter them to places or objects that may be important or useful.

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