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This journal is outdated, please head over to the current Taming a Wild Tokota journal instead!


Interaction Levels

Taming a tokota is a dangerous, and delicate business. Due to a high concentration of domesticated blood in certain overpopulated wild packs, the TCA and local authorities have allowed the taming of certain individuals. Taming is done at the risk of the handler, and can result in injury. The TCA takes no responsibility for these claims.

The Process

The Wild tokotas gallery folder includes all of the current and past wild tokotas. The currently available tokotas are listed in the Wild Packs journal. These are the tokotas available to tame.

Each of these individuals may be tamed by anyone, be it member or newbie. You do not need to own a tokota in order to tame. If the tokota is not on the journal, it is not available. This journal will be updated when new wilds arrive and are released. The wild tokotas will be available for view for around 24 hours before they are available for taming.

To tame a tokota, you must submit a taming piece featuring the wild tokota and a handler of your choice.



You must draw your handler interacting with the Tokota in some way. Some easy examples are approaching the wild tokota, observing it from a distance, following its pack, getting close/offering food or treats, etc.
  • At least 80% of the wild tokota must be depicted in order to be valid.
  • At least 80% of the handler must be depicted.
  • A semi-complex background is required and the image needs to have color (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/blobs/gradient).
  • The Tokota is wild. Taming entries cannot take place indoors, in major cities, etc; please try to keep in mind where the tokota would be found in the wild!


  • Must be at least 1200 words
  • Must be relevant to the taming/interacting process.
  • Your handler must be a significant part of the story.
  • In order to receive the pack mate bonus (below), you must also include it as a significant part of the story.

Entries are rolled 100% randomly, with only the addition of certain bonuses below.  Please read pack information for setting, as it will vary with the pack the wild tokota travels with.

Keep in mind that some tokotas have a fairly low chance of being caught, so this may take several tries. You are welcome to retry as many times as you'd like, however you must mind the restrictions found under the section 'How To Submit'.

Increasing Your Chances

Some wilds have restrictions in which some bonuses will not work, so make sure to keep an eye out for that!

Automatic Bonuses

  • Up to -100 off the taming odds for completing ranks at the TCA Taming Academy.
  • 5% increased chance if another tokota from the pack is pictured (check this journal). This does not stack if you include 2+ members from the same pack. Wild Heart traited domestic Tokotas also do not stack with wild packmates and they have the same bonus.
  • -50 off the taming odds if a Mediator traited Tokota is pictured. This does not stack if you include 2+ Mediator traited Tokotas.
  • +5 onto the taming odds if a Peaceful Soul traited Tokota is pictured (the tokota must a tribemate). This does not stack if you include 2+ Peaceful Soul traited Tokotas. This unlocks after 5 taming entries have been completed.
  • 5% increased chance if you belong to a tribe with the taming benefit - you MUST link to the progress tracker/members list to show you are eligible for the benefits.
  • 2% increased chance for newbies. (If you own 0 uploaded tokotas and 0 genotypes.)

Increased Chances With Each Entry

Every time you submit a taming picture for a wild tokota, your own personal chances will improve by 50 for that specific tokota. (For example, if the tokota's odds are 1 out of 1000, it would be 1 out of 950 with the next picture, and so forth.) Odds will stop increasing at 1 out of 50.


Treats become available for use after you complete 5 taming attempts for any tokota. Treats are used to increase your chances of taming! Max of 10 treats per taming attempt. These treats add 1 to your chance of taming. (For example, if your odds are 1 out of 1000 and you add 1 treat, it will now be 2 out of 1000)
However, treats are considered locked until after you complete your 5th attempt for any tokota. Starting on your 6th entry, you may begin using treats. After all, a wild animal isn't going to accept treats from a strange human.

Home Cooked Treats can be used to increase your chances of taming! Max of 2 Home Cooked Treats per taming attempt. These treats take 50 off of a taming attempt and stop working at 1/100.

Treats are a little different than other bonuses, excluding the Peaceful Soul trait. They increase the first number of the taming odds. A tokota's taming chance is typically 1 out of a number. If you don't roll a 1, the taming fails (or a 1-6 with Peaceful Soul). You can use treats to take the range of success up to 11 (16 with Peaceful Soul). For example, if you applied 4 treats, you would need to roll 1-5 out of whatever the taming chances are to successfully tame the wild.

In order to apply treats and home cooked treats simply state whether they are stored in your bank or if you would like to purchase them. Please remember to list out the TT total so rollers can accurately deduct from your account.
If you are purchasing treats please note the amount and any discounts you have on your image as proof and if you are having someone transfer you treats to apply and they have not already been added to your account you may also ask them to comment on the image with the amount of treats they are applying.
However, keep in mind that you cannot apply treats to any taming attempt until you have attempted to tame a tokota 5 times(you may start using treats on your 6th attempt).

How to Submit

You may only submit one entry, per wild Tokota, daily. Each day starts at 6 PM EST, and only one entry may be submitted within a single day's time. Your entry must also be rolled before you may submit another entry.

In your entry description, you must include the following information:

Wild tokota's reference sheet (link or thumbnail):
Nicknames used for the Tokota(if the entry is literature):
Handler name:
Tribe (if your tribe has the 5% taming bonus):
Items or companions (if any):
Previous attempts (if any):

Then, submit it to the group gallery folder named after the ID of the wild Tokota you are attempting to tame. Your entry will be rolled/judged, and posted under the tokota's "Taming Wall". You should receive this notification in your mentions, with news of either failure or success. If you succeed in taming a wild tokota, it will belong to you, to breed, sell, name, etc. Personality, age, and height/weight information may not be changed.


I've tamed a wild Tokota; can I use the taming attempts of other members for HP after the appropriate interaction level has been met?

This is a somewhat controversial subject for some, but the short answer is yes, as long as the artist does not object. Remember, always be polite (whether you are the artist or the person that has tamed the tokota.) Using previous taming attempts for HP is a privilege and not a right, nor is it something you can demand. The group cannot prevent an artist from taking down / altering their work and people may have different reasons completely unrelated to bitterness/spite/etc for doing so in regards to their own non-commissioned work.

So long as the work remains uploaded/posted with the design of the wild Tokota, it can be used for HP, but it is not within the jurisdiction of the group to request that it be re uploaded or reverted otherwise.

How many times can I try to tame a tokota? Is there a limit for myself individually?

In general, you can try as many times as you'd like. There is no limit. However, please pay attention to the limits above, which is listed under 'How To Submit'.

Will it be just like any other domesticated tokota, in terms of how I can use it once it has been successfully tamed?

Yes, but the interaction level will factor in. Interaction levels may also be brought down by 5 HP every tier if you are a Master Handler. (See the TCA Taming Academy Journal for more information.)

Can we picture our handler with one of our already domesticated tokotas?

Yes, you may!

Can I commission someone to tame a tokota for me? Or collab with someone?

No, sorry! It must be your own work.

Why was my taming entry skipped!?

It could be several factors. First, make sure your entry is in the gallery and in the specific wild's folder. Second, if you applied treats, they should be in your bank or linked appropriately. Third, sometimes details outlined in this guide are missed, and the admins will notify you if any changes need to be made before the entry can be rolled.
If you believe that your entry was skipped, please wait a full 24 hours before noting the group.

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