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By noebelle

What does "Starter" mean?

"Starter" Tokotas have no given lineage and are often the founders of certain genes, mutations or manes. Starters with this badge are owned by the group and thus have special exemptions to certain rules.

What's the difference between a starter and a member-owned Tokota?

  • Starter Tokotas have unlimited lifetime breeding slots.
  • Starters will appear in the lineages of abandoned puppies and semi-customs.
  • Slots to Starters can be acquired through Aippaq's Shrine, contests, sales and various events. Slots follow a tier system that can be viewed on the Starter Prize Tiers journal.
  • Starter Tokotas may be drawn by anyone, without requiring permission of the group.
  • Breedings involving a Starter (posted by you) do not count against your monthly limit of breedings.
  • Starter Tokotas may exhibit markings, traits, mutations and items not yet able to be obtained within the group.
  • Starter Tokotas are permanently owned by the group and will never be for sale, nor owned by a member.
  • A Starter will provide a 2+ HP bonus to Tokotas in any image in which he/she is depicted.
    • Starters with placeholder designs (Such as AM1, AF2, etc.) cannot be used for this bonus until their official designs are released.
  • Starter Tokotas cannot earn items from Activities.
  • For rites such as the Rites of Fertility or Rites of Dominance, you can often use a Starter Tokota instead of a handler.
  • Storyline-wise, all Starter Tokotas are owned by the TCA and are wild-roaming.

This journal is meant to provide a list of all official starter Tokotas. Alternatively, you can view them in this folder.

The Original Twenty

These Tokotas were the foundation of the group, posted on June 16th, 2014.
All of the following Tokotas are sterilized; though they may still be used by admins to fill semi-custom lineages, they will no longer be available for breedings.
These Tokotas underwent a re-design during the 6th Anniversary Event. Old Designs can be found in this folder and still be used for HP Purposes.



The Second Generation

The second wave of starters, meant to provide new mutations, traits, markings, and lineage to the population.



Dire Starters



Outpost Starters



Misc Starters

Added for events, and to introduce new markings/build types.
May not necessarily be dominant.



Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
© 2016 - 2021 Tokotas
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PringleTheChartreux's avatar

Their All Quite Beautiful!

Rainflightt's avatar
The new glow up all the first gen got is just stunning, I have to say.
Thewolfgurl's avatar

Agreed! I clicked on my The Machine geno's sire link and was very surprised to find it as a little scribbled dog instead of its usual design lmaooo ( this dude )

Rainflightt's avatar
Oh good word XDD
Shiningstarofwinter's avatar
  Amber AF3 by TotemSpirit   ID 42161 by TotemSpirit   ID 42162 by TotemSpirit

More starter friends since I keep having trouble finding them. ;D
Furreon's avatar
Behold the new and updated starter journal! :la:
Primus2247's avatar
Links to the starters on tokotona would be very helpfull
ChrissyBird's avatar
Percy 29151 by TotemSpirit   Rainwater AF8 by TotemSpirit
Missing Starters from Journal
TheInfiniteChaos's avatar
Quick question: I want to use a starter toko for a story line involving my own tokos, but it would also involve the startet being ridden/interacted with by humans. Would that be okay canon/lore-wise?
Weidenlied's avatar
Do the spirits count for the starter bonus as well? (Like Aga, Sikrinerk etc.)
TotemSpirit's avatar
Not for the starter bonus, no. They are not starters. However, it was posted in the News and Updates on 1/6/18 that we've added a brand new bonus for the deities.

Hierarchy Updates:
  • We have a a shiny new HP bonus - Lore Bonus! Including any of our glowing spirit friends in your submissions is now worth an extra 2HP
Rowan-Hart's avatar
Does an Alpha starter count for both the starter HP bonus and Alpha HP bonus?
PippinDraws's avatar
I don't think there are any starters that are alpha - they're dominant, not Alpha.
ArtemistheArtist22's avatar
there is fenrir for example he is alpha so i too was wondering the same thing :/ and rainwater is a starter and an alpha too.
PippinDraws's avatar
Fenrir isn't Alpha - he's Dominant. Check his background, check his hierarchy status. None of these starters listed here on this journal are on the Alpha background. Rainwater is currently the only one who is Alpha, even though she (and the other Summer Event starters) aren't listed here, so she would likely count for both Alpha and Starter HP bonuses.
ArtemistheArtist22's avatar
okay thank you! (didnt notice the fenrir thing woops my bad)
Rowan-Hart's avatar
Oh! My apologies, thank you. :3
Ace118's avatar
If I wanted to breed with a starter what would I need and which one can be bred with?
SmolKhajiit's avatar
Wanted to also mention that you can craft a Thread of Fate (it's a legendary recipe)
to exchange for a breeding between two random starter tokotas.
Ace118's avatar
TeachMeToLearn's avatar
Starter breedings can be won in events and occasionally bought during sales
Drawhingut's avatar
I've been trying to look for the starter w/ small ears, but  can't seem to find it D:
tree-kangaroo's avatar
There is no starter for small ears right now. c: It can be acquired by being randomly rolled in a breeding or adding it to a geno using an elemental heart.
Drawhingut's avatar
OOHh so thats why!
Thank you! :)
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