Rites of Fertility

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By noebelle

This is a series of events that are required in order to breed your tokota. All three must be passed in order to receive an Arms of Akna award. Not only are these mandatory if you wish to breed, they will also help shape the future career of your tokota. The third rite has two options, each affiliated with a different faction. You may complete either rite, but will only receive faction points for completing the one that corresponds to your registered faction. You do not have to pick a faction in order to complete these rites!

Rules and Regulations


  • The maximum number of tokotas you can participate with in one rite entry is three. You may include other tokotas for HP or story purposes in the rite entry if you wish, but only up to three may be judged.
  • Tokotas must be uploaded in order to participate in rites.
  • An entry can only count once; once it is judged you cannot edit it and resubmit for another Tokota.
  • You may not use activities, quests, etc as rites entries, even for non-participating tokotas.
  • Handlers/starters are not required unless otherwise stated. They will however grant the usual HP bonus, as well as provide a bonus to your tokota's score.
  • Tack is optional unless otherwise stated.
  • If an entry looks rushed, sketchy or very quickly done it may be denied. They don't have to be masterpieces, but if it looks like it took two minutes, it will not be accepted.
  • Commissioned/collaborated entries are accepted.
  • You must list all bonuses, eg items, companions, traits, and depicted bonuses for them to be counted. They will not be counted for if you do not list them.
  • You must clearly separate Tokotas and other ARPG/species forms with breakers, gaps, bolded text, group icons, etc.
  • Each rite must be submitted as a separate deviation.
  • Art and literature should be submitted to DeviantArt, either in a gallery or scraps. Sta.sh may be used as a last resort.


  • The image should not be much lower quality than your usual gallery standard. We judge against your gallery.
  • Tokota(s) must be full body. (At least 75% visible).
  • At least 50% of the drawn tokota and/or prey must be on the background, not in transparent or white space.
  • If you are using an overhead view the legs must be at least somewhat visible, while angle is taken into consideration a straight up or down shot will not be acceptable.
  • You may not use silhouettes, stamps, or stick figures for your rites for tokotas, handlers, prey, fish, or other required subjects.
  • A semi-complex background is required (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/blobs/gradients). You may not have large blank spaces where there is no color/shading/difference in tone. This generally means you must have 3-4 elements for your background.
  • Images must be at least 300x300 px in size.
  • Images must be relatively clean and it must be obvious which tokotas are pictured.
  • You must be able to tell rites apart from one another via the thumbnail.
  • Each tokota should look like an individual within the piece, not just a copy of another tokota. This applies within a single art piece and also to the rest of your gallery.
  • You may not use premade 3D models, presets or bases to create your rites piece.
  • Black and white images, as well as color-palette-themed images are permitted; however, they must be sufficiently detailed and the tokota's individual markings must be discernible without difficulty. Comic-style B&W images are also allowed if they use enough variation in values to illustrate each marking.
  • Any black and white images that depict tokotas must have those tokotas coats and markings tonally depicted. This also applies to backgrounds, as they should also be tonally depicted, more than just lines.
  • Crafts are allowed, however the background can not be a plain photo with no-little manipulation. There must be either a crafted element to the photo or it must be different from the original. Remember you are not allowed to use stock when using photo backgrounds.
  • Photo manipulations are allowed, but must have a certain amount of changes made to the stock in order to qualify. (I.e. for a tundra Tokota you can't just copy and paste a white wolf into a picture of mountains.) They should be edited to properly represent the species, mane type, etc.
  • Original artwork only; tracing another artist's work or using templates is not allowed.


  • Must be at least 1400 words
  • Must be entirely focused upon the task.
  • Each tokota should play a role in the story, not just be casually mentioned.
  • Prey animals, fish, handlers and any other required subjects must be thoroughly featured.


1) Rite of Merit

This test will evaluate and place your tokota into one of three "talent" sets. Choosing one or another does not decrease your chances in the other disciplines, though the trait you choose will provide benefits for the disciplines you wish to enter your tokota into. This test will also include a vet and conformation check, to make sure the animal is suitable to advance to the next two rites in the Rites of Fertility series.

2) Rite of Fortitude

This test will test survival, bravery, endurance of your tokota. Your tokota will participate in one of three tasks to prove their abilities.

3) Rite of Alliance

This final rite will be a test of skills and attributes important to each faction. There are three prompts to chose from for each of the six faction; anyone can complete prompts affiliated with any faction.

Judging Rubric

  • 1 - 40 RNG score
  • 1 - 40 unbiased effort score, this will be compared to your own gallery
  • Optional: +10 for accurate setting. You can read more about the various areas of Tokotna here. Backgrounds should still comply with requirements for the prompts.
  • Optional: +10 for including a handler or starter or lore figure. Does not stack ie: adding both a handler and a starter to a rite is still +10.
  • Optional: +10 for a short story of at least 500 words. For literature entries, this bonus will be awarded for at least 500 extra words in addition to the minimum required word count.
  • Many trait, companions, and items can be applied to increase the tokota's score; you'll find this information listed with each prompt.


  • Each of the three rites earns one of the following scores: 0 - 35 = NOVICE // 36 - 65 = AVERAGE // 66+ = EXCELLENT
  • The final score of the overall AoA is determined by the three individual scores. At least two of the rites must earn an excellent score for the overall AoA to be excellent. One of each score results in an average AoA.
  • Tokotas that have visible inbreeding in their lineage will receive an automatic novice score.
  • Dominant/alpha tokotas get an automatic excellent score.
  • Dominant and alpha tokotas may re-do their rites. They must earn the same merit trait, but any rite of merit class within that trait is allowed. More information can be found on the Rites of Fertility Submissions page.

How to Submit

When you've finished all three rites, submit them to the Rites of Fertility Submissions page with the relevant form filled out in your comment.

Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
© 2014 - 2021 Tokotas
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Just double checking; if the rite requires a handler (I'm doing a Merit prompt that requires one atm) do you still get the bonus for handler? Or does it only count when the handler is not required by the prompt?

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Egg 14 by TokoEvents

Snowfall and blizzards from my maw

Come visit me, you’ll stand in awe

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Is there any bonus (or is it needed somewhere) to have an excellent overall AoA vs average one? Do you need the excellent one to be able to breed? Or is it for personal satisfaction?

I love this system btw <3 ... I love all the systems ;w;

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Excellent AoAs gives +10 HP whereas Novice/average gives +5, which can be found here : Hierarchy System, under "other".

Achieving excellent AoAs also contribute to unlocking totems too :) 
Totems and Totem Building
CookieCutie97's avatar

Thanks so much! I kinda remembered reading something about it but couldn't figure out where ;w;

Agent-Q-Amalgamation's avatar
I have a funky situation and would love some clarification from you folks. 
~Previous owner has a tokota and does rites, but gets an average on them
~Tokota was and is currently submissive ranked
~I receive the tokota
~I would like to re-do the rites to try for excellent ranking

Even though I am a new owner, I still need to wait to re-do rites until after the tokota is dominant rank, correct?
SapphireSquire's avatar
That is correct! Only tokotas that are of dominant or alpha ranking can re-do their fertility rites. The purpose is to allow tokotas to up their score to an excellent, which is guaranteed at dominant and above.
Agent-Q-Amalgamation's avatar
Thank you so much for clarifying! <3
CuriousCollie's avatar
I have a question about Art rules, for 75% of the Tokota being visible would this kind of pose or image be acceptable? I just want to be sure before I move too far forward with this commission. 

Toko Question
RedPineRanch's avatar
ls there a limit on submissions for fertility rites?
SapphireSquire's avatar
Nope! You can submit as many as you'd like in the month, the only limit would be how many you have that actually need their Rites of Fertility processed. 
Rainflightt's avatar
So if any three Tokos are the same breed featured in the same rites doing the same activities, then it counts as their AoAs for all three of them?
SapphireSquire's avatar
If you pick a prompt for the Rite of Merit that is build specific all three would need to be that build for that rite. The other two rites dont have any build requirements, but all three would need to be completing the same prompt in the same image if you want it to count for all three. c:
Rainflightt's avatar
Great! Thanks so much for your help <33
MagpieBridge's avatar
if a dominant inbred tokota completes their rites, do they get a novice or an excellent score? 
SapphireSquire's avatar
If the inbreeding is visible on their lineage it's a novice score, otherwise they would get excellent.
Pineapple-Grenade's avatar
Is this like RoD where you need a specific amount of HP to breed?
Do you have to be Dominant first?
Furreon's avatar
To be able to breed a tokota must be Average, Dominant or Alpha. Submissive tokotas can't breed. AoA's can be earned at any point, but if you have a Submissive toko with AoA's it will need to get to Average before it can be bred.
Wolf31707's avatar
Is it a possibility to receive both the Rite of Strength and the Rite of Knowledge?
Scribbles-Archive's avatar
No as they are specific to each Faction, however if you wish to draw both, you can, but your Tokota will only receive one
Ninjiss's avatar
Hello! Is there a possibility that Other Rites of Fertility Bonuses (listed in a separated google doc) may have anykind of upcoming update? c:

For example I was wondering that now training images are no longer an applicable bonus but Lunge Line is still listed as a bonus item for replacing training image? Does that mean Lunge Line is applicable, even if training images itself aren't or...? : o

Also, the bonuses seem a bit too unbalanced or is this an intention? Example, there are 6 directly Honor based bonuses (specific class or all classes), 8 directly Wild based bonuses and only 4 directly Partnership based bonuses and all four are either specific for Livestock Cutting or Water Rescue? I also found it a slightly weird that Coat Sheen applies to all Honor classes as bonus, just like Sharpened Nail Caps applies to all Wild classes, but Whistle applies only Partnership's Livestock Cutting? :')
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