Rite of Alliance
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This is the third and final of the Rites of Fertility, which you must pass in order to breed your Tokota. You may chose to complete any prompt, aligning with your faction is not required; however, faction points may only be earned during judging when completing your factions' prompts.
This event will be judged regularly as the moderators schedule allows. Rules and judging rubric can be found on the main Rites of Fertility page.

Rite of Strength

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Pack Leaders.

[RoS] Survival Skills by Furreon Who needs a handler? Skalle RoSThe creature was lean with shaggy tawny fur, a pale grey underside. It looked a little bedraggled, moth-eaten even. It bore scars, a chipped fang, a torn ear, a semi-blind eye and deep marks on its back.
   It looked unusual and out of place as it slunk through the rocky terrain of Tokotna. At first glance, it appeared to be nothing more than a battle worn Lynx; a male whom had lost one too many fights with his rivals but if you watched him long enough, you would realise that this wasn’t all that he was.
   But not today. Today a fox hung limp from between his jaws as he headed towards his companion. He moved with unexpected grace and agility and soon he found what he was looking for.
   The larger animal was curled up asleep, his black and white shaggy fur moved slightly with the breeze, but he woke as soon as the lynx arrived. It yawned widely and peered round at his smaller companion who had dropped his kill.
   “What pray tell is


Draw or write about your tokota attempting to take down a prey animal of choice in the Tokotna wilderness - this may be a fierce grizzly bear defending its salmon filled river to a sly fox making its way through the underbrush trying to avoid its hunter; the depiction of the hunt is up to you.

(The prey must be at least 25% visible. You may use any Tokotas prey, regardless of the season, including Tribe Hunting prey. For a full list, see the hunting price list.)

Pack Patron

Your tokota has been assigned to spend a week with one of the legendary and formidable pack elders - Fenrir, Beowulf, Freki, or Asena. Draw or write about your tokota gaining respect and learning from their teachings as a wild tokota surviving in the great outdoors. Does your tokota succeed in learning the ways of their untameable counterparts or come home scared and defeated?

One of the pack representatives must be at least 50% visible in the image or mentioned adequately within the story in order for this to be judged.

Farmer Time

A pack leader's commitment and connection to the land is undeniable. Draw or write about your tokota Plowing the land, pulling carts full of crops or acting as a scarecrow as a representation of their strength and capability, something highly sought after by Pack Leaders in breeding.

Rite of Grace

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Prestige Breeders.


Draw or write about your tokota attempting to catch up to three (minimum: one) tagged tokotas that have gotten loose in the Tokotna wilderness. These tokotas will have tags on their ears for easier identification. The tagged tokotas can be starters, your own, or friends' tokotas.

(The tagged tokota(s) must be at least 25% visible)


Your tokota has been put on babysitting duty! Draw or write about your tokota looking after pups, baby animals or even children and the things they get up to - this prompt is to prove your tokota's excellent temperament which is a highly sought after trait in breeding! Your tokota and its posse of young can be depicted throughout Tokotna getting up to all kinds of mischief (or trying to control the chaos).

(The chosen subject for babysitting must be at least 50% visible)

So Fancy

Its time for your tokota to show off their best moves! Draw or write about your tokota prancing around the arena in a dressage competition, decorative tack and all trying to impress the judges!

(Depictions of decorative tack are not required but may help increase your effort score)

Rite of Legend

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Lore Keepers.

Paying Homage

Honoring the spirits is an important part of life in Tokotna. In a gesture of homage, or perhaps spite, your tokota must travel to the shrine of one of the great spirits and leave an offering of some kind. Physical offerings as well as words are accepted.

Spirit Round-UP

Sikrinerk has arrived to test your tokota's mettle! A small group of common spirits have wandered where they shouldn't, and it's up to your tokota to herd them home!

Must include at least one spirit.

Capture the Flag

The spirits have called a truce for the day! They have asked your tokota to take part in a game of Capture the Flag - who’s team will they be on?

Must feature at least one of seven major spirits, at least 50% visible:Aippaq, Aga, Nagruk, Sikrinerk, Borga, Meelanik, Sivoganik

Rite of Research

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Knowledge Seekers.


Tokotas are known for their strength. This is your chance to test it out! Your Tokota must assess their opponents strengths and weaknesses to pin them to the floor. The first to hold them there for 5 seconds, wins!

Must feature one additional tokota - one of your own, someone else's, a starter, or generic tokota.


Passing on knowledge is an important part of a tokota's life. Your tokota has been assigned an apprentice from their pack and must teach them something new to help them grow.

Must feature one additional tokota - one of your own, someone else's, a starter, or generic tokota.

Cryptic Creatures

There’s been some strange sightings in the mountains and forests of tokotna. Your tokota has been tasked with investigating and hopefully finding out what it is. Could be a chipmunk, could be Bigfoot.

Rite of Wanderlust

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Wilderness Trackers.


Your tokota has been left in the middle of nowhere! Or the middle of somewhere. Using only their knowledge of the stars and the land around them they must make their way to a designated check point.


Sometimes travel does not go according to plan and one must improvise. Your tokota has been tasked with assisting in portaging - helping to carry a kayak or canoe across land and to the next body of water.

A canoe, kayak, or other water vehicle should be featured.

Maze Runner

Something of value to your tokota has been taken and placed at the center of a labyrinth. They have one hour to navigate the maze and find their stolen treasure.

Rite of Prosperity

This test is open to all, but is affiliated with Token Brokers.

Street Racing

Downtown Tyonek has been blocked off for an exciting series of races! Your tokota must navigate and conquer the obstacles of an urban setting. Will they be the first to cross the finish line?


There aren't many herding animals in the city, but that never stopped anyone! Your tokota must manipulate a series of large exercise balls across a field, securing as many as they can in the goal net within the allotted time.

Supply Hauler

A large shipment of supplies and other goods has just come in and your tokota has been called upon for assistance. They have been tasked with tow rafts laden with crates in from the ships just off the coast, a task that requires both strength and care.

Required Tack: should feature a harness or collar.


Does the hunting prompt count as a hunting activity piece?

No, it will not be rolled for prey and counts for the "rite" HP bonus rather than the activity HP bonus.

What tokota can I draw as the tagged tokota?

You can draw whoever you like! It can be your own tokota, a friend's, or one of the starter tokotas.

What can I draw for my tokota to "babysit"?

Anything young and in need of fulltime care, i.e. tokota pup, baby animal or child, up to you! The young you decide to draw can be your own characters/tokotas, a friends or totally made up - its your choice.

My tokotas rites were completed for the previous owner who is a member of a different faction. Can I still submit the rites?

Yes! You can submit a rite that has used a prompt for any of the factions. You will not receive a faction point if an excellent score is earned if the rite does not match your current faction.

My tokotas rites were in progress when I switched factions and now I have the wrong rite completed. Can I still submit the rites?

Yes! You can submit a rite that has used a prompt for any of the factions. If you submit your rites for judging and then switch factions you may not receive a faction point if an excellent score is earned.

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