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Welcome to Random Events! You're probably here because your tokota encountered a Random Event on an activity roll, and you're wondering what that is, right? Well you're in the right spot!

What is a Random Event?

You'll know your tokota encountered a random event when you see "[Tokota] has encountered a Random Event..." at the bottom of an activity roll!

Random Events are RP-style prompts where you're presented a scenario and a set of options to choose from. They can occur on any hunting, fishing, exploration, caving, or diving activity results. Random Events have many possible outcomes - everything from abandoned puppies to injuries, crafted items to extra breedings. There are plenty of fun and exciting things you can discover in Random Events!

How do I Reveal my Event?

In order to reveal a Random Event, you first need to make an RE journal! An RE journal is any place for admins to comment with the reveal and results of your Random Event. Most people make a separate journal for it, but you can also include it on a tokota's tracker, or on an all-over tracker.

Here are some examples of how other people have their RE journals set up:
  • All-in-one activities journal - This person's journal is set up so that Random Events are included on one journal with all of their other activity results.
  • Dedicated Random Event Journal - This person's journal is set up to be just a single journal, all dedicated to Random Events! This format is certainly the most recommended, as it makes all of your RE's easy to find in one spot.
  • On the Tokota Tracker- This person chose to track all of their Random Events separately, by the tokota who brought it in. They've just added a comment on that particular toko's tracker just for Random Events - It's a bit more involved than having a dedicated journal, but it still works!

So as you can see there are many ways to track your Random Events! Just keep in mind that you should choose a format that works for you, and has a place for us to comment with your Event! :heart:

After you have your journal set up, you need to submit your Random Event to be revealed.

The "Reveal a Random Event" comment thread is located on the current Random Events journal, which you can always find by going to the Cycling Journals Hub.

On the correct thread, simply fill out the form completely, and submit your comment. It could take admins a few days to get through to yours, depending on the backlog, so please be patient!

After your Random Event has been revealed, you can select your reply! You're more than welcome to RP your response to the Event, but please make it clear which option you're choosing!
Any options marked with Checkmark by juvialovesgray is the "safe path" option, and your tokota cannot be injured or have any item loss from that particular option. If an Event has no safe-path options, it means that the event is entirely beneficial - none of the options can harm your tokota, and there's only positive results!

Please bear in mind that if you redeem items from an activity comment that also has a Random Event, it will VOID that Random Event. Due to the unpredictable nature of RE's, and how they can potentially affect the items in your roll, you need to wait to use your item results until after the RE has been completed! Admins will mark it "RE Complete" when it's all done, which is after you've made your choice and we've replied to you with results.

You can voluntarily choose to void an RE, though, so if you really don't care for your RE and want to just use the items, note that when you submit your redeem at the TT bank. Something along the lines of "I'm voiding the RE by choice to redeem this!" or anything that notes that you're aware the RE will be voided will work fine!

What Traits/Items/Companions/Totems Apply to my Random Event?

There are several items, traits, companions, and totems that can help alter your results in Random Events! Here they are, all listed out:


Lucky: Increases your chance to encounter Random Events. Should not be listed on your reveal! Lucky only takes effect when the activity is rolled for results, but since it's RE related, it's being listed here. (Hereditary Trait)

Hardy: Prevents injuries in a Random Event. With Hardy, your tokota can still encounter responses with injuries, however your tokota will not actually be injured! Rather than the standard "Your tokota sustained injuries" response, it will instead say "Your tokota escaped without injuries due to its Hardy trait!" (Hereditary Trait)

Blessed: Can only encounter beneficial RE results. Blessed is a trait that can be purchased from the Soul Pool for x1 Elemental Heart. Blessed is non-hereditary, meaning it will not pass down in breedings, and thus it does not count against your tokota's overall trait limit! Blessed tokotas cannot encounter any neutral or negative RE responses.

Aippaq's Luck:Increases your chance to encounter a Random Event, can only encounter beneficial RE results. Aippaq's Luck is a Passage of the Alpha trait, and can only be applied to Alpha tokotas. This trait has the functions of both Lucky and Blessed, rolled into one trait! This is also a non-hereditary trait, and does not count against your tokota's overall trait limit.


Porcupine: Zero chance of injury in Random Events. The Porcupine is a companion version of the Hardy trait!

Sivoganik Sprite: When equipped to a tokota in an activity roll, forces a Random Event to occur if the tokota is completely alone. (No other tokotas, species, handlers, spirits, or companions etc. may be depicted.). Should not be listed on your reveal! The Sivoganik Sprite only takes effect when the activity is rolled for results, but since it's RE related, it's being listed here.


Leg Protectors: Reduces chance of injury in Random Events to 1%. Leg Protectors are an item version of the Hardy trait, but keep in mind that your toko still has a very, very rare chance (only 1%) to encounter injuries.


Porcupine: Ignores injuries in Random Events for all tokotas owned by the totem bearer.

Snake: Negative Results from Random Events are rerolled once.

You MUST list applicable traits/companions/items when you reveal your Random Event, and link the tokota's import in order for them to be valid for that RE. If it's not listed, it won't be noted on your reveal - and if we don't see it on the reveal, it won't be rolled for in your results! So if you want to take advantage of a tokota's trait, item, or companion, make double sure you list it and link that import!

:new: Faction Challenge Random Events

Faction Challenge events are a special, rare random event that can net you +5 points to your faction when completed, along with an item reward! Faction Challenges will require art or literature to complete, and cannot be collabed or commissioned. There are different versions of prompts depending on your faction, so it's important to make sure you note your faction when you submit your event to be revealed! If you haven't chosen a faction, you cannot get Faction Challenge RE's.
Additionally, if you do not want to do any art/literature, you can select the Checkmark by juvialovesgray safe path.


  • Full body, colored (shading optional)
  • Handler required (can NOT use a starter!)
  • Tokota must be 80% visible, handler must be 50% visible
  • Semi-complex background required (should be at the same level as activity/breeding/healing backgrounds)
  • Literature: 1,200 words minimum, tokota and handler must be mentioned throughout and piece should stay focused on the prompt!
  • Collabs/commissions are not allowed for Faction Challenge RE's. All work must be your own.


Injuries are very rare in Random Events. It's about a 5% chance of results in most REs for injury - very low! Injuries can be moderate, mild, or severe, and each level affects your tokota in different ways. Injuries must be healed in order to regain normal benefits, and are tracked right on your tokota's import.

Mild Injuries

Mild injuries are the most common. They're the easiest to cure, and the least restricting:
  • Significant chance of failure in activities
  • AoA's cannot receive an excellent score
  • -10 points from the score of any Continuous Event entry

Moderate Injuries

Moderate injuries are a bit harder to cure, and more restricting:
  • Drastically increased chance of failure in activities
  • Guarantee novice scores on AoA's
  • Cannot complete RoD's or PotA prompts
  • -15 points from the score of any Continuous Event entries

Severe Injuries

Severe injuries are the rarest injuries. They're hard to cure and extremely restricting:
  • Your tokota is barred from any and all activities within the group. This includes:
    • Weekly quests
    • Continuous Events
    • Activities
    • Breeding
    • Group Events


So your tokota got injured in a Random Event - now what? You've got to get those injuries healed, and that's not too hard! Injuries are easier or harder to heal based on the severity of the injuries.

To heal your tokota, you need to draw or write about it recuperating from its injuries! This can be taken in plenty of different ways, and you have a lot of freedom with it. For example, you could show your toko resting, being taken to the vet, or being fixed up. Your tokota needs to be obviously injured, though - we need to be able to tell that it's a healing image!

Healing images/lit can be submitted under the "Heal Your Tokota" comment thread, which is linked on the current Random Events journal. You can find that on the Cycling Journals Hub.

Healing Image/Literature Requirements


  • Up to three tokotas can be depicted in one healing piece.
  • Commissions and collabs for healing images are allowed!
  • Only one type of healing item can be applied to a healing piece. (IE: you can't use both medicated bandages AND pills on the same image - you have to choose one type!)


  • At least 50% of the tokota must be visible.
  • Semi-complex background required.
  • Must be colored, but shading is optional! (Grayscale/monochrome images are allowed, as long as it's very clear which tokota is pictured. If your tokota is not recognizable, you will be asked to correct it.)
  • Must be at least 300x300 pixels.
  • Must be clean, and show some effort. It should be clear which tokota is pictured. If your tokota isn't recognizable, you will be asked to correct it.


  • Literature must be at least 800 words in length.
  • The tokota must me mentioned throughout.
  • The piece needs to stay focused on the prompt throughout. If the piece is mostly not related to the healing prompt, you will be asked to correct it!

Healing Bonus Items

Only one type of healing item can be applied to an image! (ex, only bandages or pills, not both)! Bandages (the first kind listed, not medicated bandages) can stack up to three time; everything else can only have one applied to per healing!

Bandages by TokoTime

+2% to healing chance.
(Can Stack 3 times)

Pills by TokoTime

+10% to healing chance.

Medicated Bandages by TokoTime

Medicated Bandages:
+15% to healing chance.

Round Ointment Tin by TokoTime

Round Ointment Tin:
+25% to healing chance


What if my tokota is injured while being leased?

Random Events are 100% optional, meaning they don't need to be redeemed. If you are concerned about injuries, simply stipulate that leasers may not redeem random events.

My tokota is severely injured and it has breeding permissions out. Will it affect those?

No. Injuries are marked with a date, and any breedings, activities, permissions, etc. posted before that date will not be affected by the injuries!

Do I get additional HP for healing pieces?

Yes! There is a +2HP bonus for healing, just like with activities.

Can I add my own 'flair' to random event options and responses?

Of course! These are supposed to be fun and inspiring. As long as the admin knows which option you choose, go ahead and have fun with it! Just remember it won't change the official outcome.

I got an item/trait/TT in my RE that I want to redeem! Where should I do that?

Redeem your item at the Toko Tokens bank, in the RE redemption thread! Please be aware that the traited values of items do not apply to what is brought back from an RE.

What kinds of outcomes do Random Events have?

Well, we can't spoil everything! There are lots and lots of different outcomes to Random Events. Everything from item loss, item gain, injuries, or even nothing at all! But there's some pretty cool stuff you can get through Random Events, so don't be discouraged!

I want to suggest a Random Event - is there somewhere I can do that?

Definitely! We're always looking for suggestions of new Random Events. In fact, there's a place right on the suggestions box for Random Events! Check it out here: Random Events Suggestions!

How is Hardy (and other injury-preventing items) different from Blessed/Aippaq's Luck?

It's a very simple difference! With Hardy, Porcupine, and Leg Protectors, you can still receive the response where your tokota gets injured. It will just say something along the lines of "But due to your tokota's hardy trait, it escaped without injury!" Versus the Blessed/Aippaq's Luck traits, the tokota literally cannot encounter negative results. So if your response is rolled for results, and it lands on something that's neutral/negative, the response is re-rolled until it's positive.

Have questions? Double check the journal before asking, and if you still do not find your answer, comment below!

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Taheton's avatar

My random event was voided before it even started and I don't know why o.o

BitteRPG's avatar
Your Random Events gets voided if items are redeemed before completing the RE since Random events might affect the value of items.

In the future, wait until your activity roll get "RE completed" comment before redeeming items : )
littleanimesecrets's avatar
It is because you redeemed your items from that roll. If you do so, your RE gets voided. If you'd like to complete your RE, please wait until it says completed underneath and the admins have replied to you, before redeeming any items! 
You can see more about them here; Random Events (Info)
FratARPG's avatar
Hey! the all in one activity journal link seems to be broken!
ArbiterAziza's avatar
I made an RE Journal in my Journals. So how do i get started?    arbiteraziza.deviantart.com/jo…
AaydenSmith's avatar
Random events are found while doing activities - information here: Activities
ArbiterAziza's avatar
Yeah I had gotten one under my recent bear hunt and it says I have a random event. But it doesn’t say what it is. I mean I read on what they are but there was nothing specific for me to do. Lol! I hope I’m making sense.
AaydenSmith's avatar
You'll need to go to the random event section of the Cycling Journal Hub - It is found under the "toko events" heading (direct link - Random Events [CLOSED]). And post in the correct thread (for which activity you found it in, in this case hunting) with the form filled out. However the group is currently closed and it will need to wait to be posted until we reopen for January.  c:
ArbiterAziza's avatar
Okay but it. Thank you very much. :)
TokoEvents's avatar
Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! Have a question about Random Events? Comment here! Paw Bullet (Black) - F2U! 
Phicarus's avatar
Hello! This is prolly a silly one lol but after my RE is completed, I can still submit the items from the regular roll as well as the RE results, correct?
I keep thinking that the RE results replace the regular activity roll results...?
TokoEvents's avatar
You can!

The roll from the RE does not replace the original roll, and the original roll is not affected unless there's a comment on it saying [x items lost due to RE].

TheElvenJedi's avatar
I got a RE result where the values of my items were doubled, wondering how I go about submitting that to the bank when I redeem? 
RE result comment: www.deviantart.com/comments/1/…
TokoEvents's avatar
When you redeem the items for TT, there is a section on the TT calculator labelled "RE Double?" Click on that box and it doubles the TT for you.

TheElvenJedi's avatar
Ahhh awesome, thank you so much! :D
QueenBrunette's avatar
Possibly a silly question but what are the literary requirements for a Random Event? There's lit requirements for Healing and Faction Random Events, but I'm not sure which one to follow for the base Random Event.
TokoEvents's avatar
What do you mean by this? If it's not a healing piece or a faction challenge, there are no lit requirements.

QueenBrunette's avatar
Oh, okay, then that answers my question. Thanks!
Blgodwin's avatar
Is there a document where injuries are recorded? I think one of my tokotas is injured but I don't' see it anywhere but I remember getting a response saying he was given a mild injury role
Scribbles-Archive's avatar
Injuries are listed on the Tokotas import. If it's not listed there, they've either been healed or it was missed. Could you link the RE reply in a note to the group & I can look into it for you :D
Valgornia's avatar
Is there a basic healing chance percentage for us to see or is it based off of the art piece itself?

I only ask because you have a percentage boost for items but I can't seem to find what the chances would be without any items.
TokoEvents's avatar
Healing chances are based upon the severity of the injury, the numbers of which are not known to the public. 

SWRpg's avatar
Healing images say detailed grayscale counts as color -most part of the group do, but some don't specify- Like the Faction challenge, it just say "color". Can Faction Challenge REs also be detailed grayscale?
TokoEvents's avatar
Faction challenge re images can be detailed greyscale.

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