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Items you find on fishing, hunting, exploration, caving and diving trips can be redeemed for TT and used for crafting; find how and how much here.



Exploring, Caving & Diving


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RedPineRanch's avatar
Question. If I want to exchange items in my bank, do I fill out the regular exchange forms (same threads?) but with my bank item link or is there a different way I need to go about this? I pretty much wanna cash out o my whole bank inventory.
Fennarchy's avatar
Items in your bank already can be sold by you. No wait time needed. :) 
You can do this by going to 

Trading post >> sell items
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Hi'a! I've been looking all over for info on where/what all I can do to receive TT, and I'm not sure what journal it's in! x'D I was also looking into what I earn when I draw my tokota, I saw something about AP somewhere but haven't seen it since, all I know so far is my tokota would earn 2 HP per drawing :0
sorry for the inconvenience! >u>
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For HP you'll want to go here Hierarchy System
TT can be earned by doing activities and selling what you get at the TT bank that you can find in the Cycling Journals Hub
Doukz's avatar
okie, thanks!
okapiish's avatar
I can't find the price for a dull flashlight?
Zandromina's avatar
That's because they're on the Trading Post sheet instead ^^
The Trading Post
okapiish's avatar
ahh thank you! do you mind if I ask another question? do you know where I can redeem hunting items?
Zandromina's avatar
Hunting items can be redeemed via the Bank tab, under the Cycling Journal on the front page
okapiish's avatar
it only says where to redeem pelts, but not things such as skulls or anything
Zandromina's avatar
That's where you redeem all hunting items too. I will talk to the bank manager about possibly changing the name to avoid future confusion ^^
okapiish's avatar
I see, thanks so much for your help!
TeachMeToLearn's avatar
you redeem items based on the activity you found them in
okapiish's avatar
I'm sorry this is probably annoying, but I'm just not seeing the place where I redeem hunting items? I see where to redeem fish and pelts on exploration items but not hunting items in general
TeachMeToLearn's avatar
you redeem all hunting items in pelts
NorthAzure's avatar
Im sorry I have an "Inukshuk Talisman" but I don't believe I caught the update on what it does?
tree-kangaroo's avatar
It can be used in place of a breeding image/story for a 3rd breeding each month. More info > 2017 Changes - PLEASE READ
NorthAzure's avatar
Ah okay, thank you! c:
RaqiWolfrica's avatar
I have a question. My Tokota had caught two Arctic Fox pelts (proof:… ), and I'm not sure where to redeem them for TT. Could someone link me to where I cash them in?
Islua's avatar
You can redeem them at the TT bank, under the hunting comment Toko Tokens Bank - August 2016
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TsonianFieldsRanch's avatar
Is it possible to trade my sticks in for logs?

(I'm trying to free up my bank account. XD)
Horsepoint's avatar
Afraid not, logs can be broken down into sticks but not the other way around!
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