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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!
Please check the Activities Rules Guide on Tokotna for current information!

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Please note:

Tribe fishing will only be unlocked once your tribe has earned Outdoor Enthusiast I.
Tribe hunting will only be unlocked once your tribe has earned Outdoor Enthusiast II.
Tribe exploration will only be unlocked once your tribe has earned Outdoor Enthusiast III.

Tribemates have the option of doing activities together and including each other's tokotas for extra benefits and different prey types. All of the earnings from your tribe activities will go to you but you are more than welcome to donate a portion of it to your tribe if desired.

If you are collaborating with a tribemate you may include up to 5 tokotas to be rolled for in your activity pieces instead of the standard three.

How do you do Tribe Activities?

Collaborate a standard activity image, or standard activity literature (see the activities journal for requirements) with your tribemate(s), featuring at least one of your respective tokotas. Alternatively, create an image including at least two of your tribemates' tokotas following the activity requirements linked above. The tribemate's tokotas do not have to be rolled for but they must be included somewhere in the piece. Your image (or writing) must only include tokotas in your tribe; you may not add a friend's tokota into the image if they are not in the same tribe. The tokotas may be owned by the same player, so long as they are in your tribe and have unlocked the relevant tribe activity.

Additional hunting prey

Large Prey
  • Musk Ox
  • Walrus
  • Boar

Small Prey
  • Badger
  • Beaver
  • Wolverine

Additional fish

  • Flounder
  • Greenland Shark
  • Salmon Shark
  • Harbor Porpoise

Additional exploring items

  • Elk Skull
  • Petrified Wood
  • Mammoth Tusk
  • Arrow Head
  • Tribe Specific Companions*
    *Note the group with your tribe companion and a suggested bonus for it. We can make the art for it if you are unable. See the FAQ below for more information on Tribe Companions.

Do not submit to the regular activity folder. Instead, submit it to appropriate tribe activity folder.

If you submit it to the regular activity  folder, it will be rolled as a regular activity image.

Make sure you fill the following information in the artist's comments:

Nicknames :
Prey :
Actvity journal:
Leasing  Perm: :
Relevant Bonuses:
Tribe benefits:
Item application:


Can my tribe have a collective activity journal?

Yes! But all members must be aware that all prizes will belong to the tribe. Tribes may redeem prizes for TT.

What is a Tribe Companion and how do we make it and its bonus?

Tribe companions are companions specifically found via tribe exploration and can only be applied to tokotas within that tribe. The companion can be anything that fits the "spirit/theme" of the group and art of the companion can be made by the group if requested. The companion's bonus can be chosen from a list of benefits on this journal.

What if I decide to sell my tokota with a Tribe Companion applied?

You are free to sell your tokota with a tribe companion applied however, the tribe companion bonus only applies to tribe members. This means that anyone not in your tribe who has your tribe's companion cannot use its benefits. If a member outside of your tribe tries to use the companion's benefits, the companion will be removed from the tokota.

Where do I redeem my tribe activity results?

All tribe activity admin comment results must be redeemed at the Tokota Tokens Bank in the proper thread.

What happens if I get a companion or crafting item in my tribe activity?

The companion may be deposited into your own bank and crafting items may be tracked on your crafting journal.

Do I have to give 50% of my rewards from a tribe activity to my tribe?

Not anymore! As of 12/10/2016 it is optional to donate a portion of what you find to your tribe but it is no longer required. If you would like to donate items or TT to your tribe please do so on the Tribe Bank Journal on the transfer threads.

When is the only time an activity may be rolled with five tokotas?

Only collaborated tribe activities may include five tokotas to be rolled. All other non-dominant activity images are limited to three participating tokotas. This does not include Popular.

What counts as a collab?

For a collab two or more artists must work on a piece together, this piece must be one consistent type. We do not allow lit and images to be collabed together at this time. You may either roleplay/collab a lit or have all parties participate in an image piece. We do allow collabs results to all go to the same individual.

Can tribe-owned tokotas be used as a tribemate tokota to do Tribe Activities or for using bonuses that require a tribemate's tokota?

Commissioned works are not allowed for leased tokotas. Only collaborated and non-commissioned art will be accepted and rolled for leased tokotas.

No, they cannot.

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