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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!
Please check the Breeding Guide on Tokotna for current information!

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Color Genetics

Tokotas have their own unique system of genetics, along with birth rights (in-born heirarchy status) and several types of unique fur styles. There are four primary base coats. Tundra (common), Tawny (Uncommon) Brown (rare) and Black (extremely rare). As tones and hues get darker, they become more rare and less commonly seen.


(TT/Tt) ranges from very light, creamy off-white, to light flaxen color depending on parentage.


(Aa/Tt - AA/Tt - Aa/TT) can range from burnt cream, to a milk chocolate tan depending on parentage.


(AA/Aa) ranges from tanned brown to very dark mahogany, and can be saturated to a point depending on parentage.


(EE/Ee) remains within a few certain tones, and is not saturated. Black is an extremely rare occurrence, due to visibility against the tokota's native tundra environment.

When a homozygous Tundra and homozygous Brown (aa/TT and AA/tt) are bred, it will always result in a Tawny (Aa/Tt).

Genes and Passing Rates

All odds are out of 100. E/C/U/R/V are just example genes and aren't any specific gene.

Extremely Common MarkingsMarkedCollaredAccents

nE x nn = 75% pass nE
nE x nE = 50% pass nE, 50% EE
EE x nE = 25% pass nE, 75% EE
EE x nn = 85% pass nE
EE x EE = 100% pass EE
(Make-Up Remover reduces all Marked gene odds by 10%)
(Collar Concealer decreases the odds of the Collared gene passing to pups)
(Fur Foundation decreases the odds of the Accents gene passing to pups)
(Borga's Blessing reduces all Extremely Common and Common marking pass rates by 10%)

Common MarkingsGreyingCreamPangareBlanketSaddleSableSealRainmarksBearmarksFlecking

nC x nn = 50% pass nC
nC x nC = 75% pass nC, 25% CC
CC x nC = 50% pass nC, 50% CC
CC x nn = 75% pass nC
CC x CC = 100% pass CC
(Saturation Shake reduces all Greying gene odds by 10%)
(Borga's Blessing reduces all Extremely Common and Common marking pass rates by 10%)

Uncommon MarkingsDunPiebaldMerleDappleStarmarksPoints, Thylacine

nU x nn = 25% pass nU
nU x nU = 50% pass nU, 15% UU, 35% No pass
UU x nU = 75% pass nU, 25% UU
UU x nn = 50% pass nU
UU x UU = 75% pass UU, 25% nU

Rare MarkingsWolverineVitiligoBarringLacing

nR x nn = 15% pass nR
nR x nR = 25% pass nR, 10% RR, 65% no pass
RR x nR = 35% pass nR, 20% RR, 45% no pass
RR x nn = 25% pass nR
RR x RR = 50% pass nR, 35% RR, 15% no pass

Very Rare MarkingsRoanShadowmarksLilac, Rose

nV x nn = 10% pass nV
nV x nV = 15% pass nV, 5% VV, 80% no pass
VV x nV = 25% pass nV, 15% VV, 60% no pass
VV x nn = 20% pass nV
VV x VV = 50% pass nV, 25% VV, 25% no pass

Extension and Restriction Markings; Extended DunExtended Marked, Creeping Points, Restricted PiebaldRestricted Gray, Restricted Lilac, Restricted Seal.

Everything passes at 25%
Restricted Markings can only pass on nX and no XX (Example: nPb+R)
Extended Marking can pass on both nX and XX (example: DD+D or nD+D)
Van Gogh must have piebald present, and will pass at the same rate as uncommon markings.

Aippaq's Fortune trait increases the passing rate of heterozygous (nX) genes by 10%. After the Tokota reaches dominant hierarchy status, the trait also increases the passing rates of rare manes by 10%.

Mutations and Anomalies


Non-hereditary, can randomly appear on any genotype.


Non-hereditary, rare. Can only appear on Tawny base coats.


Non-hereditary, very rare. In a breeding, one side of the chimeric parent's geno gets picked randomly for each geno in the litter.


Hereditary, at least one parent must have in order to pass.


Hereditary, at least one parent must have in order to pass.

Reversal Mutation

Hereditary, at least one parent must have in order to pass. Very rare.

Cross Mutation

Both hereditary and non-hereditary, can only appear when the base coat is black. There are three types:
Bronze Cross: black x brown, bronze cross x black, bronze cross x cross
Silver Cross: black x tundra, silver cross x black, silver cross x cross
Gold Cross: gold cross x black, gold cross x cross, bronze cross x silver cross

Marbled Mutation

Both hereditary and non-hereditary. Can appear randomly between black x tawny breedings on tawny puppies.

Harlequin Mutation

Hereditary, at least one parent must have in order to pass. Can only appear when merle is present.

Mauja's Draw trait gives a Tokota's pups an increased chance of inheriting a random mutation. (Chimerism, Albinism, Bloodmark, or any Hereditary mutations present in the breeding.)

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