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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!
Please check the Breeding Rules on Tokotna for current information!

For information on slot & litter sizes, visit the Breeding Your Tokota guide.
For information on how genes pass in the game, check out the Breeding & Genotypes Guide.
For information on manes and their best pairings, see Manes Guide

User Breeding Request Limits

This is what your breeding limits look like on the monthly member tracker. Lachtaube has already posted two breedings this month!

  • You may request a maximum of two standard breedings per month, which may be specified fully to you, OR split with another member. 

  • Breedings that you post and split with other members will still consume your personal breeding slots. 
  • You may unlock a third breeding request by providing an Inukshuk Talisman, or producing a breeding image/story of both tokotas involved in the breeding. You can find breeding image/story rules in the section below.
  • If you breed a tokota with the Passionate trait, it will unlock a fourth possible breeding request for you. Passionate II unlocks a fifth breeding request!
  • You may claim partial ownership in breedings not posted by you, only 2 in which you receive PoTL (Pick of the Litter). However, you cannot claim PoTL in a litter not posted by you if:
    • You own both Tokotas being bred
    • You own the permissions to both Tokotas being bred
    • You own one of the tokotas and own the other's breeding permission
    ** This is considered an attempt to have another user post a breeding for you which is against the rules:
  • You may not attempt to circumvent breeding request limits by having friend or another account post a breeding for you. If you are caught trying to circumvent the breeding limits, you will face suspension and a possible ban from breeding.
  • Additionally you may claim partial ownership in breedings not posted by you, but only 5 in which you do not receive PoTL (Pick of the Litter). 
  • You may post up to 3 breedings that involve Starter Tokotas per month. You cannot involve Starter Tokotas in other types of breedings (standard, image/talisman, passionates).

Breeding Supplements

You have a few options for adding breeding supplements to your breeding request. Here's a little guide on how to apply them properly to avoid getting your breeding sent to corrections! Be aware that insufficient funds in your bank will send you to corrections.

  • Option 1: Purchase the breeding supplements directly on the comment. Please list out which supplements you wish to add, link any discounted price proofs such as a Tribe tracker or Trading post coupon, and add the total cost to the corresponding field.
  • Option 2: Another member may provide supplements for the breeding; please have them comment the supplement purchase themselves.
  • Option 3: If you already have the correct breeding supplements in your bank account, just let the roller know to remove them from your bank.

Breeding Image/Literature Requirements

You may unlock a third breeding request slot each month by posting a breeding image or literature of both tokotas involved in the breeding.
Wh - What are you doing? by KJfromColors Field of Valentine Atlanta trotted through a small field of flowers, her mind was lost in thought. She walked through the Field of Valentine. It was said to look like a heart from a birds eye view. She didn’t have proof of that so she had to simply assume that it was the truth.
She paused as she nearly stumbled over another Toki. “Oh, hello.” She said softly. The other toki lifted his head quickly and looked at her, his eyes seemed to hold a dull and sad expression. “Who are you?” She asked.
He seemed to be taken aback. “Babadook. That’s my name.” He said and a small smiled spread across Atlanta’s face.
“My name is Atlanta.” She said. “Take me for a walk Babadook.” She said flirtatiously. The barb toki blushed and stood up. He walked next to the lilac female and the two walked side by side through the lush flower garden.
Babadook seemed to know his way around the garden and took Atlanta to places of the garden that she had neve
Ugh... Yuck by sealle

  • Images must show at least 50% of the bodies of both tokotas involved in the breeding.
  • Images must have at least a simple background (e.g. basic horizon, sky, trees, etc) and be colored.
  • Images must be at least 300x300 pixels in size. This applies to all shapes, along with extraneous transparent and white space.
  • Stories must be at least 600 words. Both tokotas must be mentioned throughout (any nicknames must be stated in the description of the piece).
  • The content can be of anything you want -- the tokotas hanging out, playing, curled up by the fire and so on -- but they must be PG and not require a mature filter (cuddling is ok but no active mating.)
  • Handlers/starters are not required.
  • Submissions must be uploaded to your deviantArt gallery, not sta.sh
  • You may commission breeding images/stories.
  • These count as activity images/lit for the sake of HP, but cannot be submitted to TokoCenter to be rolled for activities or be re-used for anything else.
  • If the breeding image/story needs edits, the breeding will be sent to corrections and you will be required to resubmit it.
  • A unique image/literature piece is required each time you breed the same pair for your third breeding slot -- each image/lit entry can only be used once. Admins will comment on the submission when it is used.
  • Starter and Passionate breedings are exempt from this rule!
    • Breedings with starters involved are limited to 3 per month. You cannot unlock more starter breedings through the application of a breeding image/literature piece or the woodpecker totem. 
  • You may use an Inukshuk Talisman in place of a breeding image/story. Link to an admin comment for the Talisman within the breeding form, or identify if it's in your bank. If you have the Woodpecker Totem on your Totem Pole you may use it instead of a Talisman/Image.

Attempted Overbreeding/Overselling Slots

  • Tokotas cannot breed past their available slot limits.
  • Owners who are found overselling breeding slots may face serious consequences.
  • If current slot holders can adequately be reimbursed for their purchase past the tokota's current lifetime limit, the owner will receive a formal warning.
  • If current slot holders cannot adequately be reimbursed for their purchase past the tokota's current lifetime limit, the owner will receive a formal warning and the tokota in question will be sterilized. It can never again earn more slots, but slot holders will be permitted to use their last slots.
  • When purchasing a tokota, be aware of how many slots are used and how many slot permissions are written for that tokota so that you do not accidentally oversell/overpromise breeding slots.
  • Exceptions may arise (e.g. a previous owner oversold slots and the current owner is attempting to earn more slots, etc.) which will be dealt with on a case by case basis. If you have a concern regarding your tokota's current slot count (listed on the Lifetime Breeding Tracker by tokota ID number,) please note the group.

What to Post vs. What Not to Post

By listing on the essentials, your breeding will be rolled swiftly. If you include extraneous unnecessary information, you risk your breeding being sent to corrections. Below is a list of what you should include in your breeding, and an accompanying list of reasons why your breeding may be declined, and why you may be asked to repost to corrections.

Sire: (Link to Tokotna import) / Dam: (Link to Tokotna import)

  • List the sire and dam by linking to their Tokotna import pages
    • Make sure the sire is male, and the dam is female!
    • If the tokota is Alpha but uses a dominant background, list "Alpha" next to its name/import image in your request.
    • Use the breeding form generated by Tokotna if possible.

Owner approval: (remove or leave blank if you are the owner)

  • Link to the sire and dam's breeding permissions, written by the owner (if any,) or leave blank if you own the tokota.
    • Breeding permissions written by anyone but the current or a former owner of the tokota will be declined (e.g. a permission for another member to split a full slot you received from another user is unnecessary. Link directly to the original breeding permission only.)
    • Breeding permissions that do not include a link to the tokota's import or user's profile will be declined.
    • Breeding permissions written after a tokota has used all of their currently available slots will result in a declined breeding and the owner will be contacted.
  • Tokotas requested to be transferred to a new owner do not legally belong to the new owner until an admin has confirmed the transfer. (Use the transfer system on Tokotna unless the member you are transferring to/from does not have an account.)
    • Breeding permissions written by a new owner for a Tokota that is requested to be transferred but not confirmed by an admin will be voided and the new owner will receive a warning.
    • Breeding requests placed by a new owner of a Tokota that is requested to be transferred but not confirmed by an admin will be declined and the new owner will receive a warning.

Sire's Hereditary Traits and Mutations/Breeding Companions: / Dam's Hereditary Traits and Mutations/Breeding Companions:

  • Include hereditary mutations on the form. (Cross, Melanism, Leucism, Reversal, Marbled, Harlequin) If you forget to list them they will still be rolled for; listing them helps ensure that the breeding roller sees them.
  • You may only list these breeding companions: Pygmy Goat, Pug, Tapetoe, Aquatapetoe, Lovebird, Swan, Snowshoe Hare, Spirit Dove. (**Note, Lovebirds and Goats have similar benefits and do not stack.)
  • Do not include any of the following Earned Traits:
    • RoM - earned Traits: Courage, Fellowship, Dignity
    • Alpha - earned Traits: Aippaq's Boon, Aippaq's Bonds, Aippaq's Navigation, Aippaq's Luck.
    • Elemental - earned Traits: Sticky Feet, Blessed, Elemental Sight
  • Do not include anything else that isn't a physical trait, hereditary non-physical trait, hereditary mutation or a breeding companion
    • Do not list non-hereditary mutations (Albinism, Chimerism, Bloodmark.)
    • Do not list mane types (Curly, Yeti, etc.)
    • Do not list Dire Percentages or 'Dwarfism'
    • Do not list hierarchy if it is not Alpha
    • etc.
  • Do not include any trait or companion descriptions in your breeding request. You will be sent to corrections for including them as they clutter the form and make it difficult to read, lengthening the process.
  • Including irrelevant traits/companions/information will result in your breeding being sent to corrections.

Litter specifications: (If splitting, who receives first pick?)

  • Who receives PoTL must be decided when you post.
  • You cannot list "conditionals" (e.g. "If a toki, I receive first pick; if not a toki, they receive first pick.")
  • If you are claiming full ownership of the litter, say "Full to me".
  • Members we see consistently taking the best pups from split litters, even when they do not receive PoTL, may be subject to investigation.
  • You may not receive PoTL if you are not posting the breeding request while you A. own both Tokotas being bred, B. own the permissions to both Tokotas being bred, or C. own both one of the tokotas and own the other's breeding permission. This is considered an attempt to have another user post a breeding for you which is against the rules.

Faction (PL, PB, LK, KS, WT, TB or Neutral?):

  • To join a faction go to your profile and click 'manage profile' on Tokotna.com!
  • If you are changing your faction, having joined one already, check under 'manage profile' to see if you have a faction switch left!
  • Remember you may only change your faction four times a year. Your faction switch count resets on the 1st of January each year.

Is inbreeding present?: Yes/No

  • Quickly check if inbreeding is present using the Tokotas Lineage Checker.
  • If inbreeding is present, be aware of penalties and health risks which may result from inbreeding. These include:
    - Blind: Tokotas that are blind will receive a -5% to success in any Fishing activity. These tokotas also cannot particpate in Working events.
    - Deaf: Tokotas that are deaf will receive a -5% to success in any Hunting activity. These tokotas also cannot particpate in Teamwork events.
    - Frail: Tokotas that are frail will receive a -5% to success in any Diving activity. These tokotas also cannot particpate in Playing events.
    - Lame: Tokotas that are lame deafness will receive a -5% to success in any Caving activity. These tokotas also cannot particpate in Racing events.
    - Spinal Defects: Tokotas that have spinal defects will receive -5% to success in any Exploration activity. These tokotas also cannot particpate in Performing events.
    - Infertility
    - Deceased Pups

  • Slot permissions stating "no inbreeding allowed" can void a breeding request in which inbreeding is attempted.
  • If you incorrectly answer if inbreeding is present (or miss it), your breeding will be sent to corrections.

Roll if injuries present? Yes/No

  • If a tokota has a Sore injury listed on their import the breeding result may be affected depending on the severity.
    - Mild: 10% Empty Litter Chance
    - Moderate: 20% Empty Litter Chance
    - Severe: 30% Empty Litter Chance

  • You can choose 'Yes' to still have a breeding rolled with the chance of an injury affecting the roll or you can choose 'No' to not have a breeding rolled with an injured tokota. If a tokota is injured and you selected 'No' the breeding will be sent to corrections. For more information on injuries see the Injuries and Healing journal.

Are you using a Passionate I/II Trait? Yes (I or II?)/No

  • You may utilize the Passionate I and Passionate II traits to unlock one extra breeding each per month.
  • If a tokota you are beeding has either Passionate I or Passionate II, you may utilize the trait's benefit regardless of the owner's permission (they cannot dictate how you use your breeding slots.)
  • Breedings that fail to indicate use of Passionate Trait for members that have already used their two standard available breedings that month will be sent to corrections.

Supplementary items: (Remove or leave blank if none purchased)
-   Proof of Discount: (Link to your Tribe’s TP Tracker or another sale if applicable)
-   Supplementary items TT Total:

  • Make sure you purchase the correct breeding supplement for your breeding (Close Care vs. Fertility Supplements vs. Fertility Root).
  • If using an Elemental Heart to create a Stylist Token, please specify on the form what the Stylist Token will be used for (which mane, which gene, which trait, etc.)
  • If using the Tribe Discount, make sure your username is listed correctly on your tribe's memberlist on Tokotna. Make sure you have access to the Merchant achievement within your tribe's ranks if the tribe has limited who can make use of the achievement.
  • If purchasing breeding supplements, you may stack a Tribe Discount and Trading Post Coupon; use a calculator if you need to. It is recommended to purchase supplements from the Trading Post on Tokotna.com beforehand.

Tribe Rare Mane Bonus: (Link to your Tribe's TP Tracker if applicable)

  • Make sure your Tribe has the Rare Mane Bonus unlocked. Admin will double-check as well.
  • If using the tribe bonus, make sure your username is listed correctly on your tribe's memberlist on Tokotna and that you qualify for the Breeder achievement.

Link to Breeding Image/Lit/Inukshuk Talisman (if any):

  • Click here to see the full list of breeding image/lit requirements (listed above)

Extraneous Comments

There is a maximum comment count on deviantArt journals. Breeding threads fill up over a period of months, even years, to the point of reaching this limit and breaking. It is important to keep comment counts to an absolute minimum. Members can help by respecting the following rules:

Apart from the original breeding comment, the only additional comments regular members should make is ownership transfer of genos. We understand that sometimes you make mistakes or change your minds after the original breeding comment is no longer editable! Therefore we recognize the following exceptions.

If and only if the original breeding comment is no longer editable (24 hours have passed since first posted), you are allotted one grace comment per breeding for one or a combination of the following circumstances:
  • You (the poster) or another member may add breeding supplements, including crafting items and stylist tokens.
  • You (the poster) may remove any unwanted breeding supplements currently listed, including crafting items and stylist tokens.
  • You (the poster) may swap out one of the Tokotas in the breeding.
  • You (the poster) or another member may add a hereditary trait or breeding companion that was added to the Tokota(s).

You may add a comment only once. If you need to edit your breeding with more than one comment, hide the original comment and all subsequent replies and repost to the main thread. No one wants that, so post carefully!


  • Do not reply to the roller if you have a question or concern about your breeding result, including declined comments; instead, note the group.
  • Do not add an additional comment to tag a tokota's owner if you forget to in your original comment; instead, note them a link to the breeding.
  • Do not have conversations on the breeding thread. Do not comment on other members' litters.
  • Do not tag other members just to show them the results of the breeding; instead, note them a link to the breeding.
  • Do not comment that your tokota has been updated to Dominant/*Alpha. Rollers already check for their hierarchy on their import while rolling the breeding.
    * With the sole exception of a tokota that has updated to Alpha but still uses the Dominant background.
  • Do not comment to confirm split breedings/permission to use a slot.
  • Do not comment "x to me" if you already have full ownership of the litter.
  • Do not log genos for your own personal use (e.g. "sent to shrine", "uploaded"). Only admin may make such comments. If you must keep track, do so in a private stash or document.
  • Members who continue to add extraneous comments may be subject to a warning or possible ban from breeding.

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Blvd-of-BrokenDreams's avatar

I havent been on in a while and I havent adapted to the new changes with eclipse so I was wondering how to post links to the profiles that actually work because I cant seem to get them to work at all.

Fennarchy's avatar


HTML coding no longer works with the eclipse update so when making links from tokotna, you will need to choose the address bar or the hyperlinked text.

Such as the ones highlighted here.

Screenshot 20210515-123848 Chrome
Screenshot 20210515-123536 Chrome
Blvd-of-BrokenDreams's avatar

awesome thank you so much!

Kilala20000's avatar

Is there a way to track down who used slots to my tokotas if I had gotten them from someone else? I looked up their slots to see how much they had/used. But I do not know who used the slots and the previous owner doesn't keep track of them.

Fennarchy's avatar

The "lifetime breeding tracker" is linked on tokotas group page : https://www.deviantart.com/tokotas, It is also linked at the top of the monthly breeding journal.

You can see there the slots that have been used for breeding thus far. However it does not tell you how many "breeding permissions" are written out to users for them to use at a later date. That is not tracked by the group and is up the owners. Unfortunately to only way to track those permissions down is to look through all the old journals manually.

Dragoness422's avatar

I have a PotL/split slot to a tokota, but the owner has since deactivated their account. What happens to the pups that were meant to go to them?

Furreon's avatar

If it's a PotL to you slot then your only option is to post the breeding and you can pick the pup you want as your PotL. The rest of the pups sadly will stay in limbo forever unless the person comes back with a new account to split up the rest of the litter :/

StanHoneyThief's avatar
Hi, I have got a new question :P

I got a silver starter slot and wanted to know if those count as one of the "Other (REs etc) 0/? or if they are used in the normal breeding slots we have?

I am asking this because I recently saw a member who used all their 5 possible member slots and then some days later they have posted more breeding requests in the same month thread but with one toko being a starter and the bank link to their starter slot.
That looks to me that we have even more possible breeding request options with them besides the 2 normal, breeding image and passionate options.

I am asking this because I have used all 5 breeding slots for this month and theoretically can´t post anymore. But I have a silver starter slot in my bank and wonder if I can post another breeding when I am using this starter slot to one of my own tokos.
Scribbles-Archive's avatar
Starter slots don't currently count towards member breeding limits
(so you could do 5, plus starter breedings)
StanHoneyThief's avatar
Okay that´s really cool :)
Thank you for the fast reply!
Papellia's avatar
I just got a geno where it reads
average - spinal defects

but both parents have no heritage. I am assuming it's not because of inbreeding and it's a random thing that can just pop up?
2006fuzz's avatar
If this was a geno from the "Dr. Gaskin" event, they were randomly assigned defects. Otherwise, genos are only rolled for defects due to either inbreeding or for puppies that have double merle.
RedPineRanch's avatar
If i am correcting a breeding requesting, does that still count for last month's quota or does it follow for the new months limits
PeepinBones's avatar
A breeding request gets counted once you post it, so corrections you get after would not add to any limit since it was already counted :>
RedPineRanch's avatar
Oh okay, gotcha. Thanks for clearing that up for me.
shinushinu's avatar
does it mean my tokota cannot breed at all no matter what when it says
"no - not breedable"?
Furreon's avatar
The "No" means the tokota doesn't have AoAs (the rites of fertility which must be completed in order to breed). And the "Not Breedable" either means the tokota just doesn't have it's AoAs, or that it's submissive or infertile/sterile. Submissive tokotas cannot breed, a tokota must be at least average to be able to breed (it must also have AoAs). The "No - Not Breedable" status will change to "Yes" once your tokota has it's AoAs and has reached average~
shinushinu's avatar
awesome! thank you so much ^^
i hope it's just because she hasn't gotten her AoA's yet and because she's submissive currently!
Furreon's avatar
That's very likely the reason~
RedPineRanch's avatar
If a Breeding request gets declined, instead of correcting it, can I start fresh with a new request without using either sire or dam I previously used....Or will that effect my total slots?
Furreon's avatar
You can start fresh and just post a whole different breeding onto the main thread instead of posting to corrections with the declined breedo~
StanHoneyThief's avatar
Hi, maybe someone can help because I am still unsure how many litters/breedings I can partake in (including splits) per month.

The list at the top is understandable for me, but I don´t understand how many splits can get get on top of the upper limit?
From how I understand this, I have the following:

2x standart slots
+1x slot (breeding image/talisman)
+1x slot with passionateI
+1x slot with passionateII
+2x split slot (posted by other member if PotL to me)
+5x split slot (posted by other member if PotL to them)
The rules how splits work are clear to me, like I can only own one tokos in the breeding or own one of the permissions to a tokota, that´s pretty much clear to me.
Just the amount of the split slots posted by other members confuse me a bit.
Ezilyn's avatar
In total you, yourself, can post up to 5 breedings! If you're posting a breeding that is a split (you post it, they get pups, potl or not) it counts toward your monthly posts.
When another users posts, and you're getting pups out of it (potl or not) it counts toward their monthly posts, and your split slots.

User 1 is posting, this takes up one of their 5 posts per month.
User 2 gets Pick of the Litter from User 1's post. This counts toward User 2's PotL split slots. This does not count toward User 1's split slots!

Hopefully this helps a bit more!
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