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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!
Please check the Activities Rules Guide on Tokotna for current information!

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Hunting, Fishing, and Exploration are activities through which you can earn pelts, fish, and items through artwork and literature. These rewards can be redeemed for Toko Tokens, used for crafting, or exchanged for a number of other items. Any Tokota can participate in activities regardless of hierarchy status, award status, etc. Please check the group's front page for the current hunting season.

Updated as of June 10th, 2017
Tokota - Abyss - Deer Hunt by Leygo Oogruq fishing by OMSisRPing

How to Participate in Activities


Create a journal. You can put this in sta.sh writer or have it public and it can be separated per Tokota, activity, or have them all combined in one big journal or stash document. This will be a "bank" of all your caught prey items. You do not have to provide any extra links here, however if you do want results directly linked you must have the areas doing so available at the top of tracker.

TokoTime or an admin of Tokotas will comment with the prey or items you get if you are successful. This is your only official proof. If you delete the journal, all of your earned prey and items will no longer be valid. Comments from anyone other than TokoTime or an admin of Tokotas are not valid.

Create Your Entry

Fishing is available year round. You must draw a full body image, or write a story of your Tokota fishing for any of these fish.
You may only have three tokotas rolled for and counted for the bonus in HP for this activity.

Exploration is also open throughout the season. To participate you must draw a full body image or write a story of your Tokota exploring, investigating, or traversing different types of situations and terrain. Your entry will be rolled randomly for one or more of the following: TT, prey, rare items, enhancing items, crafting items, companion animals, and more!
You may only have three tokotas rolled for and counted for the bonus in HP for this activity.

For hunting, draw a full body image or write a story of your Tokota hunting one of the prey animals below. The animals available are divided into seasons and sizes based on the table below. Please list your prey in the description of the piece for clarity.
You may only have three tokotas rolled for and counted for the bonus in HP for this activity.
If you have hit your daily submission limit, you may not ask other people to submit your activities to the folder unless their own tokotas are included in the piece(s). You may not use side accounts, either.

Prey and their Seasons


March, April, May

Small Animals
  • Rabbits
  • Fox
  • Birds

Large Animals
  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Mountain Goats


June, July, August

Small Animals
  • Lynx
  • Coyote
  • Birds

Large Animals
  • Bear
  • Caribou
  • Seal


September, October, November

Small Animals
  • Rabbits
  • Fox
  • Birds

Large Animals
  • Bear
  • Deer
  • Mountain Goats


December, January, February

Small Animals
  • Lynx
  • Coyote
  • Birds

Large Animals
  • Bear
  • Caribou
  • Seal

  • Please do not argue with the rollers, if we make a mistake in rolling feel free to note the Tokocenter but the rules and their applications stand as listed. If you have an issue with one of these rules feel free to make a polite suggestion or note the group.

    Rules and Information


    • The maximum number of tokotas you can participate with in one activity entry is three. You may include other tokotas in the activity entry if you wish, but only up to three may be judged.
    • Tokotas must be uploaded in order to participate in activities.
    • You may not add tokotas to an already rolled entry and have it rolled for an activity again.
    • You may not use rites, quests, etc as activity entries, even for non-participating tokotas.
    • A handler is not required but including one will grant the usual HP bonus.
    • If comments are disabled we will not roll your artwork, and kick it from the group. This is regardless if the piece is correct as we allow forms to be posted in comments and any corrections can not be made if comments are disabled.
    • Entries are rolled 100% randomly, but enhancing items can be used to affect the odds.
    • You may depict your tokota approaching, stalking, or bringing down the animal when hunting and fishing. You are not required to include violence or blood, but if you choose to, you must tag the image with the appropriate dA maturity filters.
    • You may take artistic liberties, including background, location, style, etc. However, tokotas must still appear as tokotas, you may not draw them as any real, fictional, or partial creatures of any other kind.
    • You must list all bonuses, eg items, companions, traits, and dominant or alpha status for them to be rolled. They will not be rolled for if you do not list them.
    • In regards to hunting you must list what prey type is being hunted either in the form or in the title of the piece. If it is not listed you will be asked to correct it.
    • It is your responsibility as the member to make clear to the admin if you have a specific comment in your tracker you want an activity result posted on - this means featuring the comment and linking to it in your tracker. It is not the admins' responsibility to search through your journal looking for a particular comment.
    • You must clearly separate Tokotas and other ARPG/species forms with breakers, gaps, bolded text, group icons, etc.
    • You must use individual art assets for your tokotas, prey, background, and any other artistic elements. This also applies to text, as you may not plagiarize your own, other players, books, or other written works. You may use stock, however you must credit the stock used.
    • You must fill out the following information as applicable in the artist's comments:

      Activity journal:
      Leasing Perm:
      Relevant Bonuses:
      Tribe benefits:
      Item application:


    • The image should not be much lower quality than your usual gallery standard. We judge against your gallery. This may include stick figure appendages, or other lower quality details to tokotas then your gallery typically depicts.
    • At least 75% of the tokota must be visible in order to be valid and the prey animal or fish must be at least 25% visible to be valid.
    • At least 50% of the drawn tokota and/or prey must be on the background, not in transparent or white space.
    • If you are using an overhead view the legs must be at least somewhat visible, while angle is taken into consideration a straight up or down shot will not be acceptable.
    • If the face is visible you must have main facial features present (eyes OR nose). We may ask you to further define facial features for the distinction of a tokota's features. If tokotas are similar in appearance we may ask for any handpaints or some difference be displayed.
    • You may not use silhouettes, stamps, or stick figures for your activities.
    • A semi-complex background is required (it doesn't have to be extremely fancy, but more than just ground shapes/blobs/gradients). You may not have large blank spaces where there is no color/shading/difference in tone. This generally means you must have 3-4 elements for your background.
    • If using stamps/brushes you must also include at least one or more hand drawn element.
    • Images must be at least 300x300 pixels in size. This applies to all shapes, along with extraneous transparent and white space.
    • Images must be relatively clean and it must be obvious which tokotas are pictured. If you have submitted a roll where another image is overlapping or on top of the image you will be asked to separate them. If 50% or more of another roll is shown in your image we will ask you if you are either fine with getting one image rolled, or ask you to split the images up so as not to cause confusion.
    • You must be able to tell activities apart from one another via the thumbnail.
    • Each tokota should look like an individual within the piece, not just a copy of another tokota. This applies within a single art piece and also to the rest of your gallery.
    • You may not use premade 3D models, presets or bases to create your activity piece.
    • Image activities will be treated as a single canvas; comic pages will be rolled as one activity. Please submit each image separately if you intend for them to be individual activities.
    • Black and white images, as well as color-palette-themed images are permitted; however, they must be sufficiently detailed and the tokota's individual markings must be discernible without difficulty. Comic-style B&W images are also allowed if they use enough variation in values to illustrate each marking.
    • Any black and white images that depict tokotas must have those tokotas coats and markings tonally depicted. This also applies to backgrounds, as they should also be tonally depicted, more than just lines.
    • While black and white images are allowed they may not be simple sketches or lines and still must use space efficiently.
    • Crafts are allowed, however the background can not be a plain photo with no-little manipulation. There must be either a crafted element to the photo or it must be different from the original. Remember you are not allowed to use stock when using photo backgrounds.
    • Photo manipulations are allowed, but must have a certain amount of changes made to the stock in order to qualify. (I.e. for a tundra Tokota you can't just copy and paste a white wolf into a picture of mountains.) They should be edited to properly represent the species, mane type, etc. When using stock regardless if it is a personal photo or public stock it should be credited and if possible linked to.

    When determining if your background is semi-complex this might help you BG Guide


    • If writing literature for an activity it must be at least 1200 words and be relevant to the activity. Every tokota must be included equally to count for the activity.
    • While chapters and parts are allowed, they must have clear beginnings and ends. They may not be direct continuations of one another.
    • For split or collaborated literature roleplay the parts by each user must be clearly labeled.
    • Generally a tokota must be mentioned at least 7 times throughout the piece. We're looking for the prey/fish to mentioned at least 3 times so its easy for us to judge and find.
    • You may not pad your lit with overly excessive use of a tokota/handler/other species names or complicated descriptions of a species markings.

    Submit It

    Submit your image to TokoCenter, under the appropriate folder, and then await the admin’s result roll for the prey, fish, or items received from your image. This comment will be given on your activity journal.

    You may submit two of each type of activity per day based on folder limitations. You may not use side accounts or friends accounts to get around this rule.

    Breaking any of the rules listed out here can result in anything from restrictions from activities to a group ban for repeat violations.

    Your rewards can be redeemed for TT (Toko Tokens!) at the bank, which you can use to buy benefits and boosters for your Tokotas! You may also choose to hold certain items in your bank rather than redeem them.


    What if I sell a Tokota with unredeemed activity rewards?

    Activity rewards, just like the TT you can redeem them for, belong to the owner of the Tokota at the time the activity image was rolled for, but may be transferred to other players with permission from the owner.

    What if I commissioned someone to do an activity with my Tokota for me?

    That's fine. Activity rewards go to whoever currently owns the Tokota in question.

    What if there is more than one Tokota in the picture?

    The rewards will be rolled separately, and each Tokota must have a listed activity journal.

    How do health defects affect my Tokotas success rate?

    Each defect is associated with a specific activity. Tokotas with the defect will receive a -5% success rate when participating in these activities.
    • Blind - Fishing
    • Deaf - Hunting
    • Frail - Diving
    • Lame - Caving
    • Spinal Defects - Exploration

    Why wasn't my tokotas item or trait bonuses rolled for?

    There are two answers to this question.
    A) It was properly listed in the description of the piece or in the comments and the roller simply forgot to add the bonus in which case you are welcome to note the group for a correction of this error.
    B) It was not listed and therefore it was not rolled for. This will not be corrected.

    What do I do if my tokota wasn't rolled for in a piece they are included in?

    You can note the group and it will be corrected.

    If leasing a tokota do I use my tribe and totem bonuses or the owners bonuses?

    If you are getting the items from the activity you may only use your bonuses. If they are getting the items, you may use their bonuses.

    If my tokota has items pending application at the bank can I link those and still get those bonuses rolled for?

    No. We can't know if you'll delete or edit your comment at any point, so items must actually be applied to the tokota to count for bonuses.

    If my tokota has had a makeover or do-over, and has art coming in with their previous design what do I do?

    Link the comment to do-over comment so we know if the art was done before the makeover.

    So what is applicable to what activities ?

    Well, a lot of things! Check out this - Activity Bonuses Penalties and Forms

    That form sure has a lot of lines! Which are needed?

    Go here for that Activity Bonuses Penalties and Forms

    What do I do if I have an activity that was posted before the tokotas per activity limit was changed?

    As long as the activity piece was posted to DeviantArt before April 4, 2017 it can still be rolled with the maximum five tokotas. Any pieces posted after that date will need to be cut down to three tokotas.

    What if I have a tokota with 2+ alpha traits that affect an activity?

    You may only have one alpha trait active in the piece the tokota is being rolled for, you must specify which alpha trait you wish to be active in the piece.

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