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New News Post Journal


WM98 by TotemSpirit was successfully tamed by Lurhstaap! Congrats!!!

- Hyena


WF99 by TotemSpirit was successfully tamed by Discrete-Disguise! ConGRATS!!

- The Very Late Hyena


WF97 by TotemSpirit has been successfully tamed by GECK0-RPG ! Congrats <3

- The Not Sorry Hyena



Hello again! Apologies for the additional news update, but I am here to announce that Design Central - Feb 2018 is officially open!

Thank you all for your patience with the DC team! We are aware that there are still designs in the January thread awaiting approval, and all threads from January will be cleared swiftly before any February designs are touched. We are opening the February thread now to allow you all to submit your tokos for the month and to allow for some DC training without slowing down the clearing of the January thread.

crae <3


Hello everyone, a reminder that with the Faction Reset, Faction Point redeems are now open! The current round that Faction Points can be redeemed is from Feb 1st - Mar 31st. In an effort to improve the balance slightly, we are now trying out a weighted system that accounts for number of members per faction relative to the number of points each faction ears. We also have added Faction goals, meaning everyone who submits at least 3 faction points in a round receives every prize their faction unlocks! You can read more about them here. And everyone remember, you may now set your faction in your profile! Go to your own account profile and click ‘Manage Profile’. If you have any changes left for this year you’ll be able to change your faction and save!


Also a big congratulations to craeve and her tokota, Ragnar 32298 for being voted Tokota of the Month! Has another Tokota inspired you in some way? Express your affection by voting for March’s Tokota of the month!


And, in addition, you may have noticed some :bulletpurple: strange colored Tokotas :bulletpurple: popping up in the TCA Rehoming Project. So go check them out! Maybe you'll find yourself wanting to bring one of these great pups home!
Fitbark 33367 by TotemSpirit Loveletter 33368 by TotemSpirit Black Heart 33369 by TotemSpirit

We are proud to introduce Lavender, an additional purple-y set of lilac swatches. Lavender swatches are not a separate gene, and are available to use on any lilac! These TCA tokotas just happen to be the first ever released! You can find the Lavender swatches in the Base Coat Design Guide. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, and to show a little extra love to our member base, we toss some purple Tokotas at you and hope you love them as much as we do!



So these aren't missed, I'd like to just go ahead and say first - CEs are now officially open, and transfers are back online on the new site! c: Thank you guys for all the feedback on CEs and for your patience as we made necessary changes and while we patched up the bug for transfers.

Now, that moment we’ve all been waiting for - Tribes! :dummy: I hope you're still in the mood for feedback because we'd like to hear any constructive comments, questions, or concerns you may have regarding the new system. You're welcome to drop that on the new Tribes Information journal once you've read through everything. ;u;

With that, we are pleased to announce that the revamp is complete, and we are again very grateful for your endless patience while everything was finished up and finalized. We would like to give a very special shout out to PippinDraws, tree-kangaroo, and wes0789 for the massive proposal they put together and offered in the suggestion box. While we've taken our own liberties and made the necessary changes to best fit this new version of Tribes into the group, several parts of the system came from them, and we appreciate all the time, energy, and thought that went into it. :heart:

  • Tribes on the New Site
    • Founders may sign up to have their tribes added to the new site over on the cycling Tribes Journal in the registration thread! You'll just need to give us your tribe name, a link to your tribe's deviantart group, and a link to your highest confirmed TP tier! c:
    • It is the founders' responsibility to add all their members to their tribe and to give them access to their tribe's benefits. This can be done via View My Tribe > Manage Tribe.
      • Once a member is added to the tribe, they will have access to any unlocked benefits assigned to their rank, including the Trading Post Discount!
  • Redeeming TP
    • TP is now a currency to be spent at the TP Shop! It does not unlock benefits anymore. (Take a peek below for those~)
    • Founders may redeem their highest confirmed TP tier, to be deposited into their tribe's bank, over on the cycling Tribes Journal!
    • Any remaining TP will need to be put in a TP Tracker, divided up into sections of 50 TP, and redeemed accordingly at the cycling journal.
    • Items purchased from the TP Shop will automatically be added to the Tribe Bank Account.
  • The TP Shop
    • The shop is currently offline and you cannot make purchases from it - because we need your input!
    • We'd like you all to take a look at these proposed prices and give us some feedback and suggestions!
  • Achievements
    • Much like the TCA Academy, all work done toward an achievement must have been completed after the release of this new system. For example, if you have AoAs judged in January or a tokota who reached average in December, they cannot count toward the requirements for achievements.
    • Achievements are taking the place of the old Tribe Tier Benefits. Please note, NO benefits have been removed.
      • All benefits previously unlocked will be added to your tribe when you sign up to have the tribe moved to
    • Each achievement has its own set of prerequisites and objectives to complete to unlock.
    • The General Tree contains all previously available bonuses as well as a new achievement to unlock Tribe Leasing.
    • Upon fully unlocking the bonuses in the General Tree, a tribe may choose to pursue one of the three new Specialty Trees. Each tree has a different focus; Activities, Competitions, and Hierarchy.
  • Leasing
    • Leasing is back! Leasing is now unlocked in the General Achievement Tree, and will allow a Tribe to lease out Tribe Owned Tokotas to its members.
    • We have solidifed rules for Tribe Owned Tokotas to ensure fairness and safety, which can be found on the Tribe Leasing journal.

Thanks for taking the time to read through all this! <3

- Khaj


Hi everyone,

It has recently come to our attention that there was a bug in the bank’s transfer system that, if exploited, created duplicates of items in users’ bank accounts. Transfers have been taken down temporarily while our coder fixes the issue.

As it turns out, some high-value game items had been duplicated over a period of about a month. Some of these items were then sold or traded to other users and the distribution of these duplicated items spread widely into the system. For this reason, we will not be removing the items from any third party who may have unknowingly received an illegal item in a trade. The users who originally discovered and exploited the bug will be dealt with.

If you notice something strange happening in your account, please report it to the group right away! You will never get in trouble for reporting an honest mistake. (In fact, we prefer to reward these good deeds!) However, if you intentionally continue to exploit a bug or glitch for your own benefit, there will be severe consequences. We are able to see a log of every transaction and transfer that occurs in the bank and we regularly check for any discrepancies in the logs. Logs cannot be edited or removed from the bank by anyone. The decision was explicitly made to keep them locked, out of the hands of members and admins alike.

Thank you for your patience while we get this sorted out. Transfers will be back up and running soon.

- Lach


Hey all, sorry for the late notice but the transfer system is going offline for the night. It needs some TLC, it'll be up late Saturday or early Sunday.



At this time, the following departments are OPEN: Crafting, Bank, Breeding, Import Requests/Updates/Transfers, Rites of Fertility, Aippaq’s Shrine, Hierarchy Updates. Request comments on the journals posted prior to this news update will be hidden.
Design Central (Design Submissions) and Continuous Events will open soon!

:bulletred: New/Updated Features!
  • :bulletred: :bulletred: :bulletred: FACTION RESET!
    • You may now set your faction in your profile! Go to your profile and click Manage Profile. If you have any changes left for this year you’ll be able to change your faction and save!
    • Admin will only look at the Faction list and not any prior lists when rolling and processing requests. Please make sure your faction displays on your profile page correctly. And remember, you can only change your faction once.
  • Rites of Fertility:
    • A new line has been added to the form for rites - Item Apps! Anything being applied to the rites from your bank should be listed here.
    • Bank:
      • Openables have moved! Now you can open Treasure Chests, First Aid Kits, Messages in a Bottle from your account. You’ll see a small box icon next to openables!
      • The Event/Prize Thread Form has changed, please make sure to check it out!
      • Crafting Ingredients and Crafted Items Sheets will be sticking around for one more month. No 2018 comments on these!
      • The Misc Item Deposit Thread has been renamed for clarity. It is now “Keep this Comment” Deposits, only items with a keep this comment proof that belong nowhere else go in this thread. !
      • Purchase an Item and Buyback Threads are gone! All purchases/sales can be made at the Trading Post!
      • Make sure your Tribe Founders set up your tribe so you can get your Tribe Discount! Don't listen to Rose your tribes are coming out with new journals soon.
      • A new Features FAQ is coming out soon. A few of the videos still need finished, expect an announcement when they are finished.
    • DC: (still closed)
      • The Design Guide Handbook is being worked on - please have patience with us as we continue to edit and improve our design guides. We are aware that some images are missing, and we are working to prevent further image loss and get replacement examples up for you.
    • Breeding:
      • There are far too many errant comments being posted on the threads. Unless your comment directly contributes to one change to your breeding that isn’t a hierarchy update, or isn’t a litter distribution comment, it does not belong on the main thread! This rule has been in place for several months; unfortunately the time has come to begin declining breeding requests with excessive comments. They will be pushed to Corrections in the second Breeding Journal which can better afford the resulting litter and subsequent division, shrining, and uploading comments for pups.
    • Continuous Events: (Closed for a few more hours to allow for reading/processing changes.)
      • New Journal with new prompts and a new structure!
      • CEs are currently in Beta for the revamp; please take the time to review the new setup and provide feedback on the journal.
    • Hierarchy Updates:
      • There are a few changes in HU this month!
      • There is a new thread where you can confirm your activity successes for PoTAs ahead of time! We thought this would be a nice addition for people who purchase uploaded tokotas who's trackers may be deleted in the future, or people who are cleaning up their old activity journals and may want to delete them. You can have 5 of an activity confirmed by an admin, and save that consolidated comment as proof for your PoTAs instead of keep all those old activity comments.
      • HP Tokens and Scrolls that have not been previously marked as used must now be banked before use! There is a new line in all the forms for you to fill out to let us know how many tokens/scrolls from your bank that you would like to use. We will total it up and give you a proof to keep in your HP tracking journals.
      • Non-commissioned and collab bonus are getting a boost to 4HP and 2HP, respectively! We hope this is a little extra incentive for people to give their own tokotas some love <3. These bonuses have been updated in the HP calculator!
    • Bonding:
      • Bonding for Akotas is now open and can be found on the new Domestication Cycling Journal.
    • Tokotines: If you submitted a Tokota for Tokotines but were not tagged in a pairing, please note the group! The Tokotines Exchange will be open until Tuesday February 13!

    As always, thanks for being awesome, everyone!
    - The Admin Team

    Activities are open!

    2/5/18 is back up and running! If you encounter any issues please visit this journal - Tokotas New Bank Information. It may look a bit funny for the time being, a reskin will be in progress soon. ^^

    A glitch with the Trading Post Coupon has been brought to our attention. It is advised you do not make any purchases to "test" it right now as the discount may not apply.



    Hello All,

    The Site will be going down in an hour, 10 PM MST, for new updates. Tribes, Mobile View 1.0, and Openables are being added. The site will be down for 4-6 hours as the new code moves into place. Please be aware there are some small color changes in the new style for better contrasting.

    Additionally, a quick Tokotines update for you all. Tokotines registration will close around 6AM PST on 2/5/18. Be sure to get your toko in on time.


    :new: :new: 2/3/18

    The Quest has been updated for the next two weeks!

    Rabbit Havoc

    You awake with your paws warm for the first time in days. Your nose twitches. Is that fresh grass you smell? Eagerly you explore the outdoors. You are wandering, enjoying the freedom from a day without hunting, show, or without winter's bitter cold. A flowery field greets you, full of lavender blooms. You haven't seen a sight like this since you were a pup. You are overcome with joy in the moment and frolic into the field rolling in the soft flowers. You lay basking in the sun with a cushion of flowers underneath you when a rabbit approaches. You are a bit puzzled why such a small animal felt so comfortable coming up to you when it jumps on your chest and nibbles on your mane. Before you can do anything another appears and another. You quickly roll over onto your side, the rabbit scurrying away, but the rabbits keeping appearing, growing ever closer. Jumping up you notice clouds of purple around you. Suddenly, one poofs up from your fur, a fine purple power clinging to your coat. The rabbits draw closer sniffing the air as the powder drifts to the ground. You are beginning to get surrounded. Depict your tokota running for the hills to escape the flower crazed bunnies, desperately trying to rid their coat of the attractive lavender powder, or embracing the love by letting the bunnies nibble and clean their coat.

    Prize: Rolled chance for x1 Red Currants, x1 Strawberries, x1 Raspberries, x1 Honeycomb, and x1 Thread Spool OR x1 Heart Candle
    2/04 - 2/17 - ends at  11:59 pm EST


    Hello all! You're friendly neighborhood Sapph is here with a little news - correction threads are open once again! If you need to post to corrections for Breedings, Rites of Fertility, or Design Central please feel free to do so. Hierarchy Update corrections are still open as well!

    An extra note for Rites of Fertility, there is a brand new corrections thread and an additional line has been added to the form for Item Apps. This includes any items you wish to apply from a crafting comment or your bank.

    Stay wonderful toko people!
    - Sapph & the Admin Team


    :heart: Tokotines 2018 is on the horizon! The event's Breeding Registration will open in a few hours and will remain open over the weekend!

    Also, a belated announcement that Random Events will be staying open through the group closure as it was shut down for much of the month of January! You'll be able to continue submitting any REs you might receive while the rest of the group is closed for clearing. :)

    - Lach


    Happy February! The group is now temporarily closed for monthly clean-up. We can't thank everyone enough for your patience, especially with the bank, as many members of the admin team work extra hard to import Crafting items and ingredients, and misc. items into our accounts! Remember, item/TT transfers will now remain open via Bank account activation will also remain open through the closure!

    Additional Announcements:
    • will be temporarily down on Saturday for a few hours as new features get implemented. Pardon our dust!
    • Tokotas is hiring a handful of new admin! We're currently looking for 1-2 breeding rollers, 1 banker, 1 activity roller, 1 design approval admin. For more information on these roles and how to apply, please visit the Admin Applications page. Please remember to send your application in a note to TotemSpirit, not directly to the group. :)
    • Continuous Events as we knew them are now closed - come February, we'll have some fresh prompts (and some old!) and a new Beta seasonal cycle! Details to be released!
    • And lastly, a reminder that the Faction Reset will occur when the group re-opens. All current requests/activities put in will roll or process with your current Faction.  We got a lot of really great offhand feedback from last month's poll and have decided to make some minor changes to how Faction Points are counted (and what value they have!) Stay tuned! ouo

    - Lach


    Hi guys! We have a few very important announcements for you today.

    • It has become apparent to us that for a short time, the lifetime breeding tracker was editable by anyone with the link. It is now locked, but if anyone has any information on if their tokota’s breeding slots were changed in any way, please note the group so it can be dealt with. We will be going through the history logs in the meantime to make sure everything is as it should be.
    • Random events and healing are now open! We apologize for the confusion with the journal earlier. We are transitioning to a new admin for REs at this time, so we thank you for your understanding and patience.
    • We would also like to remind people of a few breeding rules regarding comments on the breeding journals:
      • Please avoid making unnecessary comments on the journals. Do not post conversations or “All to me” comments.
      • Remember to comment on split litters to let us know which genos belong to which person in the split. There have been a few tokotas coming through DC lately from split litters with no ownership information.

    ~ NorthPaws

    (1/25/18) :new:

    WF95 by TotemSpirit has been tamed by Terrwyn-16 ! Congrats!!

    - Hyena


    The Quest has been updated for the next two weeks!

    Aga's dream

    You don't want to fall asleep. The dreams.. they have been haunting you. Fire, destruction, each night growing more intense than the last. Your eyelids finally droop shut, instantly a scene of fire blazing its way towards you, trees burning as it approaches. A shape bursts through the trees, an enormous dire, covered in dirt, its eyes meet yours and you feel like its calling you.

    "Wake up."

    You awake covered in sweat and jump out of bed. Outside you see no fire blazing on your doorstep, but there is smoke. You run outside to see other tokotas have awoken, in the distance you see the forest aglow with an orange light. You spring into action, spurring the other tokotas to your aid.

    Depict your tokota helping stop the fire, whether they are hauling water, clearing brush, or digging fire ditches.

    Prize: 2+ HP to base HP, x2 Aloe Vera and x2 Refined Honey
    1/21 - 2/03 - ends at  11:59 pm EST

    Thank you to nightMAREgraphics for the quest suggestion!
    You can submit your idea for a quest here.



    WM96 by TotemSpirit has been successfully tamed by Ezilyn! Congrats!

    - Hyena


    WM94 by TotemSpirit has been successfully tamed by SapphireSquire! Congratulations!

    - Khaj


    Hello, all! We have some important updates and reminders for you guys.

    First, the Tribes overhaul is pretty much complete. :la: When we reopen in February, we’ll be rolling out the new system for everyone to use (at which time Tribe Registration will also reopen). Until then, we’ve decided to open TP redeems to allow Tribes to continue using the current system. They’ll remain open (even through the usual end of the month clean up) until we’re ready to reopen everything in February and implement the new system.

    Second, our wonderful Bankers would like to remind everyone that you are allowed to bank Crafting items in the redeems threads. You can find the updated calculator over on the new site! ouo

    And finally, just a heads up that CEs are also being overhauled and will be changing soon. There is still plenty of time to get entries in under the current system though, so go submit some while you can! :dummy:

    - Khaj


    And is online once more!

    First Reminders!
    • Please do not post your crafting ingredients in the Crafting Journal for deposit into your bank account. Crafted Items and Crafting Ingredients are deposited in the Bank!
    • Imports are not on the site yet, they will come in the next two months.
    • Tribes are not on the site yet, they will come this month.
    • You may use the Misc Item Deposit if you meet the following criteria
      • You have a 'Keep this comment as proof' comment
      • Anything on the Weekly Quest, TT Sale, and Summer Event comments
      • The Item was Previously Un-Bankable and is not on the Crafting Import Sheets
      • Is on a comment dated before Jan 1st
      • Is not being imported to be churned into TT, please use redeems instead.

    • Some Crafted Item Sellback Bonuses have changed. Tier 8 is now 40% extra and Tier 10 is 50% extra.
    • If you have a Crafted Item and you have the Bonus you may sell it back at the increased price. You do not have to be the crafter anymore.
    • Cookies Sheets and Sewing Needles are one use each.
    • Cookies Sheets value has lowered to 3,500 TT.
    • You now craft 2 Cookie Sheets with every successful attempt.

    Site Updates
    • Lots of Backend BS the coder says we need
    • You may now search Tokopedia, Profiles, and Bank Accounts without criteria
    • Crafting Changes are on the site.




    The companion site is going to go offline in 30 minutes at 7:45 pm MST for maintenance. The site will be down for 30-60 minutes as a few backend features are rolled in. There will be a second announcement when the site is live once more.



    Hi all!
    Design Central is now open for January! A sincere thank you to all of you for your patience! c:



    Hey guys! Got a few announcements for you all.

    First and foremost, congratulations to the winners of the Akota Raffle! :la:

    grizzld, LifesparkAlchemist, EvilDemonCat, Elemental-Elrii, and ShiverCritter

    Take care of your giant new children! Proof of ownership will be posted over on the Abandoned Pups Thread in the Breeding journal, and you’ll also get a lineage for your pups. (Please hang tight while we get those lineages sorted though.) :dummy:

    Additionally, we have some new wild Tokotas that will be available for taming tomorrow! Please note that the taming admin(s) will no longer purchase your treats for you when rolling. Make sure you buy your treats from the fancy new trading post so that they can be used!

    Finally, just a quick reminder that due to the reset of Factions in February, we aren’t giving out any FP this month, so don’t be surprised if you don’t see any tacked onto your Rites comments!

    - Hyena & Khaj


    Friendly reminder that the Misc Item Deposit thread is for items that were previously non-bankable or bankable items that are not on the sheets and have a 'keep this comment as proof' comment.

    The Quest has been updated for the next two weeks!

    Year of the Dog

    With a new year starting, many take the opportunity to start anew. But before they start those good new habits they party as hard as they can and set off fireworks counting down to the New Year. It is the first day of the New Year, but the town is a wreck from the celebration the night before. Many dogs are missing from their homes due to the upsetting explosions heard throughout the night that rung in the New Year. You and your tokota have been asked to join the team searching for lost pets in the neighborhood and nearby woods. Depict your handler and tokota finding a lost pet, comforting a lost pet, or returning it safely home to its family.

    Prize: +2 HP to base HP,  Your choice of Dog Companion from the Trading Post: Pug, Australian Shepard, Labrador, Irish Setter, Foxhound, Bloodhound, Corgi, or Beagle
    1/07 - 1/20 - ends at  11:59 pm EST


    More Important Bank Updates!
    • Still holding on to some item proofs from the TT Sale this last summer? You can indeed deposit those items into your bank. Please use the "Misc Import" thread on the Bank Journal!
    • The Bank Journal has been updated to include a complete Crafting Import Guide (youTube video instruction) to help anyone who feels unsure or stuck when trying to complete the Crafting Import process!

    The Outpost - Reminder, the Akota Pup raffle ends at 7pm PST tomorrow (1/7)!

    Tokota of the Month - Congratulations to HayleyWolf and her tokota, Calvin 22946 for being voted Tokota of the Month! Has another Tokota inspired you in some way? Express your affection by voting for February's Tokota of the month!


    Design Den (design requests) and Aippaq's Shrine have opened! You may be pleased to know the Shrine has new rewards to offer for your sacrifices this year! ;)

    Additionally, the Tokotas companion site is now officially secure! Be sure your url begins with 'https' when using the site from now on.


    Hi everyone! Sorry for the the delay (a certain purple HU admin was asleep) but HU is now open for January! We also have some exciting updates in HU that have been added to the list below.

    At this time, the following departments are OPEN: Adoption Center, Continuous Events, Crafting, Bank, Breeding, Import Requests/Updates/Transfers, Rites. Request comments on the journals posted prior to this news update will be hidden.
    Aippaq’s Shrine, Design Den and Hierarchy Updates will open tomorrow (when our heroes who man those departments are awake); Design Central (Design Submissions) and Random Events are still chugging to the finish line, hopefully to be cleared in the next few days!

    :bulletred: New/Updated Features!
    • Submissive lines are no more! The Submissive Hierarchy still exists, but you may now use Average lineart. Submissive lines will no longer be accepted after Feb 28, 2018.
    • We have decided to try and do without a Hierarchy Symbol at this time, and as a result all who entered the contest will receive the winning prize! Please note the group for your prizes with a link to your submission comment! The contest was launched without certainty of the need or desire for more symbols, and was initially hanging on the new line-art release date which we have decided to forego. Thank you all for your patience. We apologize for the much belated result.
    • No updates on the New Lineart yet, I’m sorry we don’t have more information for you at this time!
    • Descriptions for Otter and Mr. Bubbles have been updated to reflect their true bonus!
    • Rites of Fertility:
      • With the release of akotas we’ve added new forms of the merit traits just for them, encompassing their more primal nature. Feral (Wild), Allied (Partnership), and Stoic (Honor)!
      • We have some exciting new prompts available for the Rite of Merit! The three original prompts for each trait are still available and can be completed by anyone. A prompt for each build type has been added to each trait section - that's 12 new tasks to pick from! These prompts may only be completed by tokotas of the build they are specified for, but as always extra tokotas can be included just for the HP.
      • The Rite of Fortitude has been updated with multiple prompts! The original task is still available along with two brand new ones.
      • Fenrir has been joined in the ranks of head honchos by three newcomers from the other packs! Beowulf, Freki, or Asena will be waiting to spend some time with those tokotas completing the Rite of Strength!
      • Bank:
        • Bank Companion Site is Live, check the New Bank Information Journal for details!
        • Please be sure to double check forms when posting, a lot have been updated.
      • Crafting:
        • The capacity of the new bank now makes it possible to deposit Crafting items! When you redeem your items, everything will now be deposited directly into your bank account. Additionally, when you successfully craft an item, that crafted item will also be directly deposited.
      • DC: (still closed)
        • As mentioned above, submissive line art will no longer be accepted after Feb 28, 2018. Please be sure to use the correct hierarchy background though!
        • All of our imports have been organized and uploaded to a single location. You can now find the link to our Official Tokota Import Templates at the top of our Design Guide Handbook!
        • Small and Large Items can now include fur additions, so long as the edits fall within the other standards for Small and Large Items as set in the Import Decorations Guide.
        • Just a reminder that Small Items can edit the line art! The difference between Small and Large Items is only in size.
        • The Design Guide Handbook is being worked on - please have patience with us as we continue to edit and improve our design guides. We are aware that some images are missing, and we are working to prevent further image loss and get replacement examples up for you.
        • When submitting designs to any thread of DC, you may now leave out all information other than the link to your design in your comment on the thread. Please include the form as a comment on the stash image instead.
        • On that note, please keep any eye out as some of our threads will be updating the forms slightly to include all necessary information.
      • REs: Healing Entries and Random Events are still behind due to unforeseen circumstances. We appreciate your patience as we get the necessary information sorted out to get those rolling again.

      • Hierarchy Updates:
        • We have a a shiny :new: HP bonus - Lore Bonus! Including any of our glowing spirit friends in your submissions is now worth an extra 2HP
        • To go along with our new bonus, there are also a few new RoD and PoTA prompts, check them out on the Rites of Dominance and Passage of the Alpha journals.
        • The bonus for shows/rites has been bumped up from 1HP to 2HP.
        • The Hierarchy System journal has been updated to reflect our new bonuses but also a clarification on the rules for chibis and HP Sheets. Be sure to give it a read through! The biggest change is that we are now requiring very large HP sheets to be organized in rows or with the poses numbered so we can more easily determine just how many poses you have in your sheet. This will only be required for sheets submitted to dA in 2018 and onward, but if you'd like to go back and number old sheets we won't stop you ;D

      (1/5/18) Our Wild Pack Rep Design Contest winners have been chosen! We are very pleased to introduce you to Beowulf of the Ila Pack, Freki of the Taktuq Pack, and Asena of the Yakone Pack! Congratulations to Surkrinth, LegallyAwesome, and desertfloraa!
      These three as well as Fenrir will be able to be used in taming entries for the pack mate bonus for wilds from their own packs!



      It's a shame that this is necessary, but we'd just like to remind everyone that it is very much against the rules to try to enter the Outpost raffle with multiple accounts. It's very dishonest and will result in disqualification (of all your accounts) from the raffle and possible further action if it seems necessary.

      - Khaj

      Hullo fam!
      We want to extend our sincerest apologies for the delay in getting the rest of the group opened. We were hoping to get everything ready to rock and roll yesterday, but with our Fancy New Bank there are a handful of final details yet to get sorted out that touch a lot of other parts of the group. As such, most bank-reaching departments of the group are remaining closed (with the exception of Activities which will remain open because items are seldom used \o/) We're really hoping you find all of these new bank features worth the wait! <3
      With that said, if you have had any bank processes occur after Dec 31, you will not see the change in the 'current' Google Doc bank sheets - your TT and items are being removed from the new bank which will be launched for everyone to use on Friday when we open (fingers crossed!)

      Additionally! The Weekly Quest has been extended until this weekend - You now have until Saturday 1/6 at 11:59 pm EST to submit your entries!

      Thank you all so much for your patience! Here's to the final push across the finish line!

      - Lach


      Happy new year!

      We're starting off this year with some exciting announcements!

      Message in a bottle has been added to fishing!
      Lavender has been added to dangerous games, as well as legendary recipes! Thanks to those of you who commented on TokoCenter's recent poll!

      And a reminder that you can now hunt mammoths and smilodons in dangerous game with the Primal Hunter trait!
      This will not include the injuries of the Summer events, but any special items that could previously be found are also not included.

      And as an additional surprise, we have an alpha trait upgrade for Quick learner I and Quick learner II!
      Tokotas that are alpha with the Quick Learner I trait will have a small chance to find 1-2 HP tokens, and tokotas that are alpha with the Quick Learner II trait will have a small chance to find 1-3 HP tokens.

      Activities are now open for the month of January!  



      Just a quick addition to the news to announce the Holiday themed TCA Rehoming Project winners! Ms Betsy is going home with PaintedHyena, Donner with SapphireWolf100, Juniper with pvppybiites, Nora with IBX3 and Tanen to 1BitJay! Congratulations guys and thanks to everyone who entered, your entries were great <3 


      Happy New Years Eve/Happy New Year everyone!

      Closing up 2017, we have our final Faction Point Raffle of the year! Last round didn't go as smooth as expected when getting into contact with the winners, so we're changing it up yet again this round. <3

      Pack Leaders logged 79 points in total!
      Prestige Breeders logged 181 points in total, winning this round! (A HUGE shoutout to SapphireSquire for logging 46 of your FP!)

      First Place, Teatreeleaf : Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, or a Tier 2 or 3 Starter Slot
      Second Place, KULKELO : Choice of a Tier 2 Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens
      Third Place, Aquene-lupetta : Choice of 40 000 TT, or x15 HP Tokens

      Congratulations! Please note TotemSpirit for your prize choices!

      We had a recent poll about the Winning Faction Benefits and when the Faction reset should take place. I know it was promised to be in January/around the time the group opens, but we have decided to hold off until February to reset factions! Prestige Breeders will have the whole month of January to enjoy their additional benefits. Come February, Factions will be reset and you will have to choose your faction once again. (Prestige Breeders will no longer have their Winning Faction Benefits when factions are reset.)
      On top of the reset happening in February, Faction Points will be closed for January to attempt to lessen the skewing of the scores for the next raffle. <3

      With that, the new wild Tokota pack representatives may soon greet you...



      Hey guys! Hold onto your butts!! :la:

      The time has come! The Outpost is up and running and ready to release its first-ever Akota pups to willing owners. Numbers are limited, so the genos will be randomly assigned their new owners via free raffle. Go to the Outpost to comment to claim your spot!

      Additionally, if you haven't looked at the Bonding Guide recently ... you may wanna take a look now! :dummy:

      - Khaj


      AND THAT'S A WRAP! The 2017 Advent(ure) Calendar has finally come to an end. Thank you all so much for entering, and a big congratulations to everyone who participated. You all did such wonderful work, and it was such a pleasure getting to see everyone in the holiday spirit. Thank you all for making this such a huge success, and I hope you guys had as much fun as I did!

      A special thank-you to Teatreeleaf, Keksefuzzy, phenaroo, craeve, and PaintedHyena for helping me make all this possible!

      A side note: the TT prizes for participating have already been added to your banks unless you didn't have an account already set up!

      Happy holidays, and I wish you all a happy new year!

      - Winter Wonder Wes

      Hey Guys! A new bunch of holiday themed TCA Rehoming Project tokos are up! You can go check em out here :~) TCA Rehoming Project - OPEN. A special thankyou to craeve, SapphireSquire phenaroo Lachtaube wes0789 & Keksefuzzy for helping out on their amazing designs, items and personalities!

      DC Team also wanted me to apologise for the slow DC approval process - training of admins and redoing of the guides has been a priority at the moment but they'll be back on track as normal soon. 

      I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable holiday time! lotsa love

      Better late than never? A hearty congratulations to SpecularPotion's Cherub 24264 for winning December Tokota of the Month! Go take a look at their new fun and inspiring art featured on the front journal page! In the meantime, voting for January ToTM has officially opened. Kind reminder that bribing or soliciting votes for Tokota of the Month is against the spirit of the purpose of the feature!

      If you've missed it, there's still time to enter into the group's annual Advent Calendar!

      Hi everyone! You have about 13 hours left to enter the Design a Wild Pack Rep Mini Contest! Soon we'll be finding out who those new pack representatives are! :dummy:


      prepare yourselves for the bankening

      Hey all!

      We are officially closed for the remainder of December, and we'll be reopening in January! We hope you enjoy your break and the holidays in general. ouo

      Use this time to rest up and get hyped for the new features we'll be rolling out after the new year! :dummy:

      Happy Holidays from the whole Toko Admin Team! :heart:


      Hey guys! The TCA rehoming project tokotas have found their new homes!

      Darus 8769 by TotemSpirit has gone home with Shiningstarofwinter

      Vandr 21723 by TotemSpirit has gone home with SmolKhajiit

      We here at the TCA Rehoming Project would like to thank all those who took the time to come out and view these Tokotas.
      Please come back soon and see at the bunch we will have up for adoption for the holidays!

      - Dog


      Hey everyone! Here's a Countdown Timer to when the group closes tonight!


      The Marbled Design Guide has been posted! Go check out our newest mutation ~
      and if you're like me, drool over it a ton ; u ;


      Hi all, thank you for your patience! The rightful People's Choice course of voting for Summer Event trackers in the special "Best Of" categories has begun. You can find more information here. Voting will end on Sunday the 10th of December 2017 at 10:00 PM PST. Thanks for your careful consideration!

      Additionally, a letter:
      Hi everyone. I wanted to provide a brief personal response to the feedback we received on the Summer Event, both on the Winners journal and through the google form linked below. (If you haven’t seen the formally written response yet, you can view it on the event news journal.) But I can’t kick it off without first expressing my deepest apologies. The Summer Event was a behemoth of a project run by a tiny team of talented individuals; when it came down to it, I dropped the ball on a number of things, especially towards the end of the event, not the least of which was the intended group vote for the “Best Of” categories. It was not my intention to slam the door on the communal finale. In the rush to put to bed an overdue scoring sheet, I did not tick off the proper check points in closing the event and unfortunately did not have it in the back of my mind. I’m sorry to have taken that opportunity from everyone who looked forward to it, but sincerely hope that you will enjoy reviewing and voting on the more thoroughly nominated candidates in the group polls. With regards to the issue of not capping side quests, I am in agreement that it opened the door for grinding, and the attempt to mitigate that by trying to balance effort and narrative over quantity was more easily said than done. Much of the team’s work on the event was spent trying to get ahead of potential problems but unfortunately sometimes it created further issues. To say I let some people down is an understatement. This situation and the disappointment of others weighs on me heavily, and you can know it will not be forgotten. However -- neither will the words of praise and thanks that still managed to filter through at this time. I am ecstatic that the journey of the event was still enjoyed by so many. Thank you to everyone who expressed their feelings freely and honestly; many points raised apply to more than just the event. And I want to thank so many of you for your understanding in our attempt to bring something good to the community. To some it was a success, and to others, not. Our goal was to provide a platform for people to first and foremost be inspired to write and draw about their Tokotas. I am still proud of what the Akotas event team (all stages of life,) managed to accomplish; moreover, I am blown away by what you all managed to accomplish in the end.
      Thank you for your time.

      - Lach


      Hey there guys, after some discussion, due to the groups early closing this month we've decided that Holiday Lanterns that normally only work in December will work from January 1st until we clear the folder for the end of January. We will only roll pieces submitted to DeviantArt during December for the lantern bonus, and after the group is cleared for January any extra pieces you had that have the December date will not be rolled for the bonus.

      Also a reminder that there are just six days left to get your entry in for the Design a Wild Pack Rep Mini Contest!



      The Quest has been updated! This quest is special and will last through the end of the year.

      Spirit of Giving

      It is the Holiday season in Tokotna! There are decorations in everyone's yard and adorning their houses. People are out trying to buy gifts for all their loved ones and this year some are staying in to buy gifts online. Tokotna is not easily reached this time of year by any sort of vehicle, so a team of tokotas has been called on to make sure all the gifts make it into town for the Holidays! Your tokota has been hired to help! Depict your tokota helping fill sleds with Holiday presents, towing a sled filled with Holiday presents, or delivering gifts to the homes in town.

      Non-Collabed entries: +2 HP to base HP,  5000 TT, x1 Coal, and x3 Sugar cubes
      Collabed entries: +2 HP to base HP,  5000 TT, x1 Gold, and x3 Sugar cubes
      12/03 - 12/31 - ends at  11:59 pm EST

      Please remember to include the required form in your quest's description!
      Quest Name:
      Tokota(s) Featured:

      Also note that no more than three people can collaborate on one Quest entry!

      This quest was offered by BlueTheCaracal! You can submit your quest ideas here.

      Quest Guidelines



      Hello there,
      We have already gotten some very important feedback on the Summer Event. We’re hoping to continue the discussion in a more organized setting; please utilize the form provided Here

      We do want people to be able to speak up if they have suggestions, but please remember to be kind to one another.
      Before you type remember the person on the other side is just that, a person.

      Thanks for your understanding,
      The Tokota admin team

      After going through each individual entry, tallying episode scores, story scores and then checking it all twice, Summer Event judging has finally concluded! Thank you so much to all those who participated, we had a wonderful time reading and reviewing your entries!

      With that said, big congratulations to our main story point winners! NorthPaws kepperoni HayleyWolf as well as those with Episode Score and “Best of” placements! You can see all of our listed winners here!

      There were so many wonderful entries! Many judges were thrilled and excited to see such passionate storytelling, and while we could not give a placement to all our top picks, we do hope you all had fun furthering your characters!

      All participants are welcome to spend their story points at the Prize shop! Scores are actively being posted on trackers tonight, so please sit tight as we get those out.

      Happy holidays, and be sure to keep an eye out in the very near future. The event may be over but the chapter for Akotas is just beginning! *ominous music*

      - Lach


      Just a quick reminder that hunting seasons have changed to winter, which means that Lynx, Coyote, Birds, Bear, Caribou and Seal are now in season!

      Ahhh, a new shiny news page!

      As promised, the group will remain open for the beginning of December! All "monthly resets" are in effect, so you may post 2 regular breedings, 5 designs, etc. for the month of December.

      • Both Breedings and Crafting have their own brand new December journals to save comment space! (Requests posted on them before this news update will be hidden because, as always, the journal must officially be opened first.) All other journals have been expanded to include December.
      • Razor Manes lines are officially uploaded and can be found on the official Tokotas Import Templates google drive! As they use the new lineart base, there is no Submissive pose, but you will still need to use the Submissive backgrounds if your Razor is born Submissive. For physical traits that specifically affect the tail, you should use the Short mane tail traits (not halfmane or natural)!
      • Prehistoric Hunting is available this month in the Dangerous Game hunting activity. Your Tokota must be Dominant to participate in Dangerous Game hunting, and it must also have the Primal Hunter trait to unlock prehistoric pelts. (Primal Hunter Trait and Injuries will no longer be collectible in this activity.)
      • Non-event Prehistoric Pelt prices are currently being added to the Price List!
      • The group now has an Import Info Traits and Tack Cheat Sheet to utilize while you write your tokota's import information in your when adding physical and non-physical traits and deco!
      • After some consideration, we have decided to close all aspects of the group on December 8th, including tokota transfers, import updates, etc. With the exception of the Advent(ure) Calendar and Uploads, the group will effectively go dormant as we set up for the new year. All pending requests will continue to be processed; we thank you an advance for your patience and understanding! We're really excited for what we have to reveal for you all :)

      Cyber Monday Sale Notice: All payments that have gone through for the Cyber Monday sale have been processed. If you have not received a comment from TokoTime confirming that your purchase has been paid, that means we did not receive your payment. You will have 24 hours to send your payment or note the group if you believe there is an issue. After that time, unprocessed payments will no longer be accepted and you will forfeit your claimed purchase. If you believe you already paid but did not receive confirmation, please provide screenshots of your payment when you note the group.

      Summer Event: Thank you for your patience as we get the last of the scoring and prize pricing squared away. This weekend, the event's winners will be revealed, and participants who submitted their trackers will receive their Story Point scores that can then be turned in for prizes at the Prize Shop!

      - The admin team


      Another... other........ update!

      I will be rolling the advent prizes on the day of the prize at 7 pm EST! That means you guys have approximatelyyyyy... 18.5 hours to get those last minute entries in! On that note... IT'S THE FIRST DAY OF DECEMBER WOO :la:

      - Wes


      Don't forget tomorrow's the first day of the Advent Calendar, so be sure to get those entries in if you want to take part!

      - Wes


      Hey there everyone! Two new Tokotas in need of good homes have landed in TCA rehoming project!!
      Darus 8769 by TotemSpirit Vandr 21723 by TotemSpirit

      So go check them out! Maybe you'll find yourself wanting to bring one of these great pups home!

      - Dog


      Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
      © 2017 - 2021 Tokotas
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      Lurhstaap's avatar
      It's been like an hour or two since I found out and I'm still in shock. I can't believe my very first taming attempt actually succeeded. I sincerely didn't think I would actually tame a wild Tokota until I'd made a bunch of tries, and taken at least a few levels at the TCA Academy, and all that kind of stuff.

      And I tamed the one with the story that felt so intense and poignant, too. It's just... really special to me. Saxon and Cupid will be so good together. I think, even if I leave Tokotas someday (not that I'm planning to ever do that... as far as I feel right now, I'll be here forever) I'll never be able to think of Saxon again without Cupid. They're inextricably entwined in my mind now.

      Thank you. Thank you SO much for this wonderful new character. Saxon is an older one of mine that I brought back for the taming attempt for Cupid, and this has revitalized him so much. I love the story I wrote for them, and I'm so happy, indescribably happy, that I get the enormous privilege of continuing that story, of finding out where it goes and how it ends (maybe... doesn't seem like it's ending any time soon. :D)
      grizzld's avatar
      delve congratulations my friend! your hard work paid off!! <3
      Lurhstaap's avatar
      I still can't believe that last segment got so long I was able to legitimately break it into three separate taming entries. Dear God. So much muse for these two. And I'd resigned myself to failure! Man. It's disorienting to have life totally pull the rug out from under me in a GOOD way. 
      EspressoShots's avatar
      Super duper congrats, you deserve it! First time taming, and it was a success!!!!
      Lurhstaap's avatar
      Thank you! <3 My mind is SO BLOWN. I can't even. I'm seriously not used to winning things AT ALL. I keep looking at the comment in my notifs to remind myself it really happened. Oh man. 
      Discrete-Disguise's avatar
      HOLY HECKERS <33333
      Teatreeleaf's avatar
      also feel free to use my attempts for HP <3…
      Discrete-Disguise's avatar
      -gross sobbing- THANK YOU TEA
      EspressoShots's avatar
      Discrete-Disguise's avatar
      BitteRPG's avatar
      Omg, congrats!
      Discrete-Disguise's avatar
      THANK YOU OMG <33
      BitteRPG's avatar
      Primus2247's avatar
      So I’ve been gone for a while, and I have some Tokota with the old lines, what should I do about them?
      Kokutan-Wolf's avatar
      Ohh purple must try get lilac plus I think it’s time for a fresh news post. 
      nekonotaishou's avatar
      Aaaa thank you for the purple!
      DrazziElder's avatar
      So these swatches are for any lilac or just tokos descended from these special guys?

      Also, guys, this news post is getting awfully long again omg.
      BitteRPG's avatar
      These swatches are available for all lilacs OuO

      (Time to re-desing some of my genos lol)
      FireflyEmber's avatar
      GECK0-RPG Congratulations! I'm such a fan of your art and personality, so I'm so happy to see this baby go to you!
      GECK0-RPG's avatar
      Thank you! ;D; And awe I am glad someone likes my artwork n-n I am so happy she is coming home with me too! ;v;
      majfisch's avatar
      Ooh I'm excited to see how the FP changes work out.

      And I'm happy about the new swatches -  new, pretty, different colors wheeee :3
      Shiningstarofwinter's avatar
      Oh my gosh, lavendery colored tokos. Purple! tokos! I think I am in heaven, thank you so much folks!! :D
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