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Hi everytoko!

Activities are also open!

Please remember when you purchase an uploaded tokota that their activity tracker does not automatically switch over to any tracker you may have set. You must set up your tracker on that tokota once it belongs to you!

Design Central is now open! Thank you all so much for your patience while we cleared. We have hired some more DC staff, and are training even more, so your designs should be gotten to faster soon enough. Again, you'll be able to continue using a free Sikrinerk or Borga stone background with each submission to DC this month (Import Edits excluded - this is only for new genos). Be sure to submit any designs using these backgrounds to Soul Pool thread.

Also, a reminder to link your bank accounts when submitting CEs, PvPs, Soul Pool/Import Update threads in DC, and other areas in the group that require us to view or access your bank!~



Good Evening everyone~

  • Factions
    • Faction resets have been updated to allow everyone the new 4 Faction Swaps for the year. No factions were wiped for this update!
  • Backgrounds
    • All backgrounds have been updated with a standardized credits line. Please be sure to use the updated backgrounds moving forward. These can be found on the Import Background Guide or in the Drive Folder.
  • Quests
    • We have a new quest live, running through to the end of May!
    • Merry Merchants

      It's market day and the sun is peeking just over the horizon as you and your Tokota set up to sell your exquisite wares. Ready to make that sweet dough and show the world what Token Brokers are made of?

      Depict your Tokota helping set up a booth/tent or selling/trading their goods with others for profit. At least one other tokota/person/creature must be depicted as the one your tokota is interacting with.

      Rewards: +1 Faction Point, Tin Can x 2, Length of String x 2, Crafted Fishing Pole x 1
      Deadline: 5/11 - 5/31 ends at 11:59 pm PST (Tokotna Time)
  • Merch Store
    • Donate an Aippaq - You can now choose between Sikrinerk or Borga Stones when you make your donation!
    • Sticker shipping has been adjusted to reduce rates as best we can. If you encounter anything weird, please send us a note so we can look into it!
    • 5th Anniversary Patch Design Stickers have been grouped together as a set of 9 and the price has been lowered
    • New Shirts, Hoodies, and baby onesies are now available in the store. These feature amazing art by our lovely Tinadactyl and we hope you enjoy repping your favorite dark spirit!

Fear by TotemSpirit  Hunger by TotemSpirit

~ Jill, Dun, Disc, Kass, Frey, and co

Hello Tokotna!

It’s that time, the following departments are opening:
AoAs, Bank, Breeding, CEs, Factions, HU, PvP, REs, Shrine, and Tribes

Please remember do not post to any section until after there has been a group news announcement that they are open!

  • DC - (Not Open)
  • The masters of DC have decided that Free Sik Stone and Borga Stone Backgrounds will persist through May.
  • Any design using these backgrounds must be posted in the Soul Pool Thread. They will count for Lioness totem
  • In the “Proof of Items” line, please state that you are using the “May Bonus Stone”
  • This is only applicable to new designs, and cannot be used in Import Updates.
  • Factions
  • Faction Beta is over! We will reset your faction one more time then we will move to Yearly Resets in January.  
  • You may now update your Faction 4 times a year!
  • Our last Faction Points round from our Beta period has ended! KS take first place with 274 points, PB got second with 113 points, TB third with 105 points, PL and WT tie fourth with 102 points, and LK last with 11 points. Now for the raffle winners:
  • 3rd Place: SCITZ Choice of 40 000 TT or x15 HP Tokens
  • 2nd Place: Lexii-Bunnii Choice of a Silver Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens
  • 1st Place: hapro Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)
  • Knowledge Seekers were the only Faction that reached Tier 5 Prizes! Every faction other than LK reached Tier 4 Prizes. LK unfortunately will not receive prizes this round. These items will be deposited directly into your banks. Please give us until May 13th, 11pm EST to get these items to you. If you didn’t receive prizes, please ctrl+f your username on this list here:
  • If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. Raffle winners, please note the group with your choice of prize! (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)
  • Fennarchy and Kerbywolf from the March round, please note the group to get your prizes! If you had previously sent a note, it has been missed!
  • Breedings
  • The breeding admins have decided to allow another month of free Passionate II breedings!
  • Starter breedings are now Limited to 3 per Month.
  • Please remember to Specify which Passionate trait is being used in your breeding or we’ll have to kick you to corrections.
  • Please remember to link to the previous breeding attempt(s) if you get sent to corrections!
  • Please remember that every breeding you post counts towards your personal posting limits for the month, even if you’re splitting with someone!
  • HU
  • Please remember that Tokota art assets and imports cannot be uploaded / used off-site. That includes companion and tack art assets, we are looking into the possibility of an approved list. Currently, there is nothing allowed to be used off-site.
  • Outpost
  • The Outpost group goal has been updated. We’re now accepting any lynx and/or rabbit pelts, and the goal has been reduced to 300!
  • Eclipse
  • We are working hard on making updates and accommodations for the upcoming changes in Eclipse this month. For the time being, please use the old DA to post forms, as we are still working out issues with linking. Stay tuned we will have further announcements as things are finalized!
  • CEs/PvP/TvT
  • Starting this month, entries with no bank linked will not be judged, so remember to link those banks!

- Your friendly neighborhood admins


Hi everyone!
Design Central is now hiring! We are looking to add 2-3 more people to our team to reduce wait times in DC. You will be completely trained on how to judge Tokota designs, as well as supported by a large admin team who will have your backs and tell you funny stories on our discord server. One of these new hires will also work in Design Den, designing genos and helping new players. If this sounds good to you, please check out our Admin Applications journal for how to apply!

Also, big congratulations to MemosNiceSide and their Tokota of the Month, Malzahar 16008!
If you know of another tokota worthy of recognition, please toss in a quick vote here! Votes have been pretty low in number lately, and we are only able to award a Tokota of the Month each month if enough people vote! It only takes a couple minutes, and you could make someone's day ~



Hello all!

Apologies for the slight delay on the results, but the Outpost raffle has been rolled! :dummy:

Congratulations to our winners: SapphireSquire, SpraklingPurpleCat, AeolusAce, ChubbyCorgi!!

You've all been tagged in your geno proofs, but they'll also be in the Abandoned Pups thread over on the monthly breeding journal should you need to find them again. c:

Thank you to everyone who entered! :heart: Keep an eye out for our next round, and don't forget to work on those group goals in the meantime!

~ Koevr

Activities are open!
If comments are disabled we will not roll your artwork, and kick it from the group. This is regardless if the piece is correct as we allow forms to be posted in comments and any corrections can not be made if comments are disabled.

April (this month) is the last month to get your old Aippaq's Shrine/Tokoween correction comments rolled with the old shrine roller or for Tokoween loot. After April the only way to shrine your genos/imports will be via the new shrine system in the Shrine of the Seven Stones. If you have any old Aippaq's Shrine/Tokoween correction comments and want them rolled with the old roller, please note the Tokotas group with the correction comment for proof.

Tokotas Merch Store:
There is a big update to the Merch Store including Stickers and Posters. Stickers of LoRE Talismans are now available for purchase at $2 each. Meelanik and Sikrinerk Posters are also available for purchase at $16 or $25. Both have been bundled up so you can purchase the full sets at a 10% discount.

Shop Here ->

Donate an Aippaq:
Good Job Everyone! We’ve had 35 Aippaqs donated already, that's almost one full box.

Buy an Aippaq:
There are 44 Aippaqs left for sale! 33 in the US, 11 in the EU, and CAN is fresh out of Plushies. Anyone in Canada can still get themselves a Plushie but they’ll need to pay the full Shipping from the US.

LoRE Update:
Anyone who provided us an Email at the start of LoRE has been sent a code to get a free Talisman Sticker. If you gave us your email and didn’t get a code please check your spam and junk before noting us. You can check if we got your email by checking this list here ->…

Please remember to link your Tokotna Profile in both CE's and PvP's.


Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening Tokotna!

We have a very special update to go out today concerning Sikrinerk and Borga Stones which are detailed below. Plus a few other updates and a new Quest.

Sikrinerk Stone
  • Sikrinerk Stone Backgrounds can now be applied to all Tokotas including Akotas.
  • All Sikrinerk Stone Backgrounds must match the Tokotas correct HU, you cannot use the Submissive Background on Alpha Tokotas and so on.
  • We have a new background from preimpression of the Piaktok Geyser Field.
    • This Background is Available for use with April COVID Bonus!
  • Check Here for More Information on Import Backgrounds Guide

Borga Stone
  • All Borga Stone Backgrounds are becoming Single Backgrounds meaning they have no HU Levels. Submissive through Alpha all have the same Background with no updates.
  • Borga Stone Background can now be applied to all Tokotas including Standards, Tokis, and Dires.
  • All Borga Stone Backgrounds require a Dom Symbol or Tail Flip at Dominant or Alpha.
  • Submissive and Average Tokotas will require Tokotna to be checked to see the difference, but Admins are trained to do that so don’t worry.
  • We have a new background from Foxjot of Akycha’s Gate.
    • This Background is Available for use with April COVID Bonus!
  • Check Here for More Information on Import Backgrounds Guide

Free Backgrounds
  • Glacier, Spring Mountain, and Winter Mountain Backgrounds are now usable for All Tokotas.
  • Check Here for More Information on Import Backgrounds Guide

DC Reminder
  • Due to how much this global pandemic sucks you can use Sikrinerk and Borga Stones for free in DC this month. Must be using one of your April DC slots for this benefit.
  • Decor Items Guide has been updated to include our most recent decor items, as well as clarifying some rules.

Tokotna Reminder
  • When a Tokota is transferred to you none of the links or information is reset, this includes Trackers, Personality, and Custom Notes. Please be mindful of the links on the forms when you get new Tokotas.

Notes for the Easter Egg Hunt go to TokoEvents!

Last but not least, the Quest has been updated until the end of April!

Spiritegg Away!

The Eastoko bunny has lost all his eggs and suspicion has fallen on Sivoganik. Sikrinerk has volunteered to lead Tokotas into Iluq Forest to help find the missing eggs.
Depict your Tokota searching for eggs with Sikrinerk or confronting Sivoganik, demanding he return the eggs.

Either spirit must be at least 50% visible in art work/mentioned at least three times in lit. At least one Easter egg must also be visible/eggs mentioned in lit.

Prize: Deluxe Easter Basket x 1
4/13 - 4/30 ends at 11:59 pm PST (Tokotna Time)

Lots of Love,
Jill, Dun, Crae, Furreon, and More~



Tribes is now open! There are a couple of small announcements and reminders I need to get to as well. c:

  • Successfully Bonding a Tokota can be redeemed for TP. It is worth 1 TP.
  • There is a new TP Redemption thread. This is so we could update the parent comment with new/relevant information to reduce confusion. If you need it, you can find a link to the old thread at the bottom of the Tribe cycling journall.
  • If you are a Founder or Trusted Tribemate and you are redeeming TP on behalf of one or more of your tribe members, you will need to link you Tribe's Tokotna Profile, not yours, in the form. Anywhere else, and you will be denied and will have to repost.
  • When redeeming TP (and you are not the Founder or a Trusted Tribemate redeeming for someone else in your tribe) you must link your Tokotna Profile in the form. Anywhere else, and you will be denied and will have to repost.

~ Cinna & Bark


The Chimera Tokotorial Video is finally up on our YouTube Channel. Sorry about the delays on that one YouTube logins were giving us hell but Talli has made a great resource for you.

Secondly, the Dire and Toki Scar Packs are almost finished and up in our Resources Folder! You can find them all Here! Don't forget that all Machine and Graveyard Genos go into DC Soul Pool Thread.

Finally, this is a friendly remember that the Help Chat in Discord is not to be used to poke admins to do something. Things that are posed as questions such as "When will you do this?" isn't a question and we are going to start enforcing that with Help Chat Bans for 48 hours. For anyone not doing that, then you can ignore this last part ;)


I am here to announce the new  static wild design contest! The contests will take place every other month from now except in certain circumstances ;) Check it out! The deadline for this one is the 30th of April.

- Kass


TCA has finally been rolled, sorry about the wait!
ID 46098 by TotemSpirit has gone home with Rhari
ID 46100 by TotemSpirit has gone home with FleetingStability
ID 46099 by TotemSpirit has gone home with hapro
ID 46101 by TotemSpirit has gone home with Meloflyer

Congrats!! <3

- Kass


Thanks to Sivoganik's deceptive nature, no-one noticed the Gaskin deadline approach until it had passed us by. So, after promising him an extra fearful mind to feed off of, he agreed to allow us to extend the deadline, but he didn't give us much time.
                                            :iconsivoganik: "You have until the clock reaches zero, then your tokens are worthlesssss"

Timer has been added to the  group's home page.

~Frey, Furr, Saph et al

Hello there wonderful tokota people! As we are still running our faction beta factions were reset last night! If you have not done so already please be sure to register for your faction - or not and keep your neutral-ness!

And please have a look at the news below, there's some important stuff in there!

- The Admin Peeps


Hey all, the following sections are now open for April! Rites of Fertility (AoAs), Bank, Breedings, Continuous Events/PvP/TvT, Design Central, Hierarchy Updates, Shrine, Faction Points, and Random Events. Long post ahead, but you'll want to read all of it!

Continuous Events:
  • If you are using a co-owned Tokota and collaborating your entry with the other co-owner, please specify which user is entering which Tokota so your prize and entry count are correct.
  • Starting this month, the form is updated to include a link to your bank. This is required for all entries!
  • Please give at least 72 hours after results are posted before noting the group regarding prizes/trophies. The exception is if the prize or trophy you received does not match the posted result.

Random Events:
  • Remember to link the import to your Tokota when using bonuses!

  • A small reminder, while submissive tokotas can skip their average update and head straight to dominance they still require that 75 HP to average. This means submissive tokotas need a total of 325 HP vs the 250 HP that a tokota born average would require to head to dominance.
  • We’ve noticed an uptick of trackers that do not have HP giving tokotas linked via tokotna, this is a reminder that these tokotas must be linked in your tracker or that bonus will not be counted towards the total HP of that tokota.
    • Your tribe should be linked somewhere in the tracker when using the Tribemate bonus. The tribemates tokota should also be linked like any other HP giving tokota. If just the tribe is linked, it will not count for the bonus. 
  • As a side note, HP is retroactive at every Hierarchy Update, so if you’ve left a tribe, an HP giving tokota has had a do-over, or you’ve purchased a new tokota with old art remember to remove all non applicable bonuses!
  • Dom symbols have been a lot of fun and a blessing for those of us that just can’t lift that tail or don’t want to! While they’re convenient, remember these symbols must follow some rules. 
    • As per hand paint rules, the dom symbol’s colors cannot match any markings that exist on the tokota. 
    • These symbols must be easily visible, while placement does not matter they cannot be too small. 
    • The symbol can resemble a brand but must follow these rules as well. 

Faction Points:
The last round ended with Knowledge Seekers taking first place! Congrats on your 306 points! Prestige Breeders came in second with 210 points, and Pack Leaders in third with 139 points! Token Brokers are fourth with 109 points, Wilderness Trackers in fifth with 44 points, and Lore Keepers last with 23 points. LK, you were very close!

The FP Raffle Winners of this round are:

3rd Place: Jumperlady Choice of 40 000 TT, or x15 HP Tokens

2nd Place: Fennarchy Choice of a Silver Tier Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

1st Place: Kerbywolf Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)
Raffle winners, please note the group to have your prizes deposited to your bank!

Prestige Breeders, Pack Leaders and Knowledge Seekers all got to the Tier 5 prize! Congrats! Token Brokers got to Tier 4, Wilderness Trackers to Tier 1, and unfortunately Lore Keepers didn’t earn enough to unlock prize tiers! These items will be directly deposited to your bank. Please give us until April 10th, 11pm EST to get these items to you. If you didn't receive these prizes, please use ctrl+f on this list HERE to find your username. If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)

Design Central:
  • We have a small clarification on the lion tail physical trait. The dark marking on the tail is not able to be collared - regardless of the mane type. The dark can be accents, minimum white or marked (with a blurred edge)!
  • A reminder about the Design Central free bonuses this month:
    • All designs posted in DC in April may use the Sikrinerk Stone & Borga Stone Backgrounds for Free!
      • Any design using these backgrounds must be posted in the Soul Pool Thread. They will count for Lioness totem
        • In the “Proof of Items” line, please state that you are using the “April Bonus Stone”
      • This is only applicable to new designs, and cannot be used in Import Updates.

  • Everyone gets a free Passionate II slot for the month of April, regardless of if a parent has the Passionate trait or not!

Kex and all the rest~


Hello all!

Apologies for another news post so soon - please see the news posted earlier today just below this, as it's very important.

I bring you brief, exciting news from the Outpost! We have new genos up for grabs, so go check it out!! Also, don't forget our group goal is still in progress!

~ Koevr :heart:


A small update to your graveyard and machine genos, the genos themselves may not be sold or traded for USD until they are uploaded. Anyone who has already sold their genotype is not in trouble, but we will not be allowing any further USD sales for the Gaskin genos.

Please give CE/PvP prizes at least 72 hours to be deposited into the bank before you note the group!

~Islua, Jill, Frey and team


Good News Everyone! The Group is Open for April Fool’s....which is a joke and no we aren’t open yet. That’s the last joke you’ll find in this news post.

The group is closed for monthly clean up, but we’re sure you’ll enjoy the updates we have below for you!
  • Donate an Aippaq Plushie to Phoenix Children’s Hospital!
    • The Aippaq Plushies have spent the year sitting in Jill and Dun’s closet and not making trips around the world. The Tokotas Admin Team has decided that rather than let over 150 Plushies go to waste we’d rather see them in the hands of children who need them.
    • From April 1st to June 16th (our 6th Anniversary) there is a new option in the Tokota’s Merch Store, Donate an Aippaq, which allows you to pay for the donation of an Aippaq!
    • For the cost of the manufacturer's price ($20), you can donate an Aippaq to a child in need of a hug, at zero profit to the group.
    • As a thank you for your donation, you will receive x5 Sik Stones and an Aippaq Plushie Companion which may be applied to your Tokotas!
    • Check Here for more information on what Phoenix Children’s Hospital does with donated toys.
    • All 150 Aippaq's will still find their way to their new homes, but you can help them get there with your $20 donation.
    • Aippaq Plushies will continue to be available to purchase for yourself until June 16th, however after that they will no longer be in the store.
  • COVID SUCKS and we all have been feeling the effects of that. We decided to give a couple of small group bonuses in the month of April to help brighten your lockdowns.
    • All designs posted in DC in April may use the Sikrinerk Stone & Borga Stone Backgrounds for Free!
      • Any design using these backgrounds must be posted in the Soul Pool Thread and yes they count for your Lioness Totem!
        • In the “Proof of Items” line, please state that you are using the “April Bonus Stone”
      • This is only applicable to new designs, and cannot be used in Import Updates.
    • Everyone gets to use their Passionate II breeding slot without the need for a Passionate Tokota!
      • Please still mark your form as Passionate II to make it easy on the rollers when they check monthly totals.
  • Gaskin Threads are closed, check the journal for updates throughout the day!
    • Extra Boxes have a new Corrections Thread where you will have a limited time to fix your comments.
    • Placeholder comments found will be denied!
  • Updates
    • Aga’s Shrine is now open for the month of April! Be sure to check it out over on Tokotna~
    • Fishing has a new group goal! Check it out on the Tokotas dA frontpage!
    • Don’t forget we still have Outpost Goals running! Let’s work together to unlock more fun things for Akotas!
    • We’ve done a small clean up on the Silky Traits and for the Cheek Fluff for all manes. Updated files have been added to the folders!
  • New/Updated Defects!
    • There are two New Defects in the system! Frail and Lame which can be obtained as an Inbreeding or Double Merle Penalty.
    • Deaf, Blind, and Spinal Defects have also been rebalanced with these new defects so that all five give 1 Activity Penalty and 1 Competition Penalty.
    • Check out Breeding Your Tokota for more Information!
  • Cross Updates
    • Brown Crosses have been renamed to Bronze Cross to better fit the naming scheme.
    • No More Cross Confusion! The Aa/Tt have been pulled off of Crosses Genos and now is just in the Pheno. Roller Updates have been made and we are slowly updating all the current crosses (211 Tokotas) to match that!
    • If you haven’t already, now is the perfect time to adopt the habit of listing your hereditary mutations on the breeding form! Hereditary mutations will still be rolled for even if you don’t list them but it’s always better to list it as a reminder for the roller! Note that this does not include albino, chimerism or bloodmark as those are non-hereditary and listing them will get you sent to corrections.
  • Reminders
    • We have noticed an uptick in rule breaking and inappropriate behaviors.
      • Please remember to read the rules of events and discord before joining in.
      • Please double check the rules in a section if you are unsure you should be doing something. Like extra comments which have its own reminder below.
      • Please be kind to each other in threads and chats, we are all feeling the strain this year and want a place to hang out. Don’t make it harder on others if you don’t have to.
    • As always, exercise caution with USD Transactions.
      • Do not pay using Friends and Family on Paypal, this provides no buyer’s protection if things go awry.
      • Familiarize yourself with PayPal’s ToS to prevent yourself from getting in trouble or being taken advantage of.
    • Extraneous Breeding Comments
      • There has been a large increase this month in people adding extra comments to their breedings. Such as comments saying they are sending them to the shrine or just outright conversations in the threads. This is not allowed and we do issue warnings when you do this because it causes the journals to break sooner.
      • Please be considerate to everyone and do not post any extra comments in the breeding threads.

~ Jill, Dun, Frey, Furreon, Bark, Fuzz, Kass and all the rest


WM176 by TotemSpirit was tamed by saphiraly and WF178 by TotemSpirit was tamed by craeve ! Congrats!!!

- Kass


WM177 by TotemSpirit was tamed by Furreon !! Congrats!!

- Kass


Sorry for the double update today! Check out Shrine news below~
There's a new set of wilds that will be released tomorrow at 7PM PST, check them out over here: Wild Packs

- Kass


Hey there all, an exciting update for you today!
The shrine is now open for you to use those shiny shrine tokens in. It's on the personal side bar, on the right, below the trading post link.
Man this is a small news post, those have been rare as of late. Have fun!

~ Jill and the rest of the team

  • Sorry for the delay everyone, but Activities is Open!
    • March is here, spring is just around the corner, which means Rabbits, Foxes, Birds, Bear, Deer, and Mountain goats have come back in season.
    • A reminder that while we will post results to a featured comment, that you must link said comment clearly at the top of your tracker!
      We will not go hunting for a tokotas name. We also may not accommodate a request for posting successes or fails under certain comments, if you wish to track that for yourself you may, but we prefer to only have one link open where possible. 
  • Also, don't forget that CE's are hiring!
    • Head on over to Admin Applications to read more and send an application on over to TotemSpirit!
  • New Starters
    • We have a handsome new Silky starter for you all, who has joined the ranks of the Silver Tier Starters~
  • Finally, the Quest has been updated!
    • Call of the Wilderness

      A true Wilderness Tracker has the skills to survive days in the wild without preparation. Depict your tokota demonstrating their survival skills by spending 3 days in the wilderness without any outside help or tools. Time to put your crafting skills to the test, build yourself a shelter and camp it out!

      Prizes: +1 Faction Point, Compass x 1, Map Pieces x 5

      3/11 - 3/25 ends at 11:59 pm EST

~ Islua, Furreon, Dun, and all the rest~


Hello everyone!
Departments cleared at the speed of light this month! We are happy to announce the following departments are all open for March; Bank, Breeding, DC, FP, Rites of Fertility, HU, CEs/PvP/TvT, REs, Tribes, Shrine
And as per usual, we have a wall of opening news for you all!

  • Tokotines Reminder
    • You should NOT be buying, trading, or selling Tokotines from the site event. This includes buying or selling for USD, trading for items/genos, etc. Asking for tokotine trades for tokotines themselves is fine. Buying/Trading/Selling Tokotines in any other manner will result in a group ban.
  • Tokotna
    • Forms are back online! :la:
    • Tribe Banners have been updated to be larger and sit behind Tribe Names & Emblems as can be seen here.
  • Hiring
    • CEs is hiring a new minion to assist with competitions! If you'd like a chance to join the team, please look over to the Admin Applications journal and send an application as a note to TotemSpirit as per usual.
  • March Event
    • Some of you have seen some saucy boxes pop up on TokoTime throughout the day… well now you can find out where they came from! Head on over to Dr. Gaskin’s Laboratory and check out our latest event!
  • Shrine
    • Aippaq’s Shrine has been retired and replaced with the Shrine of the Seven Stones!
    • The Shrine of the Seven Stones uses a more streamlined method to award bonuses for fancier tokotas being shrined.
      • All genos/imports are awarded a minimum of 1 Offering Token which can then be spent at the shrines on the Tokotna site.
      • Offering Tokens can then be spent at the shrines on Tokotna to receive a randomized prize from the Shrine’s item pool
    • The Shrine journal is opening today, however the shrines on Tokotna will not be opening until this weekend!
    • For the time being, the shrine will only be accepting Imports and Genos while we monitor the balance of the new system. Companions may be reintroduced at a later date.
  • Totems
    • The Kingfisher Totem is now available to be unlocked by raising a Tokota to Alpha with the Kingfisher companion
    • Snake Totem’s unlock requirements have been reduced from 25 to 15 lost items via Random Events
    • Squirrel Totem’s unlock requirements have been reduced from 30 to 15 Doubled Value Results via Random Events.
  • Bank
    • The timeframe for resetting your Alpha Akotas to Average is over and the thread has been removed. Any Akotas that were submitted to DC before the 29th of February will be uploaded as Alpha and any future ones submitted after the 29th will be uploaded as Submissive/Average respectively.
    • If your Akota was submitted to DC during February and got uploaded as Alpha, if you’d want it to be reset to Average please note Tokotas group and we’ll take care of it for you!
    • Users may no longer state “Bank All” or “Redeem All” on their bank forms. All items being deposited or redeemed for TT must be listed as such for each individual comment. Use the TT Calculator guys! Bankers will love you forever :heart:
  • Hierarchy Updates
    • HP Tokens applied on Tokotna imports need to still be noted in your tracker otherwise they will not be included in the count.
    • If skipping the Average to Dom confirmation by only using applied HP Tokens please remember to mention that all the HP is applied on the import.
    • Reminder that completing the Rites of Dominance now awards +1 Faction Point! Don’t forget to redeem all that FP!
  • Breeding
    • Please remember to link directly to your Tokotna bank account for proof of supplementary items on the form.
  • DC
    • Meelaniks Jinx item is now able to not only change eye color, but also pupil shape!
    • The user submitting a tokota to Design Central must fill out their own Import Information Template (as the description of the file) and their own DC form (as a comment on the file). If another member comments the DC form for you to help you out, you can copy and paste what they provided to you, but you must have your own DC form.
  • Continuous Events
    • Remember to check out the CE prompts, because spring season is here!
    • Also remember that Fish Cake Casserole and Sushi Roll bonuses are currently raised to 10 and 20 points.
  • Rites of Fertility
    • Just a reminder that the updated names for the Merit traits (Courage / Fellowship / Dignity) should be used on your submission forms!
  • Imports
    • Lion tails are now available in the import templates for all builds and manes!
    • Cheek fur has also been updated with a cleaned-up version.
  • Tokota of the Month
    • Congrats to Monadx0x0, whose Tokota Myxatowa 39457 is our March Tokota of the Month! Don’t forget to vote for April’s Tokota of the Month here!
  • Factions
    • As per the Faction Beta, Factions will be wiped tomorrow 3/5/2020! There will be a followup news post when this takes place~

This round ended with Prestige Breeders taking the win! PB earned 175 points, PL came in second with 169 points, and KS in third with 159 points. TB follows up with 77, WT with 69, and LK with 14 points.

The Faction Point Raffle winners are:

3rd Place: Shiningstarofwinter
Choice of 40 000 TT, or x15 HP Tokens

2nd Place: Lizzara
Choice of a Silver Tier Starter Slot, 40 000 TT, or x30 HP Tokens

1st Place: Catnipwolf
Choice of Elemental Heart, Stone of Aippaq, a Gold Tier Starter Slot, or an Abandoned Pup (Normal Build)

Prestige Breeders, Pack Leaders and Knowledge Seekers all got to the Tier 5 prize! Congrats! Token Brokers got to Tier 3, Wilderness Trackers to Tier 2, and unfortunately Lore Keepers didn’t earn enough to unlock prize tiers! Prize Tiers for this round can be seen on the Faction Points page for the next few days. These items will be directly deposited to your bank. Please give us until March 6th, 11pm EST to get these items to you. If you didn't receive these prizes, please use ctrl+f on this list HERE to find your username. If your username is not on this list, you did not submit at least 3FP in the past month and will not receive prizes. (If you submitted with a main account AND a side account and are not on the list, please note the group too!)

~ The Tokotas Admin Team


Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
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CH-TravelsHobbyist Digital Artist
Aaahh the shirts are so lovely!! That’s super exciting
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1horsegirl2003Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question on the breedings for April- does getting access to our PII breeding slot mean we have a total of 3 breedings (not including splits)? 

oop just realized I should probably move this to FAQ or something~ 
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Grats everyone!
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OMG! Thank you so much!! :heart:
I  AM  S H O O K
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:heart: Congratulations!!! Enjoooyyy!! 8D
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:la: I'm so excited! Thank you! :heart:
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Congrats!! ouo
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If you donate a plushie are you supposed to put your email in? I accidentally put my phone number instead of my email.
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Yes, you needed to put in an email so that we could send you the code automatically. You can either note the group with your email or contact me on Discord to get your code Jill#4033
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The message should be sent! Sorry for the inconvenience!
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duckgirl34Hobbyist General Artist
Have activities opened up yet? Just keep thinking I missed something on them! Thanks in advance to whomever answers! Admins, thank you for all that you do! What you guys are putting together in this crazy time is fantastic!
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Activities are still closed right now, but when they open it'll be announced in the news, so keep an eye out! 
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duckgirl34Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks Peep! 
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Is there a place yet to redeem leftover Gaskin tokens?
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They are now an openable on the site
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Not yet. Soon they will turn into tokens for the shrine.
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Do all machine genos have to be submitted in the DC Soul Pool Thread, even if they don't have scar packs added to them? 
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Yes, because they are required to have the special Graveyard bg found here:…
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neon-izumiHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Ahh, ok, thanks for explaining, I didn't realise because it only said DC in the Gaskin Journal><
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The link doesn’t work for me, it redirects to the journal itself. I don’t know if anyone else has the same problem?
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Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The issue should be fixed now.
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Yep, it works now! Though I prob should have read further and clued in it was on youtube fjedjdjd
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Good to know it works.
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The link does not work. But I found it anyway:…
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