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Hello! Welcome to Tokotas!

Kyja Rite of Dominance Compilation by Kieath

Below is our best attempt at explaining what tokotas are and what awesomeness you can get up to with them! Tokotas is a large and active group with lots to do, so we recommend you read this journal in chunks rather than trying to get through it all at once for best results.

First of all, what are these things?

Tokotas are giant mammals similar to bear-dog hybrids. They're rideable and come in lots of different shapes and colors. They can be used for in-game events like activities, breeding, and shows, or kept as a personal OC, or both!

Tokotas are not free to create; you must purchase, win, breed, or be gifted one in-game.

Our number one priority is to make Tokotas as inclusive as possible, as well as being fun for all members! There are ZERO minimum activity rules (you will not be kicked out for being inactive), ZERO reference rules, and ZERO reclaim rules and everyone is allowed to join and participate - no matter your language, age, or artistic / writing level! To officially join the group, you will need to have been a member of dA for at least one full month, and have some art or literature uploaded in your gallery. You can still get your first Tokota without becoming a member, and you do not need a Tokota in order to join!

To go into more detail on what tokotas are, check out the Species Information journal, otherwise read on to learn how to get one!

How do I get one?

There are lots of ways to get a Tokota! You can claim one for free as a brand new member at the Adoption Center, or trade with other members using art, DeviantArt points, USD, or other currencies!

Remember that Tokotas are NOT free to create and you must get an official tokota from the group or a member, not make one yourself.

Ways to get a tokota

  • Adoption Center - The easiest way to get a Tokota as a new member is through the Adoption Center! Here you can place a claim on an un-designed tokota and, if you win it, design it to your liking and get it accepted into the group. It's completely free to anyone who doesn't own anything tokotas related, but the whole process can take several weeks.
  • Purchase From Member - If you're interested in a faster turnaround you can purchase tokotas directly from other members. This can take one of two forms:
    1. You can purchase an already-uploaded tokota (you can always change its personality and name to suit your tastes)
    2. You can purchase an undesigned tokota genotype (like a blueprint for what it will look like)
    You can find other members selling tokotas in the advertisements folder. There are lots of uploaded tokotas and genotypes available for any currency, and occasionally some are even offered for free to newbies!
  • Taming - If you're feeling adventurous you can attempt to tame a wild tokota! These are released infrequently and lots of members will also be trying to tame them, making it difficult to win, but the tokotas up for taming are generally rarer / more desirable.
  • Semi-Custom - Sometimes Tokotas admins will sell semi-customs, allowing you to purchase a custom tokota made to your specifications (within limits). These are not set to any specific release schedule and go quickly, but start at a base price of $10 and can be a good way to get what you want easily.
  • Breeding - The most complicated method to get a tokota is through breeding, but it can allow you to try and get your dream tokota (with a little luck). To breed you must find two tokotas (one male, one female) and either buy or be gifted permission to breed them together by their owners. You submit the breeding to the group and in return you'll get a litter full of genotypes for you to keep or sell as you choose. You can learn more about the breeding process here!

Things to keep in mind

  • You must have proof of ownership of a genotype in order to have a tokota uploaded by admins, so make sure you hold onto the link that leads to the breeding comment of the genotype!
  • It's common practice to complete the Rites of Fertility to earn a tokota's Arms of Akna award (sometimes called AoAs) in return for a slot, but otherwise be sure not to buy slots to a tokota without its AoAs, as this is against group rules.
  • Consider taking screenshots after making a deal, sending payment, etc. This will help the group sort the situation out more efficiently if a complication arises!

So what is a genotype?

Your tokota's genotype is the recipe for what it will look like! The particular order of letters tells you what genes the tokota has, and by layering these markings on top of each other you'll end up with a lovely tokota.

To get an idea of what a geno might look like, you can paste the phenotype into the TotemSpirit gallery, where all tokotas are uploaded to. This will bring up examples of how other members have designed similar genos.

For additional genetic resources, try the following links:

Okay, I've bought a genotype. What now?

If you have an official genotype, the next step is to design it and have it uploaded by admins to the import account, TotemSpirit. Keep in mind that you may not breed or use your Tokota in the group until it is posted by TotemSpirit. Additionally you are not permitted to upload the design to your gallery - if you do you will be required to take it down.
  • If you have purchased a genotype and wish to design it yourself, click here to find out how to design your Tokota.
  • If you wish to have one of our official Design Den designers design it for you, click here. This is free but may not always be open!
  • If Design Den is closed and/or you would like to have another member design it, you are welcome to use the advertisements folder to look for people offering or to ask! Prices differ depending on the artist.

What can I do once my tokota is uploaded?

Congratulations! If you've made it this far, you're now an official tokota owner!

If you're interested in chatting with other members and possibly expanding your pack, you may want to check out the Tokotas skype chat! Everyone is welcome!

You can also develop an optional handler/rider.

If you have just bought a designed Tokota and would like to change their name, personality, or health status, go to Import & Ownership Changes!

About the Group

There are lots of aspects to the group beyond just owning a tokota.

General Group Information

Group Rules

In order to maintain a safe and drama-free environment, the group must operate on a number of rules that are absolutely necessary for you to read before participating. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with them!

Choose a faction!

There are currently six factions that exist in the Tokota community, Pack Leaders,  Prestige Breeders, Lore Keepers, Knowledge Seekers, Wilderness Trackers and Token Brokers. You are not required to pick a faction, but each one has benefits that may help you immensely in the game.

Join a tribe!

A tribe is a user-run group, similar to a guild, which has unique themes and goals. It is a great way to make friends within the community! If none of the current tribes strike your fancy, don't worry - anyone is allowed to form their own tribe, as long as tribe formation is listed as open on the front page of the Tokotas group.

Who can I talk to if I'm having problems with someone/something?

The group is big and it may look a bit intimidating, but the admins are here to make sure you are satisfied and have an approachable place to go if problems arise. Please send a note to the group and we will respond ASAP! If you are having a problem with an admin, please feel free to send a note directly to Barking-Birds or NorthPaws. All complaints will remain 100% anonymous.

In-Game Information

Set up a Tokotna account!

Tokotas has a companion website called which allows you to store all your items in your bank account, transfer and trade items with other members, view and edit details of your tokotas, craft items and much more. All of these cool features on tokotna allow for instant tokota and item transfers, instant crafting and instant purchases. The Tokotas in-game currency is called "Toko Tokens" or "TT". These can be redeemed for many cool and beneficial items featured in our in-game store The Trading Post which is located on the Tokotna website. Toko Tokens can be earned mainly from redeeming the prey and items gained via activities at the TT Bank. To get started with your own Tokotna account head on over to the Account Management journal and follow the instructions on that journal and the registration page.

The Hierarchy System

The hierarchy system is one of the most important parts of the Tokota ARPG. Every time you draw or write about your tokota you are earning them "hierarchy points" - better known as HP. As your tokota earns more points you will be able to advance them to new statuses, each of which comes with benefits to breeding and more!

No-deadline art/literature activities

Tokotas can participate in many ongoing activities, including fishing, hunting, exploring and caving. There is no deadline and these activities will earn your tokota items they can redeem for TT at the bank, as well as crafting items, companions, and more!


Crafting allows you to create new items out of items found while exploring!

Continuous Events

You can enter your tokotas in these events at any time for a chance at great prizes! Additionally there are often lots of member run contests advertised through the group.

Additional questions? Feel free to ask below in the comments!

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