Makeovers and Do-Overs Guide

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Makeovers and Do-Overs are two separate ways you can update your uploaded tokota's appearance.
Makeovers allow for smaller changes to the details of the design, while keeping the overall appearance of the tokota the same. Do-Overs are a complete redesign of the tokota, and do not need to keep any of the original appearance.

Makeover and Do-Over Tokens may be purchased in the Trading Post. Apply your Makeover or Do-Over Token in the Import Updates thread in Design Central, which can be found in the Cycling Journal Hub.


Makeovers must keep the overall appearance of the tokota very similar to the original design.
Base coat, marking placement, and color must all be generally the same. The tokota's design may be cleaned up or recreated, and the eye and flesh colors may be changed.

Makeovers also allow for any illegal base coats or markings to be changed to fit current design standards, even if it means the tokota will look noticeably different. However, you are not required any changes to illegal base coats or markings. They may remain illegal if you choose to keep them in the design.

Makeover Tokens allow the following edits, so long as the design is essentially the same as the original:
  • Background changes with correct hierarchy status
  • Small design edits, as long as the tokota is still recognizably the same for HP purposes; these include recreating markings or cleaning up marking edges
  • Addition of slight gradients
  • Repainting of the eyes and flesh
  • Repainting of items, scars, handpaints, etc. so long as they are essentially the same
  • Removal of items, scars, handpaints, etc. (always free to do)
  • Colored lines
  • Removal or addition of import logos (always free to do)
  • Moving Tokotas from old submissive pose to current pose (submissive background still required)
  • Lowering the tail of a dominant or alpha Tokota (requires the addition of a Dom Symbol)

Makeover Tokens also allow the following edits that change the appearance of the design:
  • Allows any incorrect markings to be redone so that they are correct by the current DC standards
  • Allows an illegal base coat color to be changed to an acceptable base coat color; markings may also change hue to match the new base coat
  • Changing the color of eyes and flesh

You may add items, scars, handpaints, etc. at the same time as a Makeover Token. If they are visually the same as the current items, you will not be charged again. If they are too different, or are additional items not included in the design previously, you will be charged for them.


Do-Overs allow for a complete redesign of a tokota according to the current DC standards. The tokota is essentially "reborn" and goes through DC again with a completely new design. Do-Overs do not allow any illegal base coats or markings from the previous design to remain in the design.  

You may add items, scars, handpaints, etc. at the same time as a Do-Over Token. You will be charged for all items, even if they resemble items from the previous design.


  • All HP since the last official HP confirmation at average, dominant, alpha, or confirmation of extra breeding slots, will be void. For example, if your tokota is only 40HP away from reaching Alpha, the 260HP after the dominance confirmation would be void if you applied a Do-Over Token to your tokota. This is to ensure that we can always properly identify your Tokota's design in the HP that you do for it.
  • You will not be able to simply update the old HP with the new design to have it count again, as that would constitute re-using art.

Using Old Lines

In order to use old official import lines (including the old dire lines and old long mane lines), you must use a Makeover Token. This applies to uploaded Tokotas (apply Makeover Token via Import Updates thread in DC) and designed genos (apply old lines using Makeover Token via Soul Pool thread in DC). If you are applying old lines to an uploaded Tokota and also completely redoing its design, the Do-Over token required to change the Tokota's design covers the cost to use the old lines (no additional Makeover Token needed).

Old official lines are stored in the import directory.

Skin by Horsepoint and alexpeanut, paw icon by Kawiku, images by noebelle
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lauraacan's avatar

Does a tokota keeps his AoAs if I use a Do-over? :)

Wakeeee's avatar

Not an admin, but yes he does, just not any HP from those AoAs.

kagetora4ever's avatar
I might have imagined reading this somewhere, but can you use PotA tokens when using a Do-Over token?
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No, Pota tokens can only be applied to genos going through DC
kagetora4ever's avatar
Alright ^^
Figured I must have imagined it, but felt it best to ask c:
DreamCatcher-Stable's avatar
I can't seem to find the information I'm looking for, so I have to ask ^^; 
I have a dire on one of the older line versions and would like to move it to the newest lines, does that require a makeover token? 
Peep1897's avatar
crnvl-yth's avatar
quicky question, do i need to a have a makeover token to put a toko on the new lines when she's on the old-head down sub lines?
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Yes. However this only applies if you plan to update the tokota's pose while the toko still staying as submissive. If you wait until the toko is ready to be updated to average, you don't need a makeover token to "update" the pose as the standing pose is the standard for average tokotas.
BoPeepxo's avatar

Quick question, if I apply a do-over token to a tokota do they keep their tack/items/etc applied? I know their HP gets wiped, but can't find an answer to my question anywhere!

Furreon's avatar
Yes, with a do-over the only thing that's changing is the design of the toko, and all prior HP gets wiped due to the toko not being recognizeable anymore. All tack, companions and traits stay as they have nothing to do with the design/recognizeability aspect.
BoPeepxo's avatar

Thanks so much! I appreciate you responding <3

IoNekta's avatar
Removing the marked streak on the back on this toko…, and nothing else (the rest stays the same), would require a do-over or a makeover token?
MarcieIIa's avatar
It would be a do-over token (:
IoNekta's avatar
Understood! Thank you!
IoNekta's avatar
Hello, I have a question, I have uploaded a brown tokota and later realized she has a special base coat in her lineage, and wish to change the base coat (nothing else changes, markings stay the same), her base coat would shift from brown to reddish brown. Would I need a do-over or a makeover token?
Peep1897's avatar
That would require a do-over token
IoNekta's avatar
Ok, thank you!!
NorthernSadness's avatar
I have a tokota that has a bobtail, I still ahve the PSD for them
all I'm wanting to do is remove the bobtail and nothing else - all markings items and flesh parts will remain the same. 

Would this be a makeover or Do-Over? 
Peep1897's avatar
Making physical traits "carried" or not showing on the design is free, no items required.
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Out of curiosity, would this work the other way as well? If I wanted to make a carrier toko show a physical trait, would that be free, or would I have to use a do-over/makeover token?

If it is free, would that apply to using a SPW too?

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If a tokota already has that carried physical trait, then it would be free to un-carry the trait~

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Oh, gotcha. Thank you!

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