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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!

Please check the Hierarchy System on Tokotna for current information!

A tokota's hierarchy status is a symbolic measure of its experience and influence, shown in its visible confidence and body posture. Some tokotas will stay at the hierarchy status they were born into, but many - with or without help from their handler - will be able to rise through the ranks and claim the boons of a higher status.

The hierarchy system is used to level up your tokota through drawing or writing about them. As they accumulate points your tokotas will rise through the hierarchy, eventually reaching Alpha status.

Hierarchy Milestones || Calculating Hierarchy Points || Hierarchy Statuses

Hierarchy Milestones

When you believe your Tokota has enough HP to advance to the next hierarchy status, please proceed to the Hierarchy Updates journal!

Submissive -> Average: 75 HP required
Average -> Dominant: +250 HP after reaching average

Dominant -> Alpha: +300 HP after reaching dominance

This means that tokotas born average will need 250 HP total to get to dominant, and 550 HP total to get to alpha, but tokotas born submissive will need 325 HP total to get to dominant and 625HP total to get to alpha.

Calculating Hierarchy Points

While accumulating HP is not required, it is beneficial for certain aspects of the group, particularly breeding. There is no pressure to earn HP; it is 100% up to you how you want to draw/play the game with your tokota.

-> Hierarchy Points Calculator <-

New Now updated with the new values! New

HP Journal Requirements

The first step is to make a journal to track your points. All HP journals must include the following;
  • A link to the tokota's import sheet
  • A link to your tribe's tracker, if you are using any tribemate bonuses
  • A link or thumbnail of each image or literature submission featuring your tokota
    • Beside/below each link/thumbnail needs to be a breakdown of the piece's total worth and how you reached that total.
    • You must either clearly write the name of each bonus out in full, or use the standard abbreviations as provided by the HP calculator, for example; 5(FB C/S+BG) +2(explore) +4(non-com) +2(handler)
    • Tokotas giving HP bonuses (alpha, superstar, starters, etc.) must be linked (Tokotna import links only).

  • The journal should be broken into the following subsections for HP earned at each hierarchy level. When applying for any HU update, we need to see all of the sections up to the hierarchy level you are applying for, even if they have already been approved. You may also break them into separate journals, as long as you provide the links for them all. Please also note which sections have already been approved by an admin, if any.
    • Submissive to average (for tokotas born submissive) - 75 HP (50 for Leadership trait)
    • Average to dominant - 250 HP (200 for Leadership)
    • Dominant to alpha - 300 HP (250 for Leadership trait)
    • Every 100 HP after alpha, for applying for extra breeding slots

Other HP Journal Tips

  • You may add any extra information or custom formatting you want to your journal as long as it is neatly organized and readable. If we cannot read your journal due to your design choices or coding glitches, your update will be denied.
  • You may use offsite pages to host your HP journals, but it is highly recommended that you use deviantART journals or sta.sh. In particular, using google sheets make the counting process much slower for admins, and if you do not allow public viewing and link directly to the tab for the individual tokota, your update will be denied.
  • For artwork, please provide thumbnails wherever possible (or both a text link and a thumbnail) to assist in making counting go faster.
  • It is recommended that you save a backup copy of your HP journals in the event that a journal crashes or it is deleted accidentally.

The following are member-made hierarchy trackers in a variety of styles, as examples.

Base Points

The first step is to determine which category your picture falls into, dependant on its media.


Please note: Art must be entirely original to count for HP. Using pre-made assets like pixels, 3D models, in game screenshots or bases, or reuse/edits of your own backgrounds/lineart and editing them will not count for events, tamings, CEs, activities, HP or any group feature.

Art - Headshots

50% or less of the tokota depicted.
  • Headshot - Sketch: 0HP
  • Headshot - Uncolored: 0HP
  • Headshot - Uncolored and Shaded: 0HP
  • Headshot - Colored: 1HP
  • Headshot - Colored and Shaded: 2HP

Art - Fullbody

More than 50% of the tokota depicted.
  • Fullbody - Sketch: 0HP
  • Fullbody - Uncolored: 1HP
  • Fullbody - Uncolored and Shaded: 2HP
  • Fullbody - Colored: 2HP
  • Fullbody - Colored and Shaded: 3HP

Note: If your image is recolored art, divide your end total HP by two. Do the same for chibi art (see below for the rules on chibi art). These penalties stack, but round down to the nearest 1HP (or zero).


Literature can count for HP in both standalone works and in the description of art pieces. If your piece is primarily art or crafts but has a story in the description, simply add the HP generated from the wordcount to the total. In this case, only the art or craft would generate the bonuses below, not the added story. Standalone literature generates the bonuses below as normal.
  • Every 200 Words: 1 HP

Literature pieces that are under 600 words will be subject to the HP count being halved, in a similar vein to the "chibi" ruling for art (see below). 


Physical crafted items such as sculpture, bead work, felt work, plushies, etc. Must be of sufficient detail to count, and the Tokota's markings, mane and build must be recognizable.
  • First use of item: 5HP
  • Appearances in subsequent images: 1HP

Bonus Points

Once you have determined which category your piece falls under, it's time to start adding up the bonuses!

+ Background

Does not apply to literature, must be semi-complex to count.
  • Art Backgrounds: +2HP
    Requires some substance to it (ground details, sky details, trees, rocks, etc), but does not have to be magnificent. If doing multiple poses on a background of the same Tokota, it will only count as a background for one of the poses. You must draw unique backgrounds for each one for it to count for each pose.
  • Craft Backgrounds: +3 HP
    Photo or drawn backgrounds with hand-made elements. Photos/handmade items must be your own; no stock. Pure photo backgrounds, even ones you have taken yourself do not count towards backgrounds. Manipulation does not include cropping, color changes or enhancements or other such small changes.

+ Activity

  • Activity - Exploration, Hunting, Fishing, Caving, Diving, Healing, or Breeding: +2HP
    The Tokota will only get the bonus if they are participating in the activity - if you threw in an extra Tokota just for HP, they would not get the bonus.

+ Show Entry

This only applies for Tokotas participating in the show. (For example, in Rite of Knowledge, the Tokotas being caught do not get this bonus.) Most common shows that qualify for this bonus are Continuous Event and PvP entries.
  • If your image is a show entry or rite (dominance or fertility): +2 HP
  • In addition winning a placement is worth extra HP: (does not apply to PvP)
    • 1st Place: +4HP
    • 2nd Place: +3HP
    • 3rd Place: +2HP
    • Grand Champion / Best In Show / etc: +1HP

+ Non-Commissioned or Collaborated

  • Some or all of the piece was done by you:
    • Non-Commissioned: +4HP
      This applies only to your own tokotas that you draw/craft/write about yourself.
    • Collaboration: +2HP
      For if you and another member worked on the piece together. Applies only to the collaborator(s) tokotas.
      Lit:Please separate/title the sections to show who wrote each part.

+ Animation

  • Animation (Art Only): +6HP
    Blinks and ear flicks will not count, must be a larger animation, like run cycles and howling, etc.

Miscellaneous Bonus Points

General Rules
Inclusion of the following bonuses requires that the following rules must be met for the tokota/character that confers the bonus:

  • Art: They must be easily visible, show the same quality as the rest of the piece, and be full body (have at least 50% of the body shown).
  • Literature: They must be relevant in the story, not just casually mentioned.
  • Craft: They must be of moderate detail and handcrafted; no repainted models.

+ Misc Bonus

Apply to all categories except where stated. Some bonuses differ by category.

  • Handler (Art and Lit): +2HP
    Handler (Craft): +3HP first use; +1 for subsequent uses
    Applies to all Tokotas in the picture, even if there is only 1 handler and 5 Tokotas. Can be any species, human or animal. Does not stack.

  • Starter (Art and Lit): +2HP
    Starter (Craft): +1HP
    For including one of the starter Tokotas in your piece. They can be found here. Does not stack: if you add 2 starters, you only get the bonus of 1.

  • Lore (Art and Lit):+ 2HP
    Lore (Craft): +1HP
    For depicting one of the figures from Tokota's lore. This bonus will apply to all tokotas pictured. Tribe lore figures are only eligible to confer this bonus to tokotas owned by a member of that tribe, and their import must be linked in you HP tracker. Does not stack.

  • NPC (Art and Lit):+ 2HP
    NPC (Craft): +1HP
    For depicting one of the Official Tokota's NPCs. This bonus will apply to all tokotas pictured. Their Tokopedia entry must be linked in you HP tracker. Does not stack. NPCs cannot be claim both the Handler and the NPC bonus.

  • Companion: +1HP
    For depicting your Tokota's applied companion(s). This bonus will only apply to the Tokota with the companion(s), and they must be officially applied (non-official/personal story companions do not count). Stacks for up to 3 companions.

  • Alpha: +1HP
    For depicting an Alpha tokota(s). This bonus will apply to all tokotas pictured (An Alpha tokota's bonus applies to other Alphas but does not apply to itself.) Stacks for up to 3 Alpha tokotas.

  • Superstar (Art and Lit): +2HP (Superstar I) or +3HP (Superstar II)
    Superstar (Craft): +1HP (Superstar I or Superstar II)
    For depicting a tokota with the Superstar I or Superstar II Trait. This bonus will apply to all tokotas pictured (A tokota's bonus applies to other superstars but does not apply to itself). Does not stack.

  • Other ARPG Species: +1HP
    For depicting any other ARPG species/breed(s) and including a link to their import. This bonus will apply to all tokotas pictured. Stacks for up to 3 different species (species must be different, 3 individuals of the same species will not count).

'Chibi' Art

Chibi images will only count for half of their normal HP value. Please note that tokotas has it's own unique definition of 'Chibi!'

'Cute' art (intentionally exaggerated anatomy with obvious effort put into it) can be counted by the same rules as normal art, as that is considered stylization, and completely permissible. However, if we find something that we strongly think looks lazy or that looks like it took five seconds, it may be considered 'chibi' for HP purposes.

To determine this, we will do a quick check of your gallery and compare it to the rest of your artwork. If we determine that it's simply your style or level of art skill, we will not hold it against you, and it will count by the same rules as normal art. We will deal with this on a case-by-case basis, but don't be intimidated. It's not because we hate cute things, but simply because we don't want the group crammed full of thousands of half-hearted points-gathering chibis by capable artists that took five or less minutes.

HP Sheets

General Rules
  • HP sheets with 10+ poses must either be organized in rows or a grid, or have each pose clearly and sequentially numbered. (This rule will be in effect for any HP sheet posted in 2018 and onward, but retroactively numbering old sheets is very helpful if you wish to do so!)
  • All poses within the sheet must be unique, and cannot be re-used for events, rites, or activities.
  • Miscellaneous bonuses only count once for HP sheets, unless they are pictured alongside each version of the tokota
    For example if you draw a handler once on the HP sheet, it only gives +2 HP total and does not stack with each version of the tokota. If you draw the handler with each tokota on the sheet, each version will receive +2 HP bonus.
  • Skunk companion bonus will only count once for HP sheets.
  • Recolored HP sheets only count for half of their normal HP value.
  • When calculating the HP for recolored sheets, you should add/multiply all your bonuses and only divide by 2 at the end of your calculation - the total amount should be rounded down to the nearest whole number (no decimals).

  • Different bonuses cannot be re-used across multiple recolored HP sheets. 
    For example, if you draw backgrounds for each pose on one HP sheet, then recolor that HP sheet while keeping the same backgrounds, they will not count for the background bonus on the recolored sheet.

Examples of acceptable grid/number formats for larger HP sheets:
No'Tek Doing the Things by Keksefuzzy Hp Sheet- Maine pt. 1 by Alcemistnv Gloom HP Sheet by phenaroo

A handy rule of thumb for determining if a bonus will apply to your HP sheet or not, is to imagine how you would count the HP if you divided the sheet into individual deviations. Handlers, starters, backgrounds etc., can only count as many times as they are drawn uniquely.


When your Tokota earns its Arms of Akna award, add one of the following to your tokota's overall HP total:
  • Novice/Average: +5HP
  • Excellent: +10HP

Hierarchy Statuses


Submissive tokotas are very common, being the young and inexperienced or followers at heart. They don't easily command respect or leadership positions, but with hard work and perseverance they can reach just as high a status as any tokota.

Submissive tokotas display a lowered head and tail, on the foggy import background. Breedings involving submissive tokotas are not permitted.
  • May not breed.


Average tokotas are also common, and along with submissives make up the majority of a wild pack. They display a balance of initiative and obedience that allows them to potentially lead a very successful life even without ever rising in status. In a pack without a dominant or alpha tokota, one or two average tokotas may take the lead based on personality, strength, and experience.

Average Tokotas display a raised head and lowered tail, on the sunrise/set import background.
  • Offspring will be submissive unless bred to a dominant.
  • Lifetime breedings partially restricted.


It takes significant effort and time for a tokota to rise to dominance, and as such it is a fairly rare event. These tokotas are the leaders and gurus of their packs and are respected for their wisdom, skill and experience.

Dominant tokotas display a proud bearing with either a lifted tail or a Dominance Symbol, on the night aurora borealis import background.
  • Offspring will be average.
  • Being dominant comes with lots of perks!
  • Lifetime breedings slightly restricted.
  • For each 100 HP accumulated after reaching dominance,tokotaa can unlock additional slots.


Tokotas that have what it takes to rise to the status of alpha are extremely rare. They command respect even outside their own pack for their capability and integrity, and whether their strength is spiritual or physical they are considered the greatest leaders in the lands.

Alpha tokotas hold the same proud posture as dominant tokotas, only with the spirit of Aippaq in the aurora above them.
  • Offspring will be average.
  • Being alpha comes with lots of perks!
  • Maximum standard lifetime breedings available. (Tokotas can still gain more through sets of 100 HP as detailed above under dominant)

Have questions? Double check the journal before asking, and if you still do not find your answer, comment below!

We also encourage you to share your feedback. If you think it's too difficult, intimidating, or complicated, feel free to share.

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