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This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!

Please check the Handler and Rider Rules on Tokotna for current information!

Due to certain complications and confusion regarding handlers in the past, this guideline has been written to help you determine what is and is not acceptable as a handler/rider for events where handlers are required and for handler HP bonuses. You have a very wide range of artistic freedom for handlers, but due to effort-based rules, we do need to impose certain limitations.

General Handler Rules

  • Your handler must be capable of actually handling the Tokota. Can a basketball logically hold a lead rope and calm a scared or angry horse-sized beast? No. It must be sentient (able to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively), with at least some kind of appendages and limbs for which to actually handle the animal. Tentacles, human or anthropomorphic arms/paws/hands, and robotic limbs are all fine.
  • Your handler may be shown in/on a vehicle within an image, but not one that obscures them any more than the percent of body visibility that is required.
  • Shape-shifting handlers are perfectly allowed, but unless their non-human form is an anthropomorphic (humanized) creature this is only when the task guidelines do not specify that the animal must be ridden.
  • Similarly, your handler is permitted to fly only when the task guidelines do not specify that the animal must be ridden. They must still be seen within the image, visible as much as is required.
  • Keep in mind that admins still have a right to deny your image if they feel as if the handler is still not sufficient effort or visibility wise, even if it follows all of the guidelines, and regardless of what species it is. For example, if your handler is just a dot on the horizon, an uncolored silhouette, a stick figure, etc.

Acceptable Handler Size

Handler Guide by TokoTime

Too small?

(Applies to both riders and handlers)
It is very hard to depict a handler this small in a remotely sufficient manner as details are often hard to see. Admins would have to squint hard to identify what exactly it is, or if there is enough of it to qualify. It is also unlikely to be able to handle a tokota

Too large?

(Only applies to riders)
A rider this large would put significant strain on a tokota's spine. Always keep in mind the average size of a tokota depending on build:


But my handler is my own personal character, and their design should not be for the group to decide!

That is absolutely true, and that is why, as stated above, this only applies to events where handlers are required and handler bonuses. By submitting art and participating in official group tasks, you must be prepared to follow the guidelines regarding them.

Please be respectful and mindful with your handlers, but remember that if you're not sure if something is acceptable or not, you are welcome to ask!

Do we have to do anything official like submit a handler reference to the group in order to use one?

Nope, they just have to follow these rules when you do use them!

How many handlers can one person have?

There's no limit! You can have however many and whatever kind of handlers/riders you please as long as they adhere to these rules.

Can I use one handler for everything?


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could i learn a little more, lore and such? i just stumbled across this randomly and i'm very curious