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How much is a tokota, and how do I buy one?

There are many opportunities to buy and obtain a tokota. Check out the Newbie Guide!

How can I change my Tokota's name, personality, and information? And are there no restrictions in doing so?

You can find the link to update your Tokota's import information at Info & Ownership Changes. However, names and personalities must remain PG13, with no sexual, drug-related, cursing, political or religious themes. In addition, you may not use any of the names already in use by one of the starter tokotas - though you may do variant spellings.

Am I free to add hand paints, accessories, and jewelry?

Hand paints, and cosmetic items can be bought with TT at the Toko Tokens Bank and added to your Tokota's import sheet. In personal art you can draw your Tokota being painted or wearing accessories, but they may only be added in official images when they have been purchased and added to the import sheet.

What size are they?

You can find the size ranges for the different types here. There is no noticeable variation in size between genders.

May I submit to, join the group, and create premade art for tokotas, even if I do not own one?

Yes! And in fact, this is encouraged. Selling YTH pieces (Your Tokota Here), offering commissions for the breed, and posting "looking for" journal ads are a great way to save for and get your first tokota, so don't be shy about submitting as long as your submissions are relevant to the group.
On the other hand, you may not submit anything to the group gallery that is specifically related to another species, and not majorly related to tokotas.

What should we assume the other side of our tokota design looks like when we receive it?  Are they meant to be symmetrical? Or can we decide what the other side looks like?

You are welcome to take artistic liberties with the other side - as long as it appears logical and respects the design standards and composition of the other side.

How well do they get along with other species? What rules/regulations for them being around animals would there be?

A well-domesticated tokota will get along great with larger animals and riding animals like horses, shedus, wolves, dogs, etc. It depends strongly on individual personality, but tokos are very adaptable. There is a tendency to become aggressive when challenged by a member of another species, but with training and patient introduction, they can easily ignore hostility from other animals.

It is still best to be mindful when it comes to things like rabbits, small dogs, cats, rodents, deer and birds. Tokotas - and especially wild born tokotas - are trained to hunt smaller animals and may attack, but this can also be corrected with training.

Are references required?

No. You are welcome to create a reference for your tokota, but it is not a requirement, and the group has no activity rules.

Is participation and activity required?

No! You are welcome to use an official tokota as a personal OC or for participation within the group, but there is no obligation and no activity rules whatsoever.

What is the group's perspective on tracing (from stock photos)?

Tracing may dock effort points in official images, but beside that, it is not considered unacceptable. From an artistic standpoint, it's recommended to try branching out and either referencing or drawing from scratch, even if your anatomy may not be as accurate as it is when tracing a photo, but it is understood that some people are not comfortable with this, or simply cannot, so - from the perspective of the group - it is perfectly okay as long as you credit the stock photo you used. Members, however, may have their own views on this. User-held shows are perfectly permitted to ban tracing.

You may absolutely not, in any circumstances heavily reference or trace another artist's work, even if they are a well known artist on google images, or not part of the group.

Are the gaits more similar to a canine/wolf, or more similar to a bear?

Their gait is a little more weighted than a wolf, but not as lumbering as a bear. They have a graceful, natural stride, along with a unique lope, similar to canter but less showy. They also have the ability to perform almost any gait a horse can, albeit not always in the exact same manner. Tokotas can be trained to collect and perform dressage moves similar to a horse.

What counts as a training image?

Any image in which your tokota is at least 75% visible and rider is at least 25% visible can be considered training.

Who are the admins and what do all the admins do?

Quite a lot; the group takes about 200 hours a week to run! You can find a who's who here.

Can I become an admin?

Find out if we're hiring, what jobs are available and how to apply here.

Is there a place to chat with other members about Tokotas or to introduce myself to the community?

Yes! There are two official group skype chats; find out more about them here.

Can I make my own tack or do I need to buy it from the group?

You're welcome to make your own tack, or commission it from another member! There are no group requirements for tack.

For a group goal can I buy or trade for a group goal item and have it count as a find?

No, sorry. You must find the item in the proper activity. This also counts for any item that is craftable, as you may not use the crafted item to count as a find.

For a group goal can I use a random event item find?

Yes, but it has to come from the proper activity, so when noting the group the admin must be able to see the parent comment.

Question not answered here? Ask in the comments!

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Just want to check that this is right/OK before I go ahead and do it but we're fine to upload our tokos to our toyhou.se galleries (with commissioned art/art we drew ourselves, to be 100% clear) as long as we DON'T upload their import image/anything on official group lines, correct?