Easter Egg Hunt 2020 [Closed]

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 Tokotas - Easter 2019 1 by TheO-ddChild

Get Into the Easter Spirit!

The snow is finally melting and Tokotna is alive with the sights, sounds, and smells (who doesn't love the smell of mud in the morning?) of spring. Everytoko is excited because the first signs of spring also mean that the Eastoko bunny will soon be hippity-hopping on his way to Tokotna.

There is lots to do to prepare for his visit! This year, you can choose from 2 different Easter activities: Egg Hunt or Chickens vs Rabbits!

Participation Prize:

Participate in either or both activities, and you will receive:
1 x Easter Critter Carrier
(Limit of 1 per person)

 Easter Event is CLOSED!
It will close April 26th at 11:59pm PST  

Cute Pixel Easter Egg Divider 3 by Sleepy-Stardust Bunny  Cute Pixel Easter Egg Divider 3 by Sleepy-Stardust

[Tokotas - Easter Festival 2019] by Druidtastic

Egg Hunt

Has your tokota got the best sniffer in the west? Are you good at solving puzzles? The Egg Hunt is probably right up your alley. If you can find all 20 eggs before the end of the event, you'll get your very own basket full of goodies to take home, along with a new friend.


  • This event is not first come first serve - everyone can find all 20 eggs and receive a prize.
  • Search for eggs by following the clues. Save the links to each page you find the eggs on as you go, you'll need them later!
  • You MAY NOT publicly post links to eggs and spoil things for other players on deviantART or our group discord. It's no fun if you cheat! If you are caught sharing links and spoiling the fun, you will be disqualified from the event. (You may privately share the answers with friends, but please do so only with their permission.)
  • When you've found all 20 eggs, note a list of all 20 links to TokoEvents to claim your prize.
  • Good luck!

Your First Clue....

CollectionQuestIcon by TokoEvents
The hunt has begun, so take a deep breath,
The first egg will be found with the spirit of life and death.
:new: *HINT* The eggs are numbered, you can see the number by hovering over them or clicking the thumbnail.
If you get lost on your hunt or accidentally skip ahead, you can use the numbers to figure out which eggs you are missing and which clue will lead you to them.

Prize For Completing the Hunt:

Basket by TokoEvents
1 x Deluxe Easter Basket
(Includes 24 random Deluxe Easter Eggs)

Rabbit Roundup - Easter Festival - Tokotas by Sevrn Toko Easter Festival : EggtastCraft Table w/Nagruk by AnimalArtKingdom

Chickens vs Rabbits

Want to have some Easter Fun but scavenger hunts are just not your thing? Help us settle the age old debate - which is the best Easter animal: Chicken or Rabbit?


  • Entries are limited to once per person.
  • Draw or write about at least one of your own tokotas using one of the provided prompts. Rules for entries are as follows.
    • Art
      • There must be at least 1 rabbit or 1 chicken featured somewhere in your image.
      • The tokota(s) must be depicted full body (75%+ visible).
      • Full background is required to the best of your abilities 
      • Images must be colored, but detailed grayscale is allowed, as long as the tokota's defining markings are very clearly depicted with shading, etc.
      • Images must be at least 300x300 px.
    • Literature
      • There must be at least 1 rabbit or 1 chicken featured somewhere in your story.
      • At least 600 words.
      • The tokota(s) should play a main role in the story, not just be casually mentioned.
  • If you do not yet own a tokota, you may use a starter.
  • Commissioned entries are not allowed, entries should be your own work
  • Collaborated entries (up to 3 members) are permitted. Each collaborator must own at least one tokota in the entry.
  • Images done for this event qualify for the +2HP show bonus!


  1. The Chicken and the Hare: What would be a better way to prove which animal is the superior Easter critter than a race? Depict your tokota cheering on their favorite companion animal at the 5th Annual Tyonek Easter Race: Chickens vs Rabbits edition! Will the rabbits hop across the finish line first, or will the chickens scratch their way to the top?
  2. Pet Pageant: Easter is a colorful holiday, and decorating eggs is half the fun of the season. But this year, in order to settle the great debate we'll be decorating... the chickens? Depict your tokota with their chicken or rabbit friend, all dolled up in their best Easter colors. Only the prettiest pets will win the pageant!
  3. A Loyal Companion: Do you prefer the classic Eastoko Bunny, or do you think it's about time that chickens got the Easter spotlight? Depict your tokota enjoying a fun Easter activity or enjoying the warm spring weather with either a trusty rabbit or a chicken by their side. 

Prizes For Completing Chickens vs Rabbits:

1 x Chocolate Rabbit
1 x Surprise Easter Egg
1 x Easter Gift Basket

Cute Pixel Easter Egg Divider 3 by Sleepy-Stardust Submit your Chickens vs Rabbits Entries here Cute Pixel Easter Egg Divider 3 by Sleepy-Stardust


Link to Image/Lit:
Which is better, Rabbits or Chickens?

Have fun! Feel free to ask questions in the comments!

Easter Festival II by DramaticalDogs

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Ahh I forgot to comment but thank you for featuring my last year's submission! :D that was such a nice surprise ♥♥