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Is a modifier a marking? I saw this while reading about picking a base coat "The relative must be the same color and modifier as the geno being designed". Would this mean that both the geno and relative need to be like greying brown in order to use, for example, Lilac on the geno if Lilac wasn't already present on the geno? I'm sorry I hope my questions make sense!

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Hiya! A modifier is a marking and will appear in the tokotas geno to be used. It is what causes the coat to appear a certain tinge. For example, a tokota that has lilac in their geno will appear purple or blue. Or if a tokota has the greying gene in their geno they can use the greying swatches.

However if a modifier marking is not present in their geno, you cannot use those swatches, and will need to use the ones marked as regular.

So for example..

2) Male, Natural Mane

Average - Healthy


Cream tundra

This geno has no lilac or greying, so you can choose only from the regular tundra swatches.


1) Male, Natural Mane

Average - Healthy


Marked collared cream lilac tundra

This geno has lilac and now you may choose from the lilac tundra swatches.

Hope this helps!

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It does thank you so much!

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I was wondering if you would have to use the import background and template or if you can just draw that stuff out. Also can you do Bearmarks and starmarks overlapping each other or will you need to do them away from each other?

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If I'm understanding properly but let me know! Yes import designs do need to be on the official import lines and backgrounds provided by the group for it to be uploaded onto totemspirit/tokotna to be used in the game. You are however welcomed to make your own reference if you'd like to upload to your own gallery as imports cannot be uploaded anywhere except for totemspirit or tokotna. You may have it in your temporarily however.

Here you can see the backgrounds available and if there are any requirements to use them!

In regards to your second question..

Starmarks can sit above bearmarks. It can sit above or below the lower tiered markings. You can see what markings can and can't go above or below each here. ^^

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Ahhh ok ok, thank you very much. And yes, you answered my questions perfectly. Thanks :]

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So I just got a Geno for a tundra that is marked, collared, greying, snow roan, and has accents. I've read over each trait individually but I really dunno where to start as some of these traits would overlap and I don't know how to approach that
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Hi! I can help break it down for you C:

Snow roan = Tundra with roan, so your base coat is Tundra.

Greying;  Your tokota can be either fully desaturated, or only small portions desaturated! It's typically easiest just to design them entirely desaturated c:
Marked; You'll need to show at least minimum marked on your design, the base import has you covered there!
Collared; Can be over or under accents and marked, and should be under Roan~
Accents; Just need to be outside the range of minimum white c: Can go over, or under marked. Minimum marked has to be visible / has to show over accents and minimum white, though!
Roan; This is the one that'll be hardest to work with, roan shows over all of your other markings except Marked!

In many cases most guides will have an "Interaction" section that can help you figure out how to layer things~
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Hi design admins. Could you help me please? 
Id love to somehow have my oc as a tokota what genes, base coat and markings would i need to look for so i can keep watch to create her? 

Wolf Abbie Lines By Chickenbusiness  by ChrissyBird  my OC abbie in her wolf state
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I'd say Marked collared dun brown with accents, bearmarks, black points, saddle, pangare, and flecking
That should get you the look your after
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Can a marking be “hidden”? Like not showing on the import but its in the geno
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No. The only way to "hide" some markings or parts of them are with other genes that are able to hide those markings, for example like seal, piebald or vitiligo.
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i got a geno that has both floppy and rose ears listed as a physical trait, which line would i use?
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You can use either floppy ears, rose ears or none of them! 
Just in the import they would be listed as carrier when you submit it to DC. 
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ah! thank you so much for the speedy reply c: 
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very late, but you could also use one of each! or one of floppy/rose, and one normal c:
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cool! thank you! :D i think ill do that next time! 
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Are we allowed to slightly edit the lines on the templates? for example, I'm designing a Yeti and I want to be able to show her eye color, so I would need to slightly part the bangs over the eyes to show it. Do i need to apply a small item to do so or is that allowed?
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You can do line edits by applying small/large items which are found in the trading post! By using a large/small item you will just have to submit via soul pool
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I know we no longer have the weights listed on the imports, but what are the weight ranges for Akotas?
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You can find the weight ranges if all builds here…
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Thanks so much. I was on mobile and having a devil of a time looking through everything!
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