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By alexpeanut
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Egg 3 by TokoEvents

This hunt is a tricky one, but the rewards are plenty,

The next egg is hiding under some news from 2020

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How do I transfer the too I got from someone to my account?

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The current owner of the toko will need to transfer it to your account. This can be done on tokotna via the ownership button, or through ownership transfer thread found in the "import request and report page" journal. 
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Heya! I believe my Tokota Aspen (…) has enough HP points to be Average hierarchy status, but I have a problem - I don't have the PSD file to update the background with. Where do I get that from?
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Please contact the artist of the tokota's design and ask if they have the PSD~
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How do I redeem HP tokens? 
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You apply HP tokens to your tokotas when you submit them for hierarchy updates (HU), for example when you submit your tokota to have its HP counted from average to dominant. You can then choose to apply HP tokens from your bank. There are lines for HP token use provided in the HU forms~
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Hey admins, your art here has the Photobucket marks on it all of a sudden.
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We are aware, and are working on it :3
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so, I was wanting to know if a toko has to be dom in order to do caving/diving Activities?
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hi! ive moved to this account from a different one. how do i transfer my genos to here??
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You need to do it from your account. Any genos you just reply to the litter comments to say your transferring them to this account (you'll need to tag the new account)
For any uploads, you need to go to the Import update thread > Transfer to another user
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Where do I advance in my crafting tiers?  I already had current tier, successes and recipes added to my tokotna-account, but how do I get to the next tier?
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Through Crafting on the Tokotna site! c:
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Ah, just needed to craft one more time. Thanks :D
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I apologize where do I go to change a tokotas name? (it's been a while since I've had to do so lol)
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Cycling journal hub > Import Request & Report page > Information Request
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So, I made a side account to completely handle all my arpgs from, and I wanted to transfer the ownership of my tokotas to that account, but I don't have the bank set up, or anything
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You don't need a bank account to transfer Tokotas at the moment as that feature isn't currently live.

From here you need to go to Import Requests & Report Page > Ownership Transfers

You can also just add your ARPG account as a 'co-ownership'. I have both my accounts listed, juts in case I forget which one I'm on :XD:
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