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Aippaq's Garden

Aippaq's Garden, named after the tokota god worshiped by the locals, is a beautiful stretch of endless flowers in a valley located on the other side of The Mountain of Qrivyx. The garden is surrounded by mountains, rough terrain, and plentiful trees, making it hard to find.

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Aippaq's Mirror

In the westernmost regions of Tokotna is a mountain-ringed expanse of shallow, frozen water.  During the day the sun melts the surface enough that there is always a thin sheet of water over the ice, but during the bitterly cold nights it once again freezes over, keeping the surface impossibly smooth and reflective.  No living creatures call the mirror home, making it a place of quiet solitude, wonder, and, of course, reflection.

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Akycha's Gate


Akycha's Gate has been active for only sixty or so years; elders of the region can remember a time when it was not lit. But even before the fire began, Akycha's Gate was known as a place of strange happenings. Oracles were rumored to prophecy best within the cave; the natives had no knowledge of natural gas, and luckily never brought fire close to the cave, preferring to travel by moon- and starlight as the ancestors had done before them.

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Anirniit Valley

Anirniit Valley, also known as the valley of Souls, looks for your average passerby like nothing special. It's rather open, only the edges of the valley being covered by the forests that creep further up the mountain's sides. The valley itself is covered in grass, in the winter in snow, and in the center of it lays a small lake. Contrary to it's looks though, the valley is important, it's grounds being a resting place of victims of untimely deaths.

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Aqtuquaq Forest

A massive, mostly conifer forest,with very little break in the treeline, and thick moss covering the ground whenever the snow is, miraculously, absent-- located near the base, and half up one of the beautiful mountains.

Near to the dead center of the forest, is a huge lake (Nicknamed the Dreaming Waters)-- the water cold, and incredibly clear. It is near-pure, coming straight off the mountain, from a rushing waterfall hundreds of feet high. At night, if one is to look into the lake, it's said that you see straight into the realm of dreams-- and, that if you aren't careful, you won't be able to find your way out again.

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Black Pine Country

Black Pine Country lies in the Southeast and is possibly the least friendly place around. Residents do not tolerate the presence of tokotas in Dillinger or the surrounding area. They will take extreme measures to keep wild packs from moving in or even to keep handlers and their tame mounts out. Because of the lack of tokotas in the area prey species flourish. In hard times wild tokotas will risk the unfriendly local population in order to hunt.

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Coastal Pilitak

Falling just inside the bounds of the arctic circle, Pilitak is a harsh land composed of extremes and sharp contrasts. From tundra fields to the rocky bluffs to the frigid waters there are few friendly places to be found in the region. The tiny outpost by the sea is a sight for sore eyes, particularly for the many people who have been lost in the surrounding area.

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Coastal Tyonek

The city of Tyonek is a hub for transportation and trade on the southerly coast of Tokotna. The city is nestled among the temperate rainforests off the banks of the Banthry inlet. The waters are dotted with islands close to shore which can make navigating difficult for novice sailors. Animals are often seen swimming from shore to shore in the brackish water in search of new places to scavenge for food or look for mates depending on the season. This region of plenty supports a large human population.

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The Frost Dragons

Along the ring of fire, in the farthest northern regions, the steam from underground volcanic activity will gradually create a chimney of well-packed snow and ice around the moisture. They can vary from smaller pillars reaching only a few feet high, though there are some that are most revered reaching several stories. These take hundreds of years to form fully, and often are considered especially sacred for native tribes living nearby.

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Iluq Forest


Iluq forest is a large and terribly expansive place packed to the brim with trees and foliage during most of the year. Hunting here is plentiful, but dangerous as such a densely packed forest can make pursuing prey difficult at best and the terrian's tendency for blind turns and sudden drops means a wrong step can go terribly, terribly wrong.

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Innia Turik Overlook

Innia Turik Overlook, or simply, The Overlook, has long been a favorite spot of weekend campers and backpackers, especially in the summer when the river that feeds into Kesuk Bay is flowing. Named after the man who made it famous, The Overlook is beautiful in all seasons, only the most hardcore of wilderness campers will attempt to climb The Overlook during the winter.

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Lake Aok Imiq

Lake Aok Imiq has the distinction of being the most northerly lake that freezes the latest into the season. This feature had proved to be a life saver for tokotas and humans alike as it allows them to gather food for winter late into the year. It has become a central location for tales of human and tokota interactions. Many consider it sacred given its extensive history.

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Maiksuk Meadow

Meaning "Bad thing! Meadow" A meadow covered by beautiful flowers and constant fog, surrounded by snow covered plains.

For some reason this place dulls your nose and senses. There is a prevalent fog cover at all times, even in the midst of a clear summer day.  The deeper you go, the more you get lost. Many other tokotas have been lost to the meadow by staying too long. Enticed by the cool temperatures in the summer, and warmth in the winter, many tokotas lay down for the night, and vanish by morning.

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Nihla Village

The village known as 'Nihla' is small and isolated-- not on a plain as most are, but upon the side of a mountain. It's a small place-- though not overly so. Just enough to often escape notice. The buildings here are all made of hide-- nothing permanent, and nothing rooted, due to how they will do 'circuits' around the mountain every few weeks to months-- making sure that way, that the small population is not decimated by avalanches, or other disasters. The people here are a quiet sort-- often to the point of not even speaking to outsiders.

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Piaktok Geyser Field


Piaktok geyser field is a very old and well known phenomenon. Near active volcanic land, although an eruption hasn't been recorded in many centuries, there are over 100 geysers categorized in the large, flat, expansive area with 12 geysers that can be classified active each year. Seen as a popular visiting spot, it has been considered a landmark of the area and part of the spiritual past of the land. The area itself is quite warm with some sulfuric hot springs, so there are many days when Tokotas and other animals will visit for the extra heat the area provides.

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The Ridge of Elders

A mountain ridge tipped with a steep cliff right by its very end, overlooking vast expanses of snowfields below. Believed to mark the ascesion of the Great Mother unto the land of the Chosen, the mountain itself is considered a sacred landmark.

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The Spirit's Falls

The Spirit Falls are a series of massive waterfalls that have combined to form a wall of rushing water that flows down several irregular cliff faces and rocky protrusions, more than a mile wide and half a mile tall. No one has ever climbed to the top of the falls; every attempt has been thwarted by natural barricades, and it appears that it is unreachable, at least by foot. They were named because they are never frozen, not even in the deepest winter.

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Starfall Expanse

The Starfall Expanse was created several hundred years ago when a meteor combusted 2 to 5 miles above the surface of the earth. The explosion flattened over two hundred square miles of forest habitat. The debris from the celestial object has soured the earth and preserved its destruction through near instantaneous petrification.  While it can be used to cut down travel time significantly to certain destinations it is strongly cautioned against.

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The Superiors

The general location has been named after the small range at the heart of the region. The area is known for being picturesque year round. People and tokotas alike flock to the forest and mountains for the plethora of activities offered.  

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Taniya Mountains

The Taniya mountains are a huge and daunting quartet of upwarped mountains, each thousands of feet high, with many caverns, tunnels, and flattened areas upon their surfaces. This place is not where those faint of heart go to travel, though the rewards for doing so can be great.

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Tartok Foothills

The Tartok Foothills can be found surrounding the entirety of the Tartok Mountains. Unlike their center, they aren't quite as harsh on those that choose to live in them. Prey is more plentiful in the form of small mammals, but bears are also known to walk the hills, and in summer moose will bring their calves up to graze.

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Tokotna Research Center

The research center is located by the Kesuk Bay (near the Yakone pack territory) with a secondary outpost at the summit of Tartok Mountains. The the main center is devoted to the study of Tokotas and their ancestors. They advise tourists, enlist help from visiting and local tokota trainers, and keep a watchful eye out on the population and its health.

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Verinant Valley

The entrance is an old bear cave with bones and skull to match animals and people alike. Once you make it past the caverns, there is a large area with a river and a vast forest. If you manage to explore the area without getting caught, there is a small cabin on the top of a ledge with a old barn sitting far off to it's right. The cabin still looks in use and seems to hardly be able to stay up.

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The West River

The west river is a vast river that spans from the Tarkot Mountains to the Kesuk Bay where it meets the ocean and joins the sea. Different pieces of the river have different meanings and lore.

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The White Forest

Said to be the place that hides the Soul Pool, whether the soul Pool is inside the forest or simply guarded by it no one knows. The White Forest, as simple as the name is not many wish to go inside this forest alone, let alone tempt fate by angering whatever guards it.

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The Wandering Mines

Not actually abandoned mines, but in fact a series of deep and extensive cave systems, the Wandering Mines are well known for being a place where no Tokota should enter unprepared. Despite their notoriety, they are rather difficult to find. Most Tokotas who have explored them (and managed to come back alive) stumbled on them completely by accident. The entrances to the caves are covered in dense forest undergrowth, so falling into these holes can be quite easy.

Once inside the Mines, the walls of thick limestone and dolomite seem to swallow up all light from the outside. Once you are out of sight of the entrances - the only places where light can reach the caves - you are plunged into complete darkness. The chambers of the cave vary in size from too small for a Toki, to larger than a castle. The tunnels between them go for miles and miles, so much so that the Mines have still not been completely mapped, despite countless expeditions to do so.

The deeper one goes into the Mines, the more treacherous they become. They are made of such soft material that it is common for people to be crushed by falling rocks. This also means that the layout of the Mines is ever changing. A chamber may be open one day, and then blocked off the next after a rock fall. Similarly, new chambers seem to open up all the time.

In the deepest chambers, water flows. However, this water is murky and not good to drink, so must be avoided. Some chambers are flooded, and the water can come to the height of a Tokota's shoulders. Stalagmites and stalactites are also rather common.

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Fae Hills

The Fae Hills are known for their dark atmosphere and pale blue glow that seems to let in no other light, including the sun. The trees among the hills are often scarce, leaving mostly vine and berries that grow along the roots for color. Some say the forest contains magic, and that they can hear the singing of spirits as they echo through the trees. However,. the Hills are best known for their random, oddly twisted trees that will appear out of nowhere. Some say that you can see one tree one day, and something different the next. These trees appear to be as lifeless as the rest of them, but oddly enough some say they they appear is such shapes at times that they could swear its watching them.

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The Loading Dock

The Loading Dock is an old docking site that had been abandoned after only a few years after being constructed. Built before the Pilitak Outpost, the Loading Dock was meant to be a major site of transportation for Tokotna. The first winter after the dock was built was met with a frozen ocean and very harsh weather leaving the colonists to initially abandon the site until spring. Sadly, the harsh winter conditions never improved and those who lived in the area were unable to sustain their livelihoods and left the dock to nature heading south in favor of better weather for their goods transportation.  

The dock is no longer standing in the area, although there are some rusted ships still visible from shore. The other ships that were left at the Loading Dock have since sunk and are now busy marine life areas underwater. There is no beach. The cold ocean water directly touches the rocky shoreline.

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