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"Hi friend! Beta Boon, here! This revamp of the Bonding system is currently in a Beta Trial period. That means anything is subject to change after an observation period. Hold onto your hats, here we go!

Boon 11072 by TotemSpirit

This journal is out-of-date and no longer updated!

Please check the Bonding Guide on Tokotna for current information!

Although tokotas are a large and fierce predator, most are naturally pack animals and instinctively develop close bonds to other tokotas in the wild. It has even been recorded, although rare, that a wild tokota can form close symbiotic relationships with other creatures. These relationships or partnerships can grow extremely strong and last a lifetime.

The TCA offers a special certification for bonding!
Please look over the requirements, below to find out how you can maximize your bond with this unique species!


  • All work should be your own. It cannot be commissioned! Collaborations with one other person (2 collaborators max) is acceptable. Each person's parts must be clearly labeled.
  • Images must be full body (75%+), colored, with a semi-complex background. (Grayscale/monochromatic images will be accepted if there is apparent effort to make your tokota distinct and recognizeable)
  • Literature should be 1,200 words, and stay focused on the prompt.
  • Prompts may be chosen from the general and appropriate build sections.
  • A bonding set may only include one tokota being bonded at a time, even if collabbed.
  • For bonding tokotas require a handler. Starters may not substitute handlers. This certification is meant to encourage the development of a bond between your tokotas and their handlers, so using Starters would not make sense!
  • A tokota with the Packmate unique trait may be used instead of a handler.
  • Each piece will be passed or failed based on the effort you put in, compared to your own gallery. Prompts need to have noticeable effort to pass.
  • Choose only three of the available prompts to complete and submit on the Bonding form/journal.
  • Those who have achieved Rank 5 in TCA Taming Academy only need to complete two prompts to complete their bonding.

The TCA is very tight-lipped about this mysterious certification. Only those who have acquired a tokota, via purchase, breeding, or wild-tamed (import) can begin these dangerous, life-altering tasks. If you think you've got what it takes to earn a Bonded Certificate, complete three of the following tasks of your choice to prove your mettle!

Each submission should include the following form:

Handler name:
Tokota Import [LINK]

General Bonding Prompts:

  • Bonding and training a Tokota is indeed a tiring and time-consuming process. Depict your handler resting with the Tokota after a hard day of work. Will they keep each other company or keep their distances?
  • The first meeting between you and your Tokota is an important event. What happened during that event? did it go smoothly or did it end in total disaster?
  • How better to get to know each other than spending time alone together surviving off the land? Depict your Tokota spending time with their handler in the wilderness with few supplies.
  • Tokotas are known to be smart creatures who can help with many medical needs, but they, like other animals need training. Depict your handler training their Tokota how to act as a service or Emotional Support Tokota.
  • Your Tokota and their handler are having a disagreement. Depict the pair coming to a solution to their argument.
  • Your handler was injured on a hunting trip with your Tokota. What does your Tokota do?
  • Tokotas can be a handful when it comes to maintenance especially when they are not used to any sort of tool or item used by humans. Depict your handler attempting to groom their Tokota.
  • Part of living with a breeder means living in harmony with many other tokotas, and particularly, young puppies. Depict your handler socializing their young Tokotas with other tokota puppies.
  • New environments are scary for wild animals. Depict your handler taking their Tokota to a new environment, whether it's a farm, city, beach, etc. and how they comfort and reassure their Tokota.
  • Tokotas have a strong prey drive, which even with diligent training is hard for them to overcome. Depict your handler working with their Tokota to avoid fights with pets, live stock, or other Tokotas.

Toki Bonding Prompts:

  • You can lead a Toki to water but you can't make them drink. Depict your Toki being stubborn about something and how your handler gets their Toki to complete the task.
  • Fun tricks are great for both bonding and learning, with rewards for being good. Depict your handler teaching a Toki how to do a common trick (ex: sit down, roll over, fetch).
  • Something very important to your handler has gone missing. Depict your Toki using its keen sense of smell to locate the item.
  • Tokis are known for running away, hiding, and getting into weirdly small spaces. Depict your handler finding a way to get their Toki to come home without hunting them down
  • Tokis are the smallest of the breeds in Tokotna but they don't always remember that. Depict your handler getting their Toki under control when they decide to take on an enemy much bigger than them

Dire Bonding Prompts:

  • In order to be a fully bonded pair and work together, your handler and their Dire must know one another well. Depict your handler and their Dire spending quality time learning about and from each other.
  • Dires are not used to urban settings and narrower areas. Depict your handler taking your Dire into town.
  • Dires are one of the largest breeds in Tokotna which causes them endless problems with smaller creatures. Depict your handler helping their Dire treat a creature much smaller than them with gentleness
  • Known to be powerful, Dires are capable of utilizing their strength well, when properly tamed. Depict your handler training their Dire to wear a harness and pull heavy loads
  • Despite their size Dires can be trained into being stealthy predators if they have the right handler. Depict your handler showing their Dire how to remain hidden while they track prey

Akota Bonding Prompts:

  • Socializing an unstable beast is a dangerous task. Depict your handler attempting to soothe their Akota without suffering injury.
  • Akotas are typically loners - due to their massive size and general ferocity, they do not live in packs, and must become acclimated to living with others. Depict your handler introducing their Akota to another Tokota.
  • Food aggression is a big problem for a wild animal used to protecting its kills. Depict your handler attempting to remedy this dangerous habit.
  • Unlike all other previously known breeds of Tokota, Akotas are still completely wild - they are new and untried, completely non-domestic. As such, they do not tend to take well to the trappings and tack that standard, dwarf, and dire tokotas do. Depict your handler attempting to put tack on their Akota.
  • Part of working with Akotas is helping to further our knowledge about this new, unique species. Depict your handler assisting a TCA scientist or veterinarian doing tests, experiments, or research with an Akota.

Bonding Traits:


Tokota has a chance to roll Average Pups in Breedings that don't normally get Average Pups.


Tokota receives additional +1 HP when depicted with a Handler and/or Starter.


When depicted in a Taming this Tokota counts as up to 3 Treats. (Does stack with Totems, does not stack with other Bakers, and only works for the Owner)


Allows Tokota to find Abandoned Supplies while Fishing, Hunting, and Exploring. (Does not work in Tribe Activities)


Removes chance at Severe Injuries from all injury rolls. This affects all injury types. Stacks with Hardy/Porcupine/Porcupine Totem.

Abandoned Supplies
Abandoned Supplies by TokoTime

Found with the Resourceful trait, abandoned supplies open and allow you to pick two of the following: Basic Rod, Basic Bow, Dull Flashlight, Snorkel, Rope or x5 HP Tokens


  • Any Toko that completes the Bonded Certificate gets +20 HP
  • Players earn +3 FP when completing the Bonding Certificate. This must be redeemed in the current Faction Points Thread.
  • The player will also get a Bonding Bundle deposited to their Tokotna account.


What does the Bonding Bundle contain?

Bonding Bundle allows you to chose either a set of Sturdy Tack, HP Tokens, Trait Tokens or TT

How many tokotas can I include in bonding?

For HP and story purposes you can include as many tokotas as you want, but only one tokota can be bonded per set, even if the set is collabborated with another user.

Does Trialist work in Bonding? Can I use a Representative tokota instead of a handler?

No and no. Neither of these traits have any effect in Bonding. Bonding requires a handler or a Packmate traited tokota (instead of a handler) and only one tokota may be doing the bonding rites at a time no matter what.

Does my tokota get any bonus HP from doing Bonding?

Yes, Bonding prompts count as rites and thus give the +2 rite HP bonus.

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