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(UPDATED 5/2/2020)

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Running Tokotas is a very demanding and time consuming responsibility. Often, it will be stressful, taxing, and monotonous. Above all else, we want maturity, dedication, and a desire to help. Being an admin will not put you above other members. You will not be admitted to some secret club, or have any kind of VIP pass to the front of any lines. You will be a volunteer, and the only benefit you are guaranteed is the good feeling of helping to keep the game enjoyable and fun.

Knowing this, apply only under the full understanding that this is almost on par with a part time job - we respect your real life and will definitely understand hiatuses, real life commitments, and your personal schedule, but a large amount of involvement and dedication is required. Don't apply if you're not serious about helping out, or don't have the time to.

There is no deadline. Applications will be open for all jobs and we will hire as needed.


  • Must have a Discord account. Don't know about Discord? It's a free chat service and easy to download, but we rely upon it to communicate with each other, so this is a must-have. (Note: We communicate via instant message. You won't be required to voice or video call at any point.)
  • Free time. Lots and lots of free time. We understand that Tokotas will not be the central focus of your life, but while you offer your service as an admin, you must be prepared to pitch in and actively participate.
  • Kind attitude, and prior experience with the group. While we don't need you to be the most popular or active member in the group, we really prefer a bit of seasoning on our admins, enough to have confidence in answering difficult questions, and knowing the ins-and-outs. A good reputation is preferred; we are very selective in the hiring process and if you have a reputation for not responding to notes/not fulfilling obligations in a timely or courteous manner, you may be discounted.


These are the roles currently needed to be filled within the group. The roll you apply for now will be the one you stick with and the only one you assist with. It may not be particularly interesting work, but each role plays its part in making the group more engaging and interactive.

:bulletred: Design Approval and Correction

Not currently hiring.
Design approval can be a daunting task, but those with good organization and critical thinking skills will excel at judging designs. Extensive training is provided on our markings and design approval process. (You don't necessarily have to be an amazing designer, but experience working with Tokotas genes and designs is very helpful.) The ability to voice chat is very helpful for the training process, but not required.

:bulletred: Judging Rites of Fertility

Not currently hiring.
This is a pretty easy and general task over all, but it will require patience and integrity in judging. The job is not for you if you think you may be prone to bias against those you dislike. If you don't know what the Rites of Fertility are, you should probably stop reading this page in general.

:bulletred:  Rolling Breedings

Not currently hiring.
Time consuming and tedious, you will be in charge of marking breedings, using bank docs, and rolling and posting the final litters.

:bulletgreen:  Rolling Activities

Currently hiring!
Time-consuming and high demand. Patience and integrity are necessary. Judging can get somewhat monotonous, so bring a snuggie and some tea.

:bulletred: Rolling Taming

Not currently hiring.
Basically the same as hunting/exploration/fishing.

:bulletred: HP Counter, and Hierarchy Updater

Not currently hiring.
Probably the most monotonous, but you won't need to think much. Basically, all you have to do is verify that peoples' HP journals are true to the HP system, as well as judge Rites of Dominance and Passage of the Alpha. 
Additionally, you will be required to transfer the updated images over to the new versions on TotemSpirit- also pretty easy work.

:bulletred: Design Uploader

Not currently hiring.
Not the most exciting of tasks, but a very vital one to the group. You will be responsible for uploading the pending Tokotas and adding their birth certificates.

:bulletred: Banker

Not currently hiring.
Responsible for creating new accounts, redeeming pelts, item purchase and application, and all other bank related tasks.

:bulletred: Event Coordinator

Not currently hiring.
Along with question answerer, this job has the lowest level of admin access.
However, you will be responsible for pitching new official event ideas to the group, sanctioning/dealing out prizes to member competitions, and judging all events hosted by the group.

:bulletred: Continuous Event Roller

Not currently hiring.
Along with Event Coordinator and Question Answered, this job has the lowest level of admin access. 
You will be responsible for the rolling and folder maintenance of Continuous Events 

:bulletred: Tribes

Not currently hiring.
Tasks in this section include registering new and old tribes on the companion site, counting and redeeming TP for tribes, confirming and updating their achievements, and approving and uploading new tribe companions. This job requires lots of work with the companion site, so you should be somewhat comfortable navigating it.

:bulletred: Question Answerer/PR Person/General Organization

Not currently hiring.
Likely the easiest job -- but you must have a large knowledge of the group, enough to answer any questions that may be asked of the group! This job entails answering member questions, both in notes and on the public pages. You will also update the F.A.Q. as well as log admin activity, organize to do lists, and other odd jobs. 

:bulletred: Adoption Center

Not currently hiring.
A relatively easy yet time consuming job. You will be selecting genos from the shrine and adding them to a google spreadsheet. You will also be replying to newbie comments and giving them genos from the spreadsheet. This includes checking to make sure they qualify for an AC geno.

:bulletred: Shrine Roller

Not currently hiring
A bit time consuming and tedious. You will be in charge of marking all genos/companions/uploaded Tokota's to the shrine. We encourage people who are outgoing and overall a people person for this job, as you will be interacting with a lot of members.

:bulletred: Random Events

Not currently hiring.
A heavily creative position, this job requires story telling, diligence and a good grasp of mechanics.

How to Apply

If the above hasn't sent you screaming and running away in terror, you will need to send a note to TotemSpirit with the following information filled out in full:

Desired role and secondary desired role (if willing to work a different role in the event that your first choice is filled):
When did you join Tokotas?:
How much time can you offer?:
Prior experience (if any):
Previous designs (of yours) approved and posted on TotemSpirit (if applying for Design Corrections):
HP journal (of yours, if applying for HP counter):
Examples of group CSS/Events run in the past (of yours, if applying for event coordinator/design director):

Alternatively, you can be sign up on our Persistent Admin Hiring List. Anyone on the sheet could potentially be contacted for an admin position in any department that needs new hires. You can select a few departments that you don’t think you’d be suited for, but in general, this list is for someone who’d be willing to help out in almost any part of tokotas!

How do I know if I was hired?

You will receive a response to your note. If you do not receive a response, you were not hired. However, keep in mind that we greatly appreciate every application and willing volunteer!

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H0rr0r-in-h3ll's avatar
Under "How much time can you offer?" Is it daily or weekly? As Ive sent an application in with daily hours not weekly hours ^^' 
TokotasofPineRidge's avatar
TokotasofPineRidgeHobbyist Traditional Artist
So long as you specify which you are putting, it doesn't really matter how you do it :D
H0rr0r-in-h3ll's avatar
I totally forgot to specify
I've resubmitted the note with the hours as daily
thank you for the quick reply 
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DarkFireEeveeHobbyist General Artist

If you have bought a Tokota geno what do you do next?


TotemSpirit's avatar
Your next step would be to get a design!

You can design the geno yourself, browse advertisements in the group where people offer their design services (usually for USD, TT, points, or in-game items), or you can check out the Design Den to see if you qualify.

You can read about getting started here: Newbie Resources and Getting Started
Shangry-Ia's avatar
Is a shrine roller responsible for the imports, which were sent to shrine (deceasing them)?
craeve's avatar
Sorry for the delay! Yes, the shrine roller will also decease uploaded tokotas that are sent to shrine.
Shangry-Ia's avatar
Ah I see. Thanks so much
Scarlet-Tea's avatar
Scarlet-TeaHobbyist Artist
I don’t know if it is possible, but is the breeding roller training still available? I find it very interesting job and probably even a little fun since you get to see all the possible pups that come out of it.
HarukiTheWolf's avatar
Hey I'm not an admin but I can tell you that they dont look for breeding rollers atm.. the "Training" just say that there are some new one .. when they search some they would put an green point there and say that they "Hiring x" :3
Scarlet-Tea's avatar
Scarlet-TeaHobbyist Artist
Oh okay, thank you for the clarification. c:
HarukiTheWolf's avatar
Dont know if its current... 
but did tribe are hiring? 
Koevr's avatar
KoevrHobbyist Writer
Tribes are still looking to hire, yes. ;u;
HarukiTheWolf's avatar
Uhh can i ask you something more? 
;o; i sent a note for tribe admin but i saw today that they are hiring too admins vor activity rolls ;-; and i would love to help by both... but i didnt know that ... should i wait first to see if i get an response or not to my first note? XD 
or should i just write another application? 
Koevr's avatar
KoevrHobbyist Writer
You can send in another application. c:
HarukiTheWolf's avatar
wohoo.. good to know 
even if i think xD i dont get a response but i give it a try
HarukiTheWolf's avatar
Thanks for the answer xD i have Just waited xD
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FurreonHobbyist Digital Artist
Is the RE admin position still hiring 1, or is that just outdated info by this point? I see the other positions that were hiring before are now marked as "training" but the RE one isn't :0
TokoEvents's avatar
TokoEventsHobbyist Artist
The RE admin position is not currently hiring. 

moonlightwalk's avatar
moonlightwalkHobbyist General Artist
So a good while back, someone (idk who anymore) had released this sheet with time estimates for each job (eg. 5 minutes this, 10 minutes that, 15 minutes average total, x hours a week). Is that still around somewhere 'cause I can't seem to find it anymore?

It was mighty handy 'cause it gave an estimate if the job could be something for you or not and if you really have the time to do it properly.
TeachMeToLearn's avatar
TeachMeToLearnHobbyist Digital Artist
While I do think that journal is still floating around, it is likly grossly out of date as the group has grown so quickly. 
In general, you can expect to work a minimum of 5 hours a week, though most admins spend significantly more that in their area and outside it when needed. 
moonlightwalk's avatar
moonlightwalkHobbyist General Artist
Alright, thank you for your reply. I had estimated an 7 hour minimum average for my own time, but wasn't quite sure if that was even enough to apply for the position. Do you think the journal will be updated in the future or shall I (and any other curious person reading this) just keep that rough estimate in mind when applying?
TeachMeToLearn's avatar
TeachMeToLearnHobbyist Digital Artist
I can't say for sure, but counting hours in areas don't really work like they used to, as different areas have several threads, each that can have wide varieties in time between comments
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