Activity Bonuses, Penalties and Forms

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Working out exactly what will affect what in activities can be quite complex, so this guide is here to help!

Bonuses and Penalties

The list of bonuses and penalties that will affect your activity rolls includes traits, items, companions and craftables, and can be long and confusing, so we've broken it down for you! Go to the Official Activity Listables list to see absolutely everything that affects activities, laid out in an easy-to-use grid. Nothing should be missing, but if it is, let us know!

For more information on the listed items, check out:

The Form

We now have an Activity Form Generator
Please make a copy of it to use it!

The maximum possible lines you might need in an activity form is quite a lot, so we'll break it down here too!

Actvity journal:
Leasing  Perm:
Relevant Bonuses:
Tribe benefits:
Item application:


Here, you will link directly to the tokota's uploaded import. If a makeover/do-over token has been used on the tokota that has resulted in it looking different to the artwork, you'll also need to link proof of that.


This is only for literature or written entries so the admins can easily tell if your tokota is mentioned enough times. Generally, we want to see at least 7 mentions of each tokota.


This is for hunting (whether normal hunting, tribe hunting, or dangerous game)! You must list the prey if you are participating in any of those activities.

Actvity journal

This is where the activity results will go. It is required to either link directly to a comment to be replied to, or if you don't care where the item goes then just the main journal or stash link is fine. You can have one for each tokota or for all of your tokotas combined - whatever suits your preference.

Leasing  perm

This is only if you are leasing a tokota. you must directly link to a permission from the owner of the tokota(s) that you do not own, from which you are receiving items. This must be a current permission for you specifically.

Relevant bonuses

A lot of things can go here, for the full list see the Official Activity Listables!

Tribe benefits

If you are in a tribe that receives the +5% bonus to finding an item in an activity this is where you will link to the proof that your tribe does have this bonus and that you are a part of that tribe. You would also use this line for tribe activites to link to proof your tribe has unlocked the bonus.


If your faction is currently ahead in the faction point score, you get +5% bonus to finding items and you would also list that here. Otherwise please refer to Factions to check your available bonuses.


If your tokota is half-blind, fully blind, or has spinal problems - either from inbreeding or by choice, you must list it here. You will get a negative 5% to finding items. (The exception being dom tokotas in explores and alpha tokotas in explores, caving and diving.)
This includes Mild and Moderate Injuries you obtain.

Item application

Got puppy chow, a snare, or another item that benefits an activity? You must link proof that you have that item - so, for example, the item transfer or the successful crafting of said item.

Customising the Form

Most of this can be re-arranged and ordered however you like as long as it is easily readable. At the absolute minimum we require Import and Actvity journal to be listed. The other lines, so long as they do not apply, do not have to be listed. It is still up to you, the player, to correctly list out items, bonuses, and give accurate links to us!

You can even pre-fill your forms -  handy for you, leasees, and anybody who may owe you activites of said tokotas!

Good examples of pre-filled-out forms

Bitter's Activity forms
Phen's Toko Hub
Kep's Activity Information


So what stacks?

Pretty much anything inside an activity can stack. Of course with similar tack items the better versions replace the old ones (eg basic rod/sturdy rod/crafted rod), but the unrelated tack items - eg bows and flints arrows for example - do stack. However, nothing stacks with itself unless explicitly stated.

Do cleverness, setters, falcons. etc all stack?


What about brawny, mountain lions, bloodhounds, etc?

They also stack.

Does black cat bonus for elemental hearts and elemental sight stack in exploration?

Yes! Black cats will increase the chance of you finding a heart with this trait.

Are dominant "totem" and dominant "companion" bonuses the same thing?


Do one time use items effect the entire roll or just the base?

Just the base roll - all other items are add-ons to the roll and those one time use items won't effect them.

Do the dominant faction and tribe bonus benefits stack?


Can you stack bonuses to guarantee success outside the items that explcitly grant 100% sucess?

No, we have specific bonuses for every activity that make them un-failable. Doing so with a mix of other bonuses will not work.

Do Tokotas that I co-own count as a tribemate?

No. The tokota must solely owned by another player to count, and can not be a tribe-owned tokota.

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DarkHeartSeer Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Quick question! It's implied here that blindness effects all activities, whereas the Activities page says that "If a Tokota is blind, it will have a 5% increased fail rate for a hunt or fishing activity." Could someone clarify for me which one is correct?
Islua Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Its lumped together with spinal defects since that effects explores/caving/diving. Blindness effects hunting/fishing. Together they do effect the whole spectrum. 
CH-Travels Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shouldn't "Leasing perm" be removed from the form now since leasing was shut down?
Islua Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Feel free to take it out yourself. Personally I've come across a few images from before the fourth that I've had to roll for leasing. Plus it may make a return after we figure out tribe leasing so I don't see it as a huge issue. 
galacticpink Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
If we have a companion we don't want to apply to a roll, all we have to do is omit that bonus/companion from the form, right? :> Same for totems?
TeachMeToLearn Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Correct. If it's not listed, it won't be rolled for
galacticpink Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, thanks!
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Quick question: does large hunting and regular hunting benefits (eg. Brawny, bison, bear, ...) also apply to dangerous game or is dangerous game seen as an activity seperate from hunting? I'm not quite sure because it's not seperatly listed on the activity list.
Islua Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
They do apply to dangerous game.
moonlightwalk Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that was fast. Thanks for answering!
SWRpg Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
Does Blessed apply to activities, or only when actually redeeming random events?
tree-kangaroo Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2017
Only when yo uredeem random events.
SWRpg Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2017
Thank you, I'll fix my forms from now on! ^^
Freyjas-Sanctuary Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
So helpful, thanks guys for putting this together! :D
werewolf--kun Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wait so Aippaq's Boon can be used in ALL activities to find extra trait tokens, and not just caving/diving ?
Islua Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That is correct.
Growl-Tiger Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
  • Chance at finding dominant-specific items through exploration, fishing, hunting trips.
Is listed as a dominant perk. Not sure if it  is actually in play though or what those items are?
For the one use items that give you the "maximum allotted" prey, is that for the base roll or does it include traits and companions bonuses ?(assuming you succeed at those rolls)

Otherwise a very helpful chart!
Islua Featured By Owner Edited Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It is not in play. It probably was "meant" to be back in the day, but never got put in place.

And its the base roll. The setters, etc are on top, as well as the +1 for wolf/eagle. 
Brawny and cleverness can happen, but the one time use items don't effect those rolls.
ReQuay Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
Awesome - thanks guys.

And you can just go ahead and sign me up for those Gourd Lights and Holiday Lanterns right now :giggle:
Islua Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
They are actually craftable items, so you'll have to find the recipe and craft them first. :)
ReQuay Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
Recipe hunting STAT!Woo 
EspressoShots Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
Likewise, please... okay!
WintersARPG Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
This is awesome! But I must as, does the dom bonus talk about the totem/spirit animal of choice or does it extend to any dom tokota?
Islua Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
The dominance bonus applies to any dominant tokota. The totems (raven etc) are the same bonus as the listed companions).
WintersARPG Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Alright, thank you so much for the quick reply! I just wanted to make sure.
bovidaeloony Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2016
This is a wonderful resource, thank you so much!
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