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Welcome to Tokotas!
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Welcome to Tokotna, home of the Tokota, and hopefully, you too! We are an exciting closed species ARPG featuring loveable and ridable wolf bear dogs named Tokotas. Plus a few of the bigger and smaller cousins.

We have lots of activities for all kinds of creators and storytellers including exploring, bonding, breeding, taming, rites, and so much more.

If you're new here then check out our quickstart guide linked below. Or if you're coming back after a break then check our returning player's guide to get a quick download of recent changes.

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The Lost Souls of Captain by Azzy-Lionblood, literature

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where do i find the: Account Creation Thread ?
and how many time takes to the code appear on my email?

You can find the account activation thread in this journal:

There's an alternate way listed in there for account activation if you haven't gotten the email yet.

Hi! Not sure if I've done something wrong but I've just gotten my first Tokota after account activation, and it's gotten an official design from the TotemSpirit account. But the Tokota isn't showing up in my Bank or list of owned Tokotas. I might be misunderstanding something about if there's anyone who can help me out that'd be appreciated ^^;

Hi there and welcome to Tokotas!

If you are referring to your Newbie Geno here it is currently only a "geno" (blueprint how the Toko will look) and still needs a design. For now the comment link is your proof of ownership and you should hold onto ituntil your Toko is uploaded. Your next step is to aquire a design for your geno either creating one yourself or comissioning another user to make one for you. You can also post to the design den once it is open again if you're unable to make a design yourself or get a comission.

Once you have a design you need to upload it to stash and post it to Design Central for approval before it get's uploaded. You'll need to wait untill the group is open for February though.

If you haven't yet I highly recomand checking out this guide in the mean time. Hope this helps if you got more questions feel free to send a note to the group or join our discord server, there's a specific newbie help channel there.

Hi there! Thanks, I think this clears it up? My last question is if that's my proof of ownership and it has the TotemSpirit design attached to it, is that basically like the "Template" design? Like it has the description of the colors and markings it has with the picture of what it looks like on TotemSpirit, but when I design it. But can I use those traits in any way I want (IE putting the brown and black marks on the whole body, not just the first half) or would I need to make the design as it is and upload it to my DA page/The group?

WAIT, nevermind, I get it! Ignore my last post ^^; Thanks for the help!

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Hmmm, have a question or some...
Back in 2018 I took a tokota geno from the Adoption centre (newbie tokota?) and it was somewhere on dA journal. Then I left dA for a while and it deleted everything from my feedback including the proof link. Now I come back and I see that most of the activity of ARPG moved to a site. Is there any chance to get the geno I've got back to actually use it? Can't find links to the old journal to scroll through it and wonder if the geno from there is still active and can be used.