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A new land to explore leads to new challenges, and those particularly adventurous travellers to find themselves new things to challenge their friends and teammates to, and some of the Faction Leaders have even decided to get in on the fun! To learn more about Faction Brawls, please read World Tour - Faction Brawls.


  1. Players may only enter each round once, so choose your Tokota wisely!

  2. Tokotas must be full body (75%) in art, and mentioned throughout the piece in literature.

  3. Semi-complex backgrounds and coloring are required. Shading is optional. Grayscale/monochromatic art is acceptable if the tokota still has identifiable markings of a value relative to its import.

  4. Literature entries must have a minimum of 1200 words with a clear beginning and end.

  5. Collaborations are allowed, however each player must submit their own unique entry. For example: two people may collab on a single entry but only one person may submit that image. If both of you wish to submit an image, you will need to collaborate two images.

  6. When submitting an image, please submit it to your faction's Faction Brawl folder.

Entry Form

Region: (ex. Maquraq)

Round Title: (ex. Surfing)

Faction: (PL/PB/KS/TB/LK/WT)

Tokota's Import: (Link to Tokotna Import)

Tokota's Health Status:

Traits/Companions/Tack: (Spirit of Competition, Leather Guards, etc)

Profile Link: (Link to Tokotna Profile)

Region Two - Maquraq

Round One: Tree Slide!

Round Status: Slidin' (Open)

End Date: July 27, 2021

The trees in this jungle are taller than anything seen in Taniya or Tartok , stretching high into the sky and the tops disappearing in the dense canopies. Branches are grown to wrap around each other connecting all of them into a massive pathway if you know how to use it. Woody knows as he and Amai ride the slick moss gracefully covering a lot more distance than anyone can on foot. The climb up the to the top more than makes up for the time spent stumbling through the underbrush. It's time to see who can master this skill first.


  • One tokota per entry, a handler is not required.

  • Entries must be mid or pre-competition.

  • Background/Environment must comply with the prompt's description in order to be judged: Sliding or climbing the trees

Round Two: ???

Round Status: Closed

End Date: TBA

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