World Tour - Deity Contest [Maquraq]

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New Lands Bring New Legends!

CLOSING DATE: 07/30/2021

We are looking to expand the group lore by adding new minor regional deities to the group! The new land of Maquraq is dotted with as much magic and mayhem as Taniya and Tartok. Let's shape the creatures that live specifically in this area.

  • The theme for this set is jungles or southern american. We’re looking for deities that seem like they would have domain over this region! Good, evil, and anything in between is welcome.

  • These should be of a power level between major deities (Aippaq, Borga, Nagruk, ect) and lesser spirits! (Common Light and Dark spirits)

  • We need a design of the deity/spirit as well as some back story. You can take a look at our current Lore creatures for inspiration.

  • Line edits, items, paints, and scars are all encouraged! You must use official linearts at least partially to be considered.

  • You may design as many entries as you’d like, but will only receive prizes once!

  • All lore figures must be SFW and follow all rules outlined in the Official Group Rulebook

  • Bad/Offensive Stereotypes will not be used!

  • Art must be completed at official tokotas import size (2543 x 1936) and should be of good quality

  • You cannot request your art be removed or re-purposed.

  • You may use any existing tokotas official background or create a custom background for your minor deity figure

  • You may use official tokotas lineart in whole or part to create your lore figure. You can look at our official group lore figures for inspiration.

  • Minor deities cannot mimic existing tokotas, other ARPG animals, or official group lore, such as Aippaq, Sikrinerk, or any other deities. They should have unique features that distinguish them from other lore figures and tokotas.

  • Minor deities cannot be too complex. In other words, a typical member should be able to easily replicate it in art.

  • PNGs must be uploaded into your PSDs should be noted to @DesignDen

Please note that by submitting a lore figure, the artist acknowledges that the art will be uploaded to TotemSpirit and the rights will henceforth be owned by the group.

Maquraq Stamp


Upon turning in a design to be considered, you will be given a Maquraq stamp certifying your participation within the region.

All participants will also get an Aippaq's Gift and an Unidentified Spirit

Winners will be entitled to a Super Duper Prize Pack!

Winning designs will be vetted by the DC Team, and chosen by a team of admins. However, feel free to leave Likes on the designs that catch your eye, so we know how the community feels!

Aippaq's Gift
Playful Common Light Spirit
Mischievous Common Dark Spirit
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To submit a deity design, please upload the full resolution PNG into your All PSDs should be sent to DesignDen

Form for Entry:

Link to Tokotna Profile:

Deity Entry:

PSD Sent?: (Yes/No)

In your, please also include the following form.


Alignment: (Light/Dark/Neutral)

Dominion: What does this deity rule over?

Legend: Backstory, history, personality, myths, etc.

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Link to Tokotna Profile: Wolves499's Tokotna Profile

Deity Entry:

Deity Izuk

PSD Sent?: Will send if I win >:3

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Link to Tokotna Profile: Tinadactyl's Tokotna Profile

Deity Entry:


PSD Sent?: Yes

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Link to Tokotna Profile: Sapph's Profile

Deity Entry:


PSD Sent?: Yes

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You have earned a Maquraq Stamp!

Maquraq Stamp

Be on the lookout for other regions, if you want more Content!

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Link to Tokotna Profile: Shiibasu's Tokotna Profile

Deity Entry:

Akanti, Protector of the Taken

PSD Sent?: Will send if I win <:

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Hi there Shiib! We require the psd to be sent to Design Den before we allot the stamp and rewards. Please send the psd and reply here when it's sent so I can give you your stamp!

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my bad, its been sent now!

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