Toko New Year 2024 - Planting Dreams[CLOSED]

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Narnvak and Alurik have been thoroughly documented, with Basalt 65145 and the Kialvig Pack happy to receive the assistance. There's no time to linger on past victories though, with the tour moving onwards. Maquraq's humid jungles await, along with Miombo 65143 and the rest of the Boumanii Pack.

What do I have to do?

Draw or write about one of your Tokotas in Maquraq alongside Miombo 65143, the Boumanii Pack representative, investigating the plants there, whether native flora or planted by humans.


  • All entries must take place in Maquraq! Please pick pick any of the Canon Locations on its Region Page for the background.

  • Literature must follow the Universal Lit Requirements . Any nicknames you want to count towards mentions must be listed. Miombo 65143 should be mentioned at least 7 times. A plant should be mentioned 2-3 times, please list the plant name in the lit description. The Maquraq Canon Location should be mentioned 2 or more times by name, and the description should be reasonably consistent with the location (e.g. if you are in Primeval Pits there should be tar pits and shouldn't be a beach).

  • Artwork must follow the Universal Art Requirements - it must be showing each Tokota and Miombo 65143 75% or more, with a semi-complex background. At least one plant should be visible. It should be set in a Maquraq Canon Location.

  • These pieces can NOT be rolled for any other area of the group.

  • You must link to the Tokotna import for all Tokotas featured.

  • Up to (3) people may collaborate on a single entry - each person must depict at least one of their Tokotas. Only one depiction of Miombo 65143 is required.

  • Each collaborator must comment on the thread to be counted for the raffles!

Deadline: July 5th, 11:59 PM PST



At the end of the event, there will be a raffle among all participants.

A raffle you say?

If you make the right impression, you might just catch the eye of this botanist...

ID 71477

Abandoned Dakinos will be raffled based on participation!

Import winners will be excluded from the import raffle for the rest of the year. This does not apply to winners of the abandoned puppies.

Participation Count: 70


Have questions about the event? Feel free to ask here! You can also ask in #help on Discord


  • Can I enter more than once to increase the participation count?

  • Nope, Planting Dreams is a one entry only event!

  • If I draw/write about three of my Tokotas can they all get awards?

  • No, you have to pick one Tokota to get the award.

  • Can I opt out of the import raffle if I just want the other rewards?

  • You may, please just make a note of "Void for Import/All Raffle" somewhere on your entry comment! Void for Import Raffle will mean you aren’t rolled for the import but will be rolled for any abandoned puppies added based on participation, Void for All Raffle will mean you won’t be rolled for the raffle at all.

  • Are there any HP bonuses for this?

  • Planting Dreams art counts for the Show Bonus! Please make sure your entry mentions Planting Dreams somewhere so it's easy for HU to recognise.

  • How do corrections work?

  • During the event, you can simply repost on the thread with the issues fixed. After the event has closed, there will be a 48 hour window for any final corrections - during this, you must link your previous attempt, so we know the entry is a correction.

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