TNY 2024 - Show your heART! [CLOSED]

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Happy 10th Anniversary everyone!

In celebration, we have the return of Show Your heART! Again we have a community art goal to reach where we can share the love by drawing other members' Tokotas.

We’re doing things a little differently this year to try out rewarding some of the larger pieces we’ve previously received, and help them count towards the unlock:

  • Every Tokota you draw owned by someone else will count towards the unlock.

  • To keep counting reasonable for our admins and avoid breaking your wrists, there is a cap of 10 Tokotas total per image that count towards anything. You're allowed to include as many extra Tokotas as you like just for fun.

  • Tokotas owned by yourself or collaborators count towards the cap but not the unlock.

If we get 200 Tokotas owned by other people drawn in this event, then everyone gets some new goodies! We’ve had New Markings and Mane Variants before... With the goal utterly smashed, we have the new gene Tabby and physical trait Lop Ears!

Matsuri 72032
Tokotas Drawn: 568/200

What do I have to do?

Draw one of your Tokotas alongside at least two Tokotas that belong to other players, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Tokotas!


  • The two tokotas featured may be owned by separate players, but can not be co-owned by you, and can not be a tribe owned tokota, nor a starter.

  • Literature must follow all activity rules - it must 1200 words, featuring each tokota roughly 7 times, throughout the piece, with any nicknames listed.

  • Artwork must follow all activity rules - it must be showing each tokota 75% or more, with a semi-complex background.

  • These pieces can NOT be rolled for any other area of the group.

  • You must link to the tokotna import for all imports featured. Listing the imports in a way which matches the picture (e.g. imports from left to right) is very helpful for the admin team checking your art.

  • Make sure to include some sign that the Tokotas are celebrating the New Year - fireworks, party supplies or banners are all good options!

  • If collaborating with another user you must feature two tokotas that do not belong to any collaborating player. Up to three players may collaborate. Each individual must feature one tokota they own.

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All Participants will receive Gilded Pouch x 1, Plushie Choice Pack x1 , and +1 Offering Token per Tokota Depicted (Max: 10)


  • I draw one toko I own and two tokos belonging to friends. That meets minimum requirements, counts for 2 tokos towards the unlock, and gives me 3 offering tokens.

  • I draw one toko I own and five tokos belonging to friends. That meets minimum requirements, counts for 5 tokos towards the unlock, and gives me 6 offering tokens.

  • I’m collaborating with Raquel and Meztli. We each draw one tokota we own (3 total) and 7 total owned by other players. That meets minimum requirements, counts for 7 tokos towards the unlock, and gives me 10 offering tokens.

Rewards are received for the first image only, though you are free to do extra images to progress the unlock if you wish.

Deadline: July 5th, 11:59 PM PST

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