Injuries and Healing

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Injuries typically occur during Random Events or when competing in Player vs Player. Injuries come in 5 different varieties, each one affecting a different part of the group. Additionally, there are three tiers of severity that determine how strong the penalty of the injury is. You can have multiple types of injuries of differing severity, such as Mild Bruised and Moderate Concussed. Injuries can stack up to a higher severity level if the same type of injury gets rolled onto an already injured tokota with the same type injury.

Injuries must be healed in order to remove the penalty, and are tracked on your Tokota's Tokotna Import.

Bruised - Affects Player vs Player

  • Mild: -10 to All Player vs Player Entries

  • Moderate: -20 to All Player vs Player Entries

  • Severe: -30 to All Player vs Player Entries

Concussed - Affects Activities

  • Mild: 10% Fail Rate to all Activities

  • Moderate: 20% Fail Rate to all Activities

  • Severe: 30% Fail Rate to all Activities

Scraped - Affects Rites

  • Mild: -10 to All Rites Scores (AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, etc.)

  • Moderate: -20 to All Rites Scores (AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, etc.)

  • Severe: -30 to All Rites Scores (AoAs, RoDs, PotAs, etc.)

Sprained - Affects Continuous Events

  • Mild: -10 to All Continuous Event Entries

  • Moderate: -20 to All Continuous Event Entries

  • Severe: -30 to All Continuous Event Entries

Sore - Affects Breeding

  • Mild: 10% Empty Litter Chance

  • Moderate: 20% Empty Litter Chance

  • Severe: 30% Empty Litter Chance


Injury Prevention

Injuries can be mitigated through several means, including Tack, Traits, and Companions. Find more information on Tokopedia for all items that help prevent injuries.



Injuries can be healed through a healing image. The image must include the tokota being healed and focused on their recovery. For example, you could show your tokota resting, being taken to the vet, or being fixed up. Which tokotas are injured in the image must be clearly discernible. To submit your healing image for judging, head on over to the Random Events journal. A list of healing items and traits that help with healing can be found on Tokopedia!

Healing Requirements


  • Up to three tokotas can be depicted in one healing piece.

  • Commissions and collabs for healing images are allowed!

  • Only one type of injury can be healed at a time per tokota.

  • Only one type of injury specific healing item can be applied per tokota to a healing image. (IE: you can't use both Medicated Bandages AND Honey Cured Nibblers on the same image for the same tokota - you have to choose either the free recipe craftable or the uncommon recipe craftable!)


  • At least 50% of the tokota must be visible.

  • Semi-complex background required.

  • Must be colored, but shading is optional! (Grayscale/monochrome images are allowed, as long as it's very clear which tokota is pictured. If your tokota is not recognizable, you will be asked to correct it.)

  • Must be at least 300x300 pixels.

  • Must be clean, and show some effort. It should be clear which tokota is pictured. If your tokota isn't recognizable, you will be asked to correct it.


  • Literature must be at least 800 words in length.

  • The tokota must be mentioned throughout.

  • The piece needs to stay focused on the prompt throughout. If the piece is mostly not related to the healing prompt, you will be asked to correct it!



Do Tenacious/Leg Protectors and Hardy/Porcupine/Porcupine Totem stack?

Yes! If both are present, Tenacious/Leg Protectors comes into play first, removing the possibility for Severe injuries. Then Hardy/Porcupine/Porcupine Totem gets applied after. There is still a chance for the tokota to gather injuries even with this combo, but your chances of doing so are drastically lowered vs if you had no protective gear. So if you really want to protect your tokotas, get both of these traits/tack/companion/totem for them!

Do injuries of the same type stack if my tokota already has Mild or Moderate of that type?

Yes, if your tokota is already injured, for example, with Mild Concussed and it gets rolled another Mild Concussed, the injuries will stack and raise the severity level of your tokota's injury to Moderate Concussed. Tenacious/Leg Protectors and Hardy/Porcupine/Porcupine Totem do not protect your tokota from injury stacking.

What happens if my tokota ends up with Severe injuries of all 5 types at the same time?

In such an unlikely (but still possible) scenario, your tokota cannot participate in any of the group's activities at all. This includes but is not limited to activities, continuous events, PvP, breeding, rites, etc. You must heal at least one of the Severe injuries to a Moderate to restore the ability to use that tokota within group activities again.

My tokota is severely injured and it has breeding permissions out. Will it affect those?

No. Injuries are marked with a date, and any breedings, activities, permissions, etc. posted before that date will not be affected by the injuries!

Do I get additional HP for healing pieces?

Yes! There is a +2HP bonus for healing, just like with activities.

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