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Trying something a bit different with this page. After a hiatus, I decided to take a bit longer than I'd normally would with these pages. The first five were made mainly so I could actually get the ball rolling, but in the process looking back on them, I wasn't too pleased with how they turned out. I'm probably gonna slow down on them from here. While this means pages won't be a constant weekly thing, it should result in better quality over all. 

This was a pretty hard jump cut, admittedly. There was actually gonna be one more page at the cafeteria, but I felt that scene was dragging on as the page only really existed for a single joke that I didn't find all that funny in hindsight.

Figuring out the light source on this was difficult, because school hallways usually have multiple lights going down the entire length of it. Ultimately I decided to go with shading that better fit the panels rather than keeping it super consistent throughout.

Lilac seems pretty confident that she can win Buster over. Too bad it seems like another rabbit isn't so keen on that idea.
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I think Babs get the point at the end. XD