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By toko
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Something simple but I liked the contrast. Hope you like the photo.

New York 2007. :heart:

12.8.2008: Print added. Print is without border!
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1/50 second
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68 mm
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Jan 8, 2007, 8:27:55 PM
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Far be it to me to "critique" your fine picture, but for some reason I found myself staring at if for quite some time and I started to notice some things I really liked. So if I had something to say I figured why not say it?

Original it is not, pictures of “trivial” things in cities isn’t anything new to me, what has to sell a shoot if you do take a picture of something ordinary, is how you shoot it.
As for impactful, I’d say it lacks a bit of impact. It takes me a while to really enjoy the picture, thought I like the colors instantly, but I can’t be fair and call that striking.

I love the shapes of the lights, and it is captured so well. The contrast as you mention yourself is what catches the eye. The black on yellow makes the shapes pop even more. From what I know from fotografy, which isn't too much but that can't have been an easy picture to take. To see it, and catch the angle with the right light is in my opinion very skillful. As I said, taking a picture of anything is easy, making that anything look amazing is hard as hell.

What makes me like it, besides the lovely colors - really are the shapes of the lights and how they are fixtured. So many different shapes and parts coming together and the way you shoot it makes it easy to see them all "play." The fact the one light seems to be a bit smaller than the other two is also neat, I love asymmetrical patterns so that makes it even more interesting to look at for me. The wire swinging across makes it more urban and less like a static picture.

I hope you found something in my critique, or at the very least that you found it fair and can appreciate that. As I mention I am hardly a pro, but I really like the picture, especially the shapes. ^^
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A simple  traffic light with a lot of personality... congratulations beautiful piece
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that dash of yellow = bam in my face :,D
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Hi, first of all, congratulations for your portfolio. My name is Fly Mantoan and I have a site about art, culture and dance clubs on São Paulo, Brazil. I would like to use this art to ilustrate one of our dailly virtual flyers and give your credits! Fell free to decline it if you want to. Take a look:
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Featured here: [link]
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Your wonderful work is featured in "YELLOW - THE COLOR OF LIGHT AND LIFE"
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Hey there, feature time: [link] :)
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i love the contrast as well, it highlights the city theme you have going on. i also love the transition of the light over the building, and the stoplights really pop out at the viewer. nice work :D
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epic contrast. :D
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Amazing concept! :O
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This is freaking amazing, it's the contrast between the BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW BLACK AND YELLOW.
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woow... cool : P
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dang i really dont favor photography too much... but this is awesome
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thank you a lot! :)
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i really like it!!
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Featured here ---> [link] Hope you don't mind! :D
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Beautiful! I love the sharpness :) and the contrast too :)
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This is very u have a bigger version of it? would like to make it my desktop wall ;)
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