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Revising Comm prices + Temp not taking reserves

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 27, 2018, 2:17 AM

Hello, I've actually been wanting to bump up my commission prices since I've re-opened them and after some time of considering (and discussing with friends/teachers), I have decided I will be raising them from the 2nd of February. Until then I will not be taking anymore reserves so I can work on revising my prices and revamping the info layout 

Thank you to everyone who have supported me on my commission journey and especially to those who keep returning for more art 8////8 I honestly cannot thank each of you enough. But as I've now graduated from college, I want to be able to start supporting myself with my art. 

I'll see everyone with a revised commission info next month! //nyooms

P.s. Those on my current wait list who have not paid yet are still eligible for the older prices before revision.

P.s.s I'd actually be really interested in hearing your opinions on how much you think my art is worth/How much you're willing to pay (something I will take into consideration since i'm still mulling over the prices)

P.s.s.s (????) Prices are still subject to change in the future, please understand that I'm still learning so bare with me > <

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Commission Reserves + getting ready to open

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 17, 2017, 8:49 PM

Hello everyone!
I will be opening up commissions once again after I sort out my reserve list.
- If you are on my list and ready to commission me, please send me a note anytime. If you are not then you will still be on my list so feel free to drop me a note whenever you are ready. (If there is no reply from you within the next 3 weeks, you will be removed from the list)
- I will be contacting each of my reserves via note.
- If you wish to be removed from the list, please tell me asap.
- Anyone on the reserve take highest priority. Meaning, even if you come first (as someone not on my reserve list), then there is a chance your commission may be delayed if anyone below comes in with a request.

People of my reserve list go as:
Minnisu Yoonsi

Commissions will be officially open once Reserves have been sorted out! 

My commission info can be found here. Commissions: Getting ready to open
If you wish to commission me, please follow the guidelines at the very bottom.
Thank you!

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Update! Sorry for the sudden Hiatus but I'm Back

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 29, 2017, 3:36 PM

Hello everyone, I'm alive!!
So so sorry for the unexplained hiatus over the past few months,
I've been too caught up in school with the last months crunching out art 
for our Graduation Exhibition tonight.

But after today, I'm free! So i'll be back to frequently updating DA and opening commissions once again
to pay off my college debts //sweats

Anywho, thank you so much to those patient people still waiting for their commissions/kiriban,
worry not, I have NOT forgotten about yous, I've actually always had it at the back of my mind
and kept feeling guilty whenever I couldn't find the time to work on them.

Once again, So sorry to those who have been waiting and I shall now start to update/spam my DA 
with school work since I've linked my DA to my graduation poster (When I should've made a separate portfolio site
but ran out of time;; ) 

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Hello! Just dropping the link to my TH account (*´◒`*)

It's still pretty empty but I will slowly update my OC infos as well as adopts !

I have so so many OCs to organise ( o﹃o ) ⁾⁾
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Kohanami adopts Info

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 2, 2016, 4:07 AM

This is still a work in progress !

Kohanamis are an optional closed species that I have created. Meaning that their lore is completely optional to follow but I wanted a name to address them as.
(I mean, they're pretty common traits I know)
They stand for 小花耳 (Ko Hana Mi(mi)) Small Flower Ears.

Kohanami(s) are small creatures that can be found around places with lots of greenery. They either travel around the world to spread flower seeds or dwell at gardens.
They exist solely to grow specific flowers (seeds) and once in bloom, the seeds will fall from the flowers on their horns and ears. 
They are usually shy around people but can warm up if they are shown that no harm will be done to them or their flowers.

Kohanamis are only able to grow specific flowers but are able to grow 1-2 different colours unless in special cases where rare Kohanami's are born.

Rare Kohanami's can grow multiple branches (horns) and even though they are only able to grow 1 type of flower, they can produce various colours and are able to bloom up to 3 times as many at once.

Kohanami Info by tokkiria

Kohanami are drawn to sweets so giving them syrup or sugar cubes will help boost their energy and flower growth rate

: Flower Growth Cycle :

> A Kohanami's flower grows faster than the average seasonal flowers (so you may see flowers that are not from your parts of the world)

> They can grow faster if cared for (love, care, a nice garden/home, sugar cubes)
> Hybrid flowers/Kohanami can only grow if two different Kohanami's reproduce (Gender does not matter) but are very rare !!
> Generally a Kohanami's child will be one of either parent's flower types
**Kohanami reproduction will be written soon **

Current Kohanamis

[[all are OPEN]]
Kohanami male batch 01 (OPEN) $35 by tokkiria
Kohanami Female batch 01 (OPEN) $35 by tokkiria
Male Adopt 01 (OPEN) Set Price $20 by tokkiria

More info will be added later !!

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RP group recommendations?

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 5, 2015, 6:45 PM

Hello Hello! How is everyone? ahhh I was wondering if anyone knew anyngood RP groups open for apps soon???? I have this sudden urge to join an rp group again :iconlazepoolplz:

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Hello, it's been a while and I made a twitter!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 2:48 AM

Woo it's seems like forever since i logged onto DA ^q^;;
How is everyone? and also Welcome to my new watchers ! Thank you so much for spending the time to visit my page and hitting the watch button :iconuhuhuhuplz:

Just a small update- i've made a twitter account uehehehe u v u tokkiria and the link can be found on my profile, feel free to follow/unfollow~

Livestream [ OFFLINE ]

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 25, 2014, 8:31 PM

ayyyy just thought i might stream for a bit u v u
i'm sorry if it lags or the quality is low ; v ;

Kiriban 20 000

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 22, 2014, 9:01 PM

aaaahhhh kiriban 12 345 has been caught thus the next kiriban is 20 000 

Send me a screenshot of the PV and i'll draw a coloured sketch

good luck~ :iconheartrollplz:

and also to my new watchers, thank you so much for the watch and i hope you enjoy my art! ///v///)

Break from drawing//sobbbs

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 17, 2013, 3:15 AM

so.. since last week my index and middle fingers started swelling and now i have liek, two fat fingers on my right hand which is preventing me from even holding a pencil and it hurts when i try to move it.
so it seems i will be taking a break from drawing :iconcryforeverplz: don't know how long its gonna take to heal and i can't even get school work done properly (holidays just ended and BACK TO FKING SCHOOL JFC) :iconrazycryplz:

so yeaaa...won't be able to draw for a few weeks ; m ;

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 29, 2013, 7:20 PM

[E D I T] 
WOO just delaying the kiriban number to 10 000 since i flipping hurt my right hand and can't draw right now. And when i get better, i'll have a ton-ass amount of things i wanna draw so-//:iconsrapplz: 



Herroo!!~ my 7000th Kiriban has been caught by :iconvlru5: and :iconbishiedream: CONGRATS TO BOTH OF YOU, amazing you caught it at the same time XD


to catch, please take a screen shot of my profile with that many page views and note me on DA. You will receive any ONE sketch of any character :3 

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New Kiriban: 7000

Journal Entry: Sat May 18, 2013, 2:41 AM

6000th Kiriban was caught by KarienPryde

New Kiriban is 7000, see if you can catch it~

Just send me a screen shot of my profile with that exact PV and i'll draw you a sketch + colour of any ONE chracter. Please keep it G~PG plox


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Art Blog - Tumblrrrrrr

Journal Entry: Mon May 13, 2013, 6:27 AM

Sooo yea :L made a tumblr account. Basically me just dumping WIPs, doodles, sketches etc = 7 =

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Sat May 4, 2013, 12:22 AM

New * by Kittyrocker(11/11/18) Temporarily closing commissions to finish current batches and possibly rework prices
estimated reopen mid-late December
For Freelance/commercial work please email me @

Commissions: closed 


Payment through Paypal Invoice system - USD only
Prices are subject to change

- Please read my ToS before sending me a note !
- Please send me an order form via Note
- commissions will be started after payment.
- My art style is subject to change (please refer to my gallery)
- There is no limit to how many characters/per person, but please be reasonable kaomoji set 1 11/19 

If someone wants a slot when they are full, I will be taking reserves if you don't mind waiting a little longer for me to complete the slots taken

:star: = completed
:star-half: = in progress
:star-empty: = haven't started

 Commission slots

Batch 2

  • 3 Fullbody, 2 couple half for BlueSketchingWalrus :star-half: Paid - lining/colouring
  • 1 Bust up for APHLurio @/Twitter
  • 1 chibi, 1 halfbody couple for blazekz :star-half: -Paid - lining/colouring

Batch 4

Waiting List

Minnisu Yoonsi
Xi | yxi11en@/twitter

i will keep an updated list on my profile

Batch 3


can do

◇ Kemonomimi, CS, *BnS, *FFXIV
◇ Simple mecha
◇ Couples, bl, gl
◇ Soft injuries
◇ Gijinkas | Customs | ref sheets
◇ Original characters | Fanart 

* Game character outfits may cost extra if they have an overly complex design

can't do

x NSFW 18+ (including gore)
x Vehicles | Mecha
x Overly detailed Background/Landscapes
x Furries | Animals



  • BUST $45  |  WAIST $70  |  FULL $90


  • TYPE A $35  (2 ~ 2.5 heads) 
Yeon n Nia Chibs by tokkiria

  • ICONS base type - $-

 Iiiconsssss by tokkiriaIcon Luchan 1.1 by tokkiria
  • TYPE B $45  (4 heads)
Luka by tokkiriaTokki by tokkiria

custom / ref sheet

SET A:  Custom $-  | Non-custom $-
  • Base fullbody
  • Bust OR outfit breakdown 

[AT] LucaMadison by tokkiria

SET B:  Custom $-  | Non-custom $-
  • Base fullbody
  • Bust
  • Outfit breakdown (additional outfits +$50
  • Different expressions


  • Additional characters are standalone price (i.e. Number of character x Base price)
  • Extra charges will be applied for overly complex designs | If proper reference is not given, it will then be treated as a custom
  • Backgrounds: Flat, pattern, transparent = $0  | Drawn = $20+ depending on detail
  • If you want to have it done by certain date, I will charge extra for a rush fee if it is required within 2 weeks upon request

Order Form

- Please send me a Note titled "My Commission Request"

⟡ Username:
⟡ E-mail/Paypal Account:
⟡ Type:  Illustration / bust, waist, full / Chibi, icon
⟡ Additional Characters:  Y/N (Leave out if no), if yes how many? 
⟡ Background: transparent, flat, patterned, drawn (reference)
⟡ Reference[s]: your characters, additional characters, clothes refs/designs ect. 
⟡ Additional Information:  poses, facial expression, personality, specific details etc. That will help me get me familiar with your character u v u
 WIPs after sketch: Y/N - stages include: Lineart, colour progress, final product. Beware that extreme changes i.e. poses, cannot be made after lining
⟡ Total Cost: leave blank if you're not sure !


  • WIPs will be provided to confirm details + Make additional changes during sketching stage
  • I will notify you via note once I'm done with your commission and send the full size image via Stash
  • I have the right to decline any commission if i don't feel comfortable with the request
  • I have the right to record a speedpaint of your commission and upload it onto youtube, but please do not request a speedpaint of your commission. I do these when I have time to sit down for long hours without much breaks in between
  • I have the right to display your commission in my portfolio/used as examples for future commissions (if you would not like the artwork shown to the public please let me know!)

Please read and adhere to my ToS before sending in a request

Any questions please comment or send me a PM ! 

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