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Had it started, had it stopped
Faded rhyme and sullen reason
For a second , once forgot
It will wither with the season
Take it over, bend its will
Keeping watch to keep it dark
Molding on forever still
Make it hard to match the heart
Running back to looking forward
Feed a lie to float and fly
Cast a spell to stop the ocean
Spilling forth between the eyes
Burning up and on a again
Torrid flames to nullify
But a curse is but a curse
If the truth, its prey deny.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 3 2
Floppy by tokikomosoto Floppy :icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 5
Trick of the Light
Y'know, I don't get what happened
Haven't got the slightest clue
I just can't quite figure out the mess
That happened into you.
You think you're so enchanting
With smiles you paint the floor
Hope you don't mind my asking but,
What exactly are you aiming for?
You see I have been watching
A score of years, plus one and two
And in each you never cease to please
Oh, the wonders you can do.
At birth you were astounding
A pink and lively mound
Soft but shrill, alert but still
A joy to be around.
You were but one in body
But behaved a child of four
Your father proud as he should be,
Would always ask for more.
You would oblige him, naturally
His every grand command
Carried out by any means necessary
To escape his army hand.
You grew to be so clever
That mind was always sharp
Of you, I have to say,
That was my favourite of your parts.
You'd stand and bow so gracefully
And no one saw the time
That took you by the temple
And transformed that part of mine.
It happened in an instant
Too fast for th
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 0
Something Like a Storm
Each time the wind blows
A fire starts in me
Brush my hand and tease why don't you...
The trees will answer no matter what
You say
I have no leaves.
Filter through my cracks,
will you?
Don't you know?
It already burns deep within my treasure chest.
Why don't you come out
And see the ashes as they've fallen
Ah, is that what you wanted?
Us brittle little lashes to dance
Dance on ahead an ride like the...
Don't you dare smile.
The corners are nothing but a dreaded future
I'd never expected to come
At all.
rock and collide
the impact is nothing compared to the fall
so I feel and flail
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
Sempre dico
Non lo so
quando io sono faccia a faccia con la pagina, siamo uguali; bianchi.
"Le parole sono facili."
E io sono il Libro Pieno;
Scrivo con due mani ma
è chiaro delle due, la megliore.
Scrivere è più differente per gli occhi.
Anche per la bocca.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 0
I Want A Day.
I want a day
That lasts forever
Made of air and total silence
Dressed up in the evening sky
A day to rival each I've spent
I want a day
That holds me by the armpits
And keeps me dangling
On the atmosphere,
I stand.
I want a day
That needs no sun to smile
No rain to cry
Just clouds to keep me
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
Inspiration: A Search.
Everything was as she left it.
The floor was still covered in newspaper dated back to the funerals of people nobody had the time to read about, and smelt as if cats had peed on them. Breathtaking.
Barefooted she stood in the kitchen on the less than aligned congolian, staring at the sink. Three rays of the white night light pasted themselves across the curtained windows as shadows lined their edges to darken everywhere else.
The acid stains were still there after all these years, she noticed.
"They will clear up", she remembered her saying, while scoffing indignantly. It's fucking metal.Still no cupboards in the corner to the left. She had given up again as usual. At least there were no dirty dishes.
"Why did I come here?"
To hear the faucet drip, to see the now powerless refrigerator's light flick on as it opened for longer than her mother would have allowed before yelling.
To hear that crap music play that annoyed her, when it really used to excite everything from her waist down.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
He releases the child and the beast
All at once
and I want to be neither.
Because they are dark and have no eyes
only fangs and compulsion
I've always wanted to go M.A.D
I figured it was the way
The Solution
But it was just the door to a hallway of doors
with no description
No exit.
I met him there
And we danced in circles but
I was the only one spinning...
"Don't stop."
I was never sure
I never wanted certainty
Of you, of me
I just wanted what I had
In our first collision
My coma;
I had never felt so good and numb
And you made it okay,
for my demons to play on your
Fire skin.
I'd never been so comfortable in my life.
Hidden and naked and free.
The culmination of years of dreaming hopelessly,
Dancing on flames that merely singed the dirt of the deed-
I awake to the sight of cooling coals
a night well spent in a capsule
A smoulder of unfamiliarity
wafts the air and reminds me that
I still thirst.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
Can you keep a secret?
It rarely ever bites
You can play with it if you want
It should be alright
Here's a bag full of things you'll
probably need
And some money to waste
If there's any trouble here tonight
I left my numbers in case
Bedtime's at midnight on the dot
It's on the list - you'll see
And I almost forgot to tell you
Absolutely no T.V
Follow these instructions
I'll be back in a while
And if you're breathing by then
Hope you still know how to smile
Can you keep a secret?
Promise it won't bite
Just keep your hands away from the cage
And don't feed it at night
Keep it locked in the basement
Away from all the light
Cause any hint of gleaming sunshine
Will spark its appetite
Ball it up in a blanket
Don't let it breathe the air
Keep an eye on it at all times
And sew up any tears
Follow these instructions
I'll be back in a while
And if you're breathing by then
Hope you still know how to smile
It's really nice you could do this
I've been worried sick
No one ever just took it from me b
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 3 0
How It Ends.
I seek finality
The wizard said I'd find it
When it comes to me
Heaven only knows what that means.
I only see
Everything from this high up
When you're the queen of
Your own harsh reality
It's easier to dream the dream
Than pull it out
From underneath their feet
A stinking scent of unrelenting...
Is not the wildest of my fantasies
The burden that shall bury me alive?
A symphony of angry voices
is my lullaby.
Try as I might I find a way
To make things anything but right
Anything but right is how I
Choose to live my life
And I can't be my own redemption...
We could stand for every anthem
Take a piss on every tree
Raise our hands and strain our voices
Til even silence agrees
That in every iron castle
Underground or in the sky
No dungeon's deep or dark enough
For damning truth to hide.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
Eternal Vacillation
There is no peace.
Some hearts will never know true love.
They will burn across time until their fires are put out
By the wave of their shame.
There is no peace.
For the lost ones
Who have skillfully crafted their own prisons
Bolted their minds shut from
The warmth of the unforgiving world.
There is no peace
For the pendulous
For they are both full and empty
Void of purpose
Frail in spirit
Laden with choice.
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
The Stowaway
I threw myself away last year
I thought.
I woke up and she was sleeping next to me
A rock.
It didn't work like it was supposed to.
She didn't break or budge or crumble
She didn't move a muscle
She just watched.
I left town on a mission
On burning indecision
As usual
Looking for a place to hide.
I swore I packed on empty
I run faster when I'm empty
She knows.
I settle where it's warmer
Because then it's not that hard to ignore her
Just a second to breathe would be nice
Would be nice if she could see me
Nicer yet if she'd relieve me
So that I won't relive this nightmare more than twice...
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 1 0
Therapy Session One
"Okay, Sean. Ready when you are."
August 16. Sunday.
It's quiet outside. No birds or slight breezes, just a still heat where the air should be.
I'd arrived at my quiet place for the first time in ages. I almost didn't recognise it.
The last time I was here this place was alive. Coiled on the ground, I felt the grainy earth tickle my cheek. Sand, where the dirt used to be. I pushed myself up from my sleeping position and sat there. It was hot like I liked it and my hoodie made it extra warmer so I was sweating before long. I didn't mind. Better that than freezing to death back home.
I never did name this place, I thought to myself. Never could decide on one. The names were all too cheesy, and it would have been embarrassing to answer any visitors if they'd ever asked what I called it. Visitors...
I looked up at the sky. Still green as ever. The one thing that hadn't yet changed about this place. Seems I made it back in time. There was a lot of work to be done here if I wanted to save it
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 0
The Girl Who Took Life Way Too Seriously
Shola spent an hour in the waiting room alone wondering if they'd already decided to send her home. She hadn't even landed the job and already she had a pile of screwups drumming about her brain.
Her skirt was too tight and her hair was teased to much to look even remotely professional. Her top fit just fine but the second button had popped off in her anxiety while dressing that morning, revealing a little more than her new ten dollar bra. She'd pricked her finger trying to pin the top too and accidentally left tiny smudges of blood on a document on the supervisor's desk. She hoped that wasn't important since she was now hiding it amidst the clutter of her crumb-seamed hand bag. She was about to photocopy it when the manager asked her to assist on the front end with the other cashiers, who had been eyeing her getup skeptically since she entered the building. Good thing too. She'd never used a photocopier before.
She had missed the initial training sessions but she passed the speed test
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 0
Certain Agnosticism
I'm scared of white things.
Mostly the pages in my new sketch book. I bought another new one the other day. I'm still not sure why. I convinced myself I needed to buy one. To be able to start over. To be able to start.
I haven't been able to get of a single meaningful piece since after I failed art. I started changing really fast. The passion I thought that I had had when doing it was gone. I wasn't sure where I was going after that. I'd tried putting pencil to paper times after that and my fingers twitched back and forth above the point. Nothing came. I felt myself getting angrier and angrier, like it was the page's fault I couldn't produce anything remotely substantial.
So I'd attack it, every time I picked it up and tried again I draw three really dark lines through the failed attempt. And with that I would 'win'. I never won. I still haven't. And I can't help thinking I never will either.
There was a time i could sit and write, draw, sketch for hours. With no one around. Just me an
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 2
Gold Star
What is a friend.
"Someone you care about that cares about you, calls..."
I don't remember very well what the poster said but that much is enough of a worthy definition. But back then, a friend was anyone who was there who didn't hurt me or make me feel small, even though I was. Sometimes even the ones that did hurt me intentionally I'd still call 'friend'. Simply because it beat being alone.
From the age of comprehension, I had always done what I was told. Read every book on the book shelf, changed every curtain with the season and aced every test that I took. It was easy. So I got a lot of gold stars on my work. It pleased me endlessly to know that I was exceptional.
Always correct. Always the one. I was praised for my ability to exceed all expectation by those who didn't know me. One success after the other I gained a support team that provoked a jealousy among my peers. I ignored its existence by powdering my talent down to mere luck.
The older people didn't understand what their w
:icontokikomosoto:tokikomosoto 0 5

Random Favourites

32 Ways You Can Have It Your Way
32 Ways to Have It Your Way
A Guide to the Best You'll Ever Have Un-emotional Sex
By: K.S. 4/8/2013
   1.       Do not greet her at the door when she comes over.  Make it less formal.
   2.       Do not compliment her hair or her shoes.  Hurry and get passed this part, more time for you.
   3.       Talk of and get praise for all of your latest and greatest accomplishments just remember not to compliment or comment on any of hers.
   4.       Do not stare
   5.       Recoil from every hug and/or every time she comes near.  Don't linger.
   6.       Do something mundane like play video games until sex sets in.  No chit chat.
   7.       Don't leave yourself open for her head on your shoulder, after you ask her what's wrong.
   8.       If 1-7 fails just start talking about you again.  Trust me you could never get bored with this.
   9.       Never say things like you're beautiful or I could do this all the time/I could get used to this etc...
   10.    Stick to the lines like "you're so
:iconkelleystephens20:kelleystephens20 0 4
It's just another Eye by Tammi-sempai It's just another Eye :icontammi-sempai:Tammi-sempai 10 7 S.I.A by Tammi-sempai S.I.A :icontammi-sempai:Tammi-sempai 30 7 Delight in Drama and Emo Minor by Tammi-sempai Delight in Drama and Emo Minor :icontammi-sempai:Tammi-sempai 48 6 Damien: Learn to relax by Tammi-sempai Damien: Learn to relax :icontammi-sempai:Tammi-sempai 86 35 Dibujo Asdasd 001 by ShibusaMaker Dibujo Asdasd 001 :iconshibusamaker:ShibusaMaker 2 1 Sunrokk 2 by lordnemos Sunrokk 2 :iconlordnemos:lordnemos 15 0 Poetess Heard by lordnemos Poetess Heard :iconlordnemos:lordnemos 9 4
Walk with me.
Who wants to walk with me down this long road?
Who wants to make this journey that's so very cold?
Where hearts are dark with no room for love
Blackened their soul, twisted the raven to look like a dove.
Inner demons flooding my dreams
making the most normal thing not as it seems
Wildly dark demons penetrating my mind
searching for secrets, never for me to find.
The deepest trust given to ones I care for
turn to deceit and lies, friends no more.
The cruelest ways and words left me in sorrow
ripped out my heart like there's no tomorrow.
Feeling foolish and feeling so hurt...
as my heart no more important than a piece of dirt,
As I said, "Who wants this walk down this road with me?
Feel this pain, despair and my sorrow see?"
:iconmelanie-howle-h:Melanie-Howle-H 49 40
The King of Empty Dreams
I want to be a king,
A regent of wood and sea.
I want to dance and sing,
A master of all I can see.
I wish to sit on a high chair,
Surrounded by riches and loves.
All about me the beauty of doves,
The sight curing every despair.
I want to travel all the lands,
Guided by caring hands.
Ride the earth and ship the water,
Accompanied by my comrades' laughter.
I want to leave behind these white walls,
That ugly smell, these white halls.
I want to be someone who stands and calls,
And not someone who whispers and falls.
I am a king, sitting in a chair, my two-legged warhorse,
I can see so much through the glass and control so little.
I can dance no balls, can't enjoy the distant, caring hands,
I am not curing the despair, but depleting the hope.
And the only music for me
Is a machine's screams.
The only title fitting is, truly,
The King of Empty Dreams.
:iconlorol:Lorol 5 33
Dirty Needles
my skin is an embarrassment of preconceived genetics
without sensory or proof
and all they could say was
My Dear, it's comatose.
the statistic
tasting forbidden flavors
mountains of unconsciousness
memory is a sieve
capability in the mouth of my nightmares
organs conjuring art
quiet shocks of color
tremolo voices breed beauty with lightning
misunderstood power
they claimed it was premeditated murder
an idea of expected growth
and efficiency
the cadaver is resilient; remaining
simply to leech sleep
from oceans
of abandoned opium
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 42 10
"…so drown me.  I mean, if you can."  
A threat in her eyes.  Triple dog dare.
And I'm on edge but I don't wanna show her just yet.  
"Now you can't honestly expect me to be foolish enough?  
Drowning fish is a fruitless endeavor.
She smiles, all fury and triumph. Her ocher eyes ignite; flickering then flaming.  
"O' but sister, are you not a fish, same as I?  
Are we not of the same blood, the same scales?
And I hesitate, ever-cautious.  
What's she hinting at?  Huh, sis'?  
What's that card sewn up your sleeve?
I hesitate for just a moment too long.
"And you would believe it impossible, no?  
A difficult enterprise to say the least?
She carves words out of atmosphere,
pronounces every syllable with refined practice.  
An artisan's articulation.
I find myself shivering; hyperaware and feverish.  
I am not of you, I am of nothing.  
Blood is water, blood is air.
And I'm too silent and shaky and she knows,
she see's.
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 33 6
Sarcasm and Famine
no longer indigenous, stripped of dignity.
It's doubtful; dislocated jaws gnaw
Sufficient in the aspect of anticipated
passion for holy shrouds,
a crucifix screaming in the
:iconemaciatedandepitaphs:EmaciatedandEpitaphs 12 1
My New World
My New World
By DuskHelena
A young woman stands in an all white room that seems to go on forever, with no discernible walls or exits of any kind. She does not know how she got there and cannot recall how she came to be there. It is deserted and completely silent except for the sound of her breathing. She looks around her, lost and confused and wondering where she is. She turns around and sees a little girl.
"Where am I?" She asks.
The little girl smiles and tilts her head to the side. "Here." She answers simply.
"Where is here?" The young woman asks.
"You should know." The little girl responds.
The young woman pauses and takes a moment to think; obviously this little girl will be of no help to her. She looks around again, hoping someone else may suddenly appear. An adult perhaps, someone who could help her and possibly give her answers. She has no such luck.
"Why should I know?" The young woman asks.
The little girl laughs. "Because it's wherever you want it to be."
The young woman loo
:iconduskhelena:DuskHelena 3 6
little bird.
his head was filled with fluff and his heart wasn't warm enough to care about much else apart from himself in the overwhelming set of school and corridors that were filled with strangers whose eyes said so much without the help of lips. classrooms were never the right temperature and he think they purposely made the desks too hard to comfortably rest your head on. stupid boy with nothing of any real concern and no reason to be troubled. doesn't mean he wasn't trouble. his eyes wandered from the board and his teachers words and landed on her, with birdnest hair and ocean blue eyes. he laughed at her strange clothes or the book she clutched so tightly to her chest, like a lifeline or a extension of herself.  bell rung, a rush a blur of people flew out doors and into the yard, and he followed her, the girl with the heartbook. he wanted it, it worked into his small little mind and he wanted to see inside it. with the worst intentions though. he walked up to her, and points over at som
:iconohsparrowsong:ohsparrowsong 11 2
The Married Man
She counts the clocks but hides the time--
Past her sheets and feet they climb,
Sneaking in her mind, they hum,
Phantoms of a beating drum.
Here they march inside her head!
She spins and twists within her bed.
She tries to stay awake today,
Keep at bay the devil's way.
Ev'ry night the demons pass,
Playing dreams of strings and brass,
Calling her awake each night
With whisperings of false delight.
"Leave me be, ye monsters old!"
So she says with spirit bold.
"You shall not take me in the night
Or kill me in the blinding fight!"
Yet each night, she slips away,
By her sleepy mind, betrayed.
Yet each night, she wakes anew—
Troubled by the dreams of you.
You're the one who haunts her dreams
You're the one for whom she screams.
She'd rather die a victim than
Dream of you: the Married Man.
:iconbookbrink:bookbrink 11 66



tokikomosoto's Profile Picture
Heyyy. I dislike writing these but I'll do my best. Things I really like include walking, painting and writing. Of those three, I currently practise only one of them mainly due to my current job. At some point I would like to take up classes on the other two.

I love collecting magnets and postcards from around the world and reading manga. I really really really hope to travel by the end of this year, or latest next year, to pursue my dream of teaching English in an exotic place.

My favourite nail polish is anything pastel or neon-coloured, but my go to for now is pastel.
The smell of oil paint is really nostalgic to me. I've never personally used them though.
I like drawing though I haven't been seriously doing it for a few years. I'd blame my developing-carpal tunnel wrist but it's primarily due to a lack of inspiration. I guess that's why I still stick around here, looking for it.

Also, I like sour candy.
  • Listening to: Coasts
  • Reading: Ao Haru Ride
  • Watching: Haikyu!!
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water
Tutoring has come to an end for now. My student is doing her best at her new school here on the island and sends me messages to let me know how it's going. That, and for some help with Spanish homework :iconheheheplz:
I'm glad she's adjusting, though it leaves me to wonder what's next :iconsighingplz: .

I got really good grades last semester, just one more elective and I am finished with college. Hoping to do something TEFL next year. Or maybe a Bachelor's in Education.

I now have a 'vested' interest in pen-palling. I say vested, not that that I'm getting any money out of it, but I do get some tiny treasures in return :iconsparklyplz:.
Besides, I think anyone who can spend over $20 in stamps every pay cheque, has a problem :iconbahahaplz: 

I've 'met' a lot of interesting people online, some who are helping to foster my inner teacher. (Wish some of them would quit it with the excessive smileys though; did someone deceive them saying saying colons and closed right parentheses are now characteristics of English grammar?) Hopefully I can curb some of the bad habits in time :) 
I also started creating my own postcards to cut costs, using some old art supplies I found in my room. I ruined two but I still sent them. I'm gonna post some here eventually.



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