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Chibi Scootaloo Icon

You are NOT permitted to steal, trace, duplicate or edit ANY of my MLP icons! Do NOT upload these pieces of art on any website (including deviantart) without my permission! 
Please, if you do use this icon link back to here and give me credit. As much as I love making these for you guys I do work really hard on these cuties, and I have already had to warn a few other artists to take down art as they have edited these pieces without permission.

This icon is free to use and part of a collection of MLP chibi icons! 
It is also an emoticon!
If you have suggestions for more MLP Icons or if you wish to commission one please comment here!
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© 2015 - 2021 TokiiU
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Hi. I just wanted to ask for clarification on this. Does this count as duplication? I don’t know. I guess I should be safe and not post it. I only based it off of it, but it looks really really similar. In terms of positions. It’s more like inspiration. I don’t know. I feel like I am doing the same thing Shera5 did. Oh well. I was going to make this my profile. I guess not though. At least until I get a clear answer on whether or not this is okay.  

Since you said not to put this anywhere else, Here is a video containing the picture (don't worry it's at the very beginning). Because you said not to put this anywhere else I made the video unlisted (link access only). I hope you don't mind.


PS. Sorry about the bold. I was using a bold thing in Imovie when typing this, and I don't know how to make it not bold. I'm not sure if it will show as bold but it might so heads up. Thanks for reading. Cool Smile 

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Could you use this icon to make my own icon with my OC?You will also be credited
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No sorry I don't allow edits. I have open commissions which let you get one of your oc, apart from that using this to make your own would be stealing content.
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I do not want to steal anything, I'm sorry that was not my intentionRainbow sad 
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Thats ok! You didnt! And thats the main thing ^-^ thank you for liking my icons though!
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yes, your icons are awesomes!! :)
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So cute! Thats a great icon! :heart:
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Thank you! ^//^
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