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Shizen Orchestra+Recent Occurrences

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 22, 2009, 3:19 AM
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Shizen Orchestra

The Shizen Orchestra will be happening this Saturday at SMX. So if you are living in the Philippines, or more specifically in Metro Manila, do attend the event!

Some of the events happening there can be found here

Also, for those who weren't able to attend the DokiDoki Kissaten Maid and Butler Cafe last month, do not worry. We'll be having another one during the event itself. There will be new maids and butlers available in the event, there will also be other more detailed things for the event. It will be a lot bigger and more well-prepared for than the last one.

This is the menu for the event if you're interested in finding out what food is available for the event.

More details here

Check my featured artists for the month.. :) Give them some love please :heart:

Earth Day
Today is Earth Day and on DeviantArt, if you've noticed the Daily Deviations, it has all been about the presentation of pro-Earth Day art. Starbucks Philippines celebrated Earth Day today by promoting a promo, wherein you brought your own tumbler to any of their establishments in the country, and you'll be given a Php40 discount for your drink. They also had these new tumblers (in line with their Tall, Grande and Venti sized drinks) which promoted pro-Earth designs.

Recent Occurrences
It's the middle of summer and about a month and a half more to go before School begins once again. I'll be a senior student then, and at my last year in university. Presently, I'm interning for a show on one of the popular news channels on local television. My boss is a popular figure whose talents have been noticed at her young age. I love my boss Patricia (Pat) Evangelista. She's just an awesome boss.

In other more recent occurrences, despite it being the summer season here in the Philippines, it's been raining everyday this week, much like the typhoon season which usually happens around June-August. It's actually been a bit off for the past couple of years, with the monsoon season extending to October and sometimes even to December. This is the first time though that the summer season has only had a few weeks of sun before again seeing days of constant rain. It's probably due to Global Warming, which is seriously reeking havoc across the world.

We each have to do our part to save Mother Earth


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BlackMageAlodia Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, the food looks yummy!! :3
toki88 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I know right? :) Haha, it looks so good. I wanna have some too!
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April 22, 2009