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Greatswords xps mmd

Greatswords from Dark Souls
Extracted and converted by me.
For non-commercial and fanart using.

INCLUDED (to right):
Bastard sword
Black Knight sword
Crystall Greatsword
Great Lord Greatsword (Gwyn's sword)
Greatsword of Artorias (Abyssal sword)
Greatsword of Artorias (cursed)
Greatsword of Artorias (saint)
Man-Serpent Greatsword
Moonlight Greatsword (Seath's tail)
Obsidian Greatsword (Kalameet's tail)
Stone Greatsword

Download for mmd (.x files) ->!eggFBJQa!zJ9T-TwcWT0…
Download for xps ------->!axZHlbyb!PaKMSZusQTR…

Have fun! :D (Big Grin)

If any wrong please, say me :)

How to download from MEGA (descript key)

If you wanna help me upload BB/DS stuff fastly - you can buy me acoffe
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:wave: Hello! :)

Thanks a lot for these...I just used one of your swords, too! :D

The Ascendant One
Lohan963's avatar

Amazing! The Halberds will come too?

Tokami-Fuko's avatar

Yup, Halberds, axes and etc coming soon :)

Hi! I aprecaite all of your extraction work very much! These are great study tools for the game dev research im doing right now - thanks!!

Would you mind uploading a version of this weapon pack this is OBJ?

I super aprecaite! -- M

Tokami-Fuko's avatar

Hehe, welcome! I start extracting for learning game modelling too))

Hmm, Dou checking pack for xnalara? I think, I include the obj files for noesis

Downloaded, thank you! Going to use for VRChat if that's okay

Hi, can I use your model for modding a game? It's not for commercial use and I want to know how you want to be credited. Thanks

bcool35's avatar
Would you mind explaining how you managed to extract the models and textures? I've tried and failed xD
Tokami-Fuko's avatar
Sure, my way for extract ds1 files  How to extract DS1 with bones by Tokami-Fuko
For another games it need another ways and scripts
luisystys's avatar
son increibles estas armas >_<
emeraldvortex1's avatar
can you pleas upload the mmd file on stash or any .com please :(?
i can't download from mega by anyway(it's a new problem i can't explain it) please
kazumashirou's avatar
Thanks for the models.
I ported two of your models into Soul Calibur VI.…
Can I use it for nexus mods? If not, how did you convert them?
Tokami-Fuko's avatar
Sure! Do all you want! ;)
trisword123's avatar
Downloaded, Nice one!
DeathBoneDragon666's avatar
the black knight swords not a .X file for MMD and obsidian greatswords missing its texture
sofijas's avatar
Used your work here - Dragon Slayer Thank you Love in the Air 
Dragon Slayer by sofijas
Tokami-Fuko's avatar
sofijas's avatar
Thank you Love in the Air 
CelticCapricorn9945's avatar
dl'd, thanks for sharing ^w^
CelticCapricorn9945's avatar
:3 can you do a request? it's alright if you can't :3
Tokami-Fuko's avatar
Yup, but this may be long - my internet connection not good working in last times:)
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