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BB Weapons pack 1

By Tokami-Fuko
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Weapons from BloodBorne (c) From Software
Extract by Tokami-Fuko
Fully in-game rigged!

Saw-spear (Idk how it named)
Scythe both forms
All xps and obj with textures

Other requests is coming!

You can buy me a coffee~
© 2017 - 2020 Tokami-Fuko
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Wow, these are absolutely great. Can I just ask, how did you extract these? What was your process? Did you have to emulate a PS4 or did you manage to get the files from some other means? I would love to hear the process.
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I just have unpacked files and extract and port it :)
I work with tutorial now:)
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sorry to butt in a bit late, but would this work with source film maker? wouldn't want to fuck up my already fucked up files.
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Oh, this is XNAlara Poser model (XPS)
I don't know how to put it to SFM, but you can try :)
Use XNAlaramesh/mesh.ascii scripts for blender or 3ds max for convert
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thanks for the reply, ill see what i can do about it
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I'm going to have fun with these! :D

The Burial Blade looks good but then any scythe weapons look good to me. My favourite to use weapon would have to be the Saw Spear. As much as I love Burial Blade, Saw Spear has been more practical for me. Especially with a STR/SKL character.
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Hehe, welcome! :)
I try get more :D
And I love that scythe too - and all BB-weapons are so cool!
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Holy Moonlight will look cool but I know that'll take a while seeming it's in the DLC. My next character's going to be Pure Arcane with at least 16 Strength to wield that weapon. I love it in Dark Souls 1 and 3. I'll probably love it in DkS2, if I can get the game. It's not easy to use at first but I've gotten use to it.

Of course, I choose practicality over cool but all weapons in this game can be good with the right gems and scaling. Threaded Cane is also another cool weapon. A lot of people don't seem to like it. I admit the DPS (Damage Per Second) isn't the best but I did master it on my Skill and Bloodtinge build. That's one weapon I want when I'm old. :XD: But I think a hidden sword in a cane is more physically possible.
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Hello, is download bad for anyone else? It says 404 error
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It general bug with and Deviantart - sometime you just need wait and download later, this is server problems :)
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Gonna por the doll or Father-Gascoigne?
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Luxox18 has done the doll:
Bloodborne: Doll by luxox18
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Doll is coming, Gascoine I still no found
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Gascoine human form is in c2710, and beast form is c2720.
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Know how get him human? or get files?
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So freaking cool!
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Стильно так смотрятся! :) Ну в принципе, да, Пила-топор (но странно, что Saw Cleaver, хотя вот на самом деле напрашивается Saw-axe). пила-штык (Saw-spear) ну и Клинок погребения (Burial blade), которым Герман размахивал как я не знаю кто, если Германа ещё и сделать "финальным" боссом, хотя там какое-то чудище было Присутствие Луны, хотя я понятия не имею что это за чудовище такое, но оно за собой "тащит" эту Красную Луну, и вот там начинается адище! :) Но я помню многих кто играл в Bloodborne, они в прохождениях брали часто то пилу-топор как раз, то вообще секиру охотника (Hunter Axe), кстати у Гаскойна рукоять секиры как то слегка по-другому искривлена была, она как-то не в дугу а слегка извилисто что ли, ну насколько я помню.
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А, saw cleaver! Точно, да фиг уж :)
Ну, вСкайсоулс сделаем Германа боссом :)

Да уж, крутой босс, как и почти все в Блодборне :)
Посмотрим - скоро доберусь до него в файлах, я надеюсь :)
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Listening to the song while looking at the Bloodborne models and the game itself. Fucking metal!
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MY GOD are you planning to extract Lady Maria's Cloth sets and Boomhammer and other Fire arms too?! please, tell me you are planning to do them, Please.
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